1988 Jeep Cherokee Base 4.0 liter inline six from North America


Go anywhere, built like a battleship, and always there for you


Leaks hydraulic fluid in the clutch from time to time, I usually can go a month and it will be half empty. Just do the fluid once in a while.

Coil wire from the coil to the distributer was cracked, replaced it because it was actually throwing the timing off, this is the only time it has not started. Took one from a old Ford pick up.

Idler pulley bearing went, replaced the pulley, $25.

General Comments:

This was owned by my father-in-law, he traded it to me for a 50" TV I had (I had two).

He bought a 2001 Chevy full-size extended cab, then got rid of the thing in six months and got another Cherokee.

The truck runs great has tons of power and has a little bit of surface rust (I repaired it). It goes just about anywhere. Fuel economy is good for a 4.0 liter motor.

This vehicle is great, but I am starting to not rely on it for those long trips (over 200 miles one way) and am using it as a winter driver and fun mobile. I have seen other Cherokee's go for 250,000+ and some up to 360,000 miles so the way I figure it I will have it for five more trouble free winters. Burns no oil!

I am looking for a new daily driver so I can put some time into this truck, It need a brake job soon and possibly a tune up.

It simply is amazing that this thing just keeps on going, starts all the time, I thing the biggest worry I have about it is that the odometer is so close to the 200,000 mark... its a psychological thing, you just don't see that very often.

The other thing that is great is the seats they have all the standard controls plus a kind of rocker like control, it's hard to explain, but once you have it, it is something you miss in other cars.

Any one who finds one with low miles and good condition, snap the thing up fast, you won't regret it ever.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2002

16th Jan 2004, 13:46

I have an 88 jeep Cherokee with a 4.0 engine. I seen that people are a little worried about high mileage - don't be. I have 407,000 km on mine and still passes all the emissions, doesn't burn oil, and has plenty of power left to spare. Only serious engine work done was a timing chain. My jeep before this one had 579,000 km on it and still had plenty of life I'd still be driving it, but the body fell apart.

1988 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer 4.0 HO I6 from North America


The best all around vehicle PERIOD!


The tie rod went.

The alternator quit after driving it in 3 feet of water for 2 hours straight.

The tranny was pretty stupid.

General Comments:

Hands down the most versatile vehicle on the road.

The H.O. motor is a true powerhouse that had me spankin' imports all while riding on 31-inch tires.

Absolutely impeccable off road (where it should be quite often).

Can't wait to get another one.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2001

21st Aug 2001, 18:32

Yes, Cherokee is really great and fast and beautiful but... 'Impeccable off road'? Try Range Rover or Nissan Pathfinder...

13th Oct 2001, 08:14

They are really awesome vehicles. I have one with 300 000 kilometers on it, and it's still like brand new. The alternator is in a bad spot though. I am just after replacing it, and my tire rod also went. Excellent vehicles though, on road and off.

5th Apr 2003, 17:59

I have an 88' jeep Cherokee limited that has been nothing but problems. I have replaced numerous parts and still the problems go on. I would not recommend this vehicle to anyone.

1988 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer I6 from North America


Deserves all of the accolades bestowed upon it over the years


Replaced front wheel bearings at 70,000 miles.

Replaced harmonic balancer that was coming apart internally at 75,000 miles.

Replaced PCV valve and all vacuum lines to correct an oil blow-by problem common with the in-line six cylinder engines at 150,000 miles.

General Comments:

Excellent vehicle! Reliable and easy to maintain.

I got an excellent deal on this Cherokee and never thought that I would keep it this long, I usually can't stand to have a two wheel drive vehicle. I have even added a 4 inch lift, 31 inch tires and a limited slip to this SUV, and boy do all my friends with their four wheel drives hate me for how much better I can go off-roading than they can.

Jeep knew what they were doing when the built this Cherokee, even in two wheel drive it is more capable than most other SUV's. I cannot wait to get my newer 4x4 Cherokee finished to see how much better I can do while four wheeling.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2001