1992 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0L HO I6 from North America




My parents bought this car new in 1992, towards the end of the model year. It is a basic Cherokee Sport, 4.0L High-output Inline 6 with automatic transmission and Selec-Trac 4WD.

I learned to drive on this car; my sister learned to drive on this car. I drove it to college, my sister drove it to college. Finally, mom and dad decided to get something new, and I was given the car in November of 2007 for my birthday.

Very few problems with this vehicle. I can't remember any recalls being done. Dad kept every service report done, and most were related to ball joints, brakes, and tires.

The rear main seal in the engine has been replaced twice to cure oil leaks. Most recently I had it done along with the oil filter housing o-ring and oil pan gasket.

The valve cover gasket has been replaced three times.

Basic tune-ups, plugs, wires, etc., as well as front brakes, tires, and oil changes have really been the only major repairs done, and these are considered maintenance items.

Water pump has been replaced twice, power steering pump once. The power steering pulley bearings went out when I was in college and I put a new pulley on the old pump for dad. Years later, the pump itself had to be replaced.

Shocks have been replaced twice during the ownership of the vehicle, maybe 3x if I look back at the receipts.

General Comments:

I didn't like the car when I was in college -- as a young guy, I wanted something that suited my personal tastes, not reflected my parent's tastes. However, as a 29-year-old adult, I really appreciate the durability of this vehicle, and as the current owner, I hope to have it for a long time.

Dad had tracked and when they transferred it to me at 180,000 miles, it had gone something like 81.7% of the way from the earth to the moon, in mileage. I plan to "take it to the moon" and keep driving it until I hit that mileage and beyond.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2007

1992 Jeep Cherokee laredo 4.0 High Output from North America


Power and performance without the price!


Oil pressure sensor was knocked loose when changing my oil, read off the scale. Turns out this is pretty common and wasn't an issue to fix it.

Brakes (nothing abnormal, just routine for the age/miles)

Tires (normal wear)

Slight noise in the rear axle.

General Comments:

I my Jeep up in about 1994 or so, with about 40,000 miles on it, mostly for my dad, who couldn't get into my Trans Am, so I wanted something for him that he could get in and out of without any problems, but still be fun for him to drive. Since then, he's passed it on to me, with the condition that I take her over to visit as often as possible. We've gone on several road trips in the Jeep, usually around 190 miles in a stretch, and haven't had any comfort issues to speak of. This is no Trans Am, but the straight six (High Output) puts out a very respectable 200 hp, with more than enough torque to get you moving, while having enough space for kids, wives, and enough audio equipment to leave your ears ringing for a week. With all of that loaded, there's still plenty of expansion room.

Yes, I've played in it as recently as last week, going on an abandoned mall parking lot (snow and ice covered) and drifted around, but when it was time to go in, I could just hit the 4wd and go where I wanted to safely.

I can't say it handles like the T/A, because not many cars made handles like those, but if you want a reliable, safe, cheap car with a ton of room, get a Cherokee.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2007