1993 Jeep Cherokee Limited V6 from North America


Eh, its okay


My mother bought this Jeep for me July of 2006. As of then, a lot has gone wrong. The alignment is all wrong, the brakes had to be replaced, the coolant level was always low. Yesterday I noticed it was leaking every time I shut the car off. The rear 4x4 axle leaks. The tires were bad when I bought the car. The alignment problem isn't helping them what so ever. This Jeep is VERY hard to start on cold mornings or when it sits for more than 2 hours. The power antenna is loud. The whole 4x4 system went wrong. I have to keep it in 4 wheel drive all the time, if I put it in 2 it squeals loud. The driver's side rear door window motor went out and window came off track so I super glued it shut. The driver's side door sometimes comes "loose." The gas mileage is very terrible. 16-17 MPG on average. There is rust that sometimes falls right off the car. The trunk door does not lock. I could go on and on...

General Comments:

I loved this car when my mother first bought it for me. I thought it was a cute SUV. Of course, I wasn't thinking of the gas mileage and problems I would be having in the future. I am trying to talk my parents into getting me a smaller more fuel efficient vehicle.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2006

11th Nov 2006, 04:55

What do you expect at this age and mileage?

2nd Feb 2008, 18:09

They are in general very good vehicles; unrefined, but good.

If you don't travel much the 'bad' fuel consumption of the 6 won't show much. Heck it burns as much as a big minivan, especially in the city. The good thing is there's quite the torque to it, so 1200-1500 rpm should be enough unless you go fast. Keep it below 2000 rpm most of the time and you won't fill up so often.

Rusting is normal; again the good part is that they're built like tanks. Just got one today, having leased/rented them when they were new/newer.

Theres a good 2 mile hill to reach my place, steep as fudge too. Not one issue, always below 1500 rpm. This is with the 4x4 on since it's icy/lotsa snow on the ground. Not one fuss.


3rd Feb 2008, 20:24

You can't say anything bad about this vehicle as you know nothing about its maintenance history.

8th May 2010, 00:12

You cannot complain that the alignment is off as if that has anything to do with the manufacturing or reliability of the car itself. And brakes need to be replaced regularly on any vehicle.

1993 Jeep Cherokee xj 4.0 gas from North America


You can't beat a Cherokee!


Oil pressure switch and I broke the track bar and motor mount on a rock I should've given up on.

General Comments:

Look at the miles. You don't buy vehicles with this many miles, lift them and proceed to beat them on the toughest trails in the Rockies. But that is what my friends and I have done. These things are stone reliable, tough and will take you anywhere. The unibody is the only thing that scares me. I love it and will wheel it to the bitter end. Then I'll buy another!

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Review Date: 27th January, 2006

30th Jan 2006, 06:25

Rock on fellow Jeeper! Cherokees are tough as nails, fun/easy to work, and get you where you want to go.

5th Mar 2006, 13:22

Bought a 1993 Cherokee Sport with 230,000 km on it in Canada, which means snow, salt and ice. The jeep was in excellent shape except for a few holes in the floor under the drivers feet and cargo area where the rear wheels spray, easily patched. The problem areas like door bottoms and under the flares are pristine. Took the old girl on a run through buddy's farm down some nasty trails with street tires on her and she performed amazingly!! What a trooper. We blazed trails that were impassable I thought. Who buys a jeep to keep it in two wheel drive on the highways? What a waste. We put her through the test and had a blast doing it. Have fun with her. Gas gauge broke a while back, but I just reset the odometer every time I fill her up and I know how many K's I can get out of a tank so there's no problem. Never own a different vehicle again, my word to you.

12th Feb 2007, 11:12

Right on man!!! My Jeep is insane. I love it and will buy another when it dies.