1993 Jeep Cherokee Country 4.0L from North America


Very good vehicle!


My heater core went out, but I bought this Jeep From a salvage yard an rebuilt it.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2005

1993 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0L 6 cylinder from North America


Reliability with attitude


I have replaced the water pump, the alternator and the power steering pump.

The drivers seat has lost its cushioning and is not very comfortable. If I was going to hang onto the vehicle I would investigate getting new ones.

General Comments:

I have been doing a lot of highway driving recently putting about 1600 kilometers on every two weeks. With the rising cost of gas I cannot really afford to drive this vehicle as the gas cost alone is a new vehcle loan payment...

I am generally satisfied with it, but I cannot afford to operate it at these gas prices.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2005

1993 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4.0 from North America


Recently, the TPS sensor has gone as well as the CPS sensor. Now, still having drive ability trouble because of stalling in traffic.

General Comments:

Great car when it runs, but beware of sensors that fail.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2005

1993 Jeep Cherokee Country 4.0L inline 6 from North America


Good All-Around 4WD vehicle


Replaced the following when I first got the vehicle:

Power Steering gear assembly replaced due to noises and loose steering.

Brakes all the way around, including calipers, rotors and drums, pads and shoes, and springs. Still needs lines in the back replaced when I replace the wheel cylinders (rusted too badly). Wheel cylinders are leaking slightly. Wondering if the brakes needing to be replaced that badly was the way the person who had it before me drove it or inherent in the vehicle.

Radiator and hoses.

Tires - all 4.

Shocks - all 4.

Front anti-sway bar link bushings - seems to be a common problem.

Other items not operating or needing attention at some point:

A/C does not work.

It needs an exhaust, but it is a farm truck and will work until it falls off.

It has a shake that I believe is a ball joint. I will have to find out where that is coming from.

General Comments:

This was an eBay buy. Locally these 4WD Selec-trac SUVs go for about $4000 in rotten shape. One in similar shape to mine is about $4500 or so. I only have about $3500 total in it, including the repairs I've made to it. Drove it from Baltimore, MD to Lexington, KY area when I bought it with no problems.

4WD is great with the Part Time (Lo and Hi) and Full Time available.

This one wasn't babied, but it seems to all be cosmetic things that are wrong with it - it is pretty ugly. Seems to be a reliable vehicle at this point, although I've only had it 6 months.

It still gets good oil pressure and only uses a quart or so in 3000 miles.

The 4.0 L engine is pretty powerful, but the automatic transmission is showing signs of weakness - probably like all other Chrysler products.

Gas mileage isn't the greatest - only about 15-16. It doesn't seem to matter if it is city or highway driving.

The seats aren't much to sit in - they are not very comfortable to me - no lumbar support.

It is a little weak in the back springs. I'm going to have to put helpers on it. When you get about 200 pounds of cargo in the back or pulling my 16 foot trailer, it bottoms out too easily.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2005

8th Jun 2005, 14:42

The automatic transmission in the Cherokee's built from the late 80's till 2001 when they were discontinued, came with the AW4 Transmission, which stands for Aisin Warner 4-speed. This is in NO WAY a Chrysler design. Neither is the 4.0 I-6, or the Cherokee or that matter. When they bought Jeep from AMC, they just continued making them the way they always were. Then when Daimler bought Chrysler, they did the same thing. The only major change was the introduction of the High Output or H.O. 4.0L. No huge changes, just slightly bigger (physically) engine, and a bit more HP.

The AW4 is a electronically controlled transmission. It tends to do some crazy things, which will lead one to believe that it is time for a new one. Try changing the fluid, and checking/cleaning the sensors that control it. I've seen simple things like that completely cure them... and it's a lot cheaper than buying a newer one or rebuilding the existing one for no reason.

Do a Yahoo or Google search for some online XJ forums. There are a lot out there with a TON of info on XJ's... like www.naxja.org.

Hope this helps :-)