30th Oct 2017, 00:56

You're right... keep it. I sold my 94 XJS V12 a couple of years ago and I miss it so. It's like losing a child :>(

Been looking on the Internet for one like the one I had and no luck. Live and learn. I bought it for $10,500 in 2010 with 48k miles. Went to a used Jag dealer in Plainville Ct. and they talked me down to selling it to them for $7,750 and I did. Then they turned around and sold it for over $20,000.

30th Oct 2017, 09:34

Actually you only lost slightly over 2 grand. And did you really lose? How many months did you keep it and what was the odometer reading? Did you sell in the middle of winter? With all the internet sites etc you may have done the same. Sell yourself. My friend has sold cars through Hemmings and the buyer paid the shipping. It’s easy to drive locally, take a check from a used car dealer and hand over the keys. Car shows are great places to sell cars like this as well. There’s a lot of people that see your car on a weekend and pick it up cash the following week. I have had friends call me with phone numbers on windows that they saw in cars at shows. Then email me pics with a camera phone. Even taking a pic of the handwritten ad with a phone number on it. Easy. With a bit of legwork it works. You may not have seen 20k, but maybe 12 or 15k with a bit more exposure and work. The dealer has overhead, people to pay and taxes. It may sell right away or not. I realize that’s their business and what fast level of convenience it is. Sometimes you find a great deal in another type and want to flip yours fast. I do that at times as I need the garage space to get my next one under cover.