1989 Jeep Comanche Pioneer 4.0 from North America


Loved it and still miss it


Had to replace cap on coolant container (closed system). Ended up switching it to open system. It was easy; just followed directions I got from the net.

General Comments:

I saw this in a farmer's field, and insisted I buy it. I have had a few Cherokees in my day, so knew what I was getting into... sort of.

Managed to get it going, and pulled it out of the mud. Changed the oil and filters, and drove it to California from BC two days later.

Ran great, except for the stupid closed system cooling, that made it overheat just as I got to the border.

Only got rid of it because of the rust... it had rusted too much; even routine maintenance was a challenge of solvents, heat and brute force every time I wanted to fix something. When I got to the rear brakes, I'd had enough, and traded it for a sea kayak. That's a whole other story in itself.

I loved the truck... had the 6 foot bed, put a Craigslist canopy on it, and slept in it the odd night when travelling.

I still drive Jeeps, currently a YJ, but sometimes wish I had a non-rusty Comanche again.

When I bought it, as it was a farm truck, it had mismatched tires. Other than that, I drove it quite a bit without any major repairs.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2012

1989 Jeep Comanche Eliminator 4.0 litre i6 from North America


Unforgettable ride, always got me there in one piece.


Radiator needed replacing after 18 years.

Alternator only lasted 11 years.

Original battery died after 7 years.

Water pump started leaking after 230000km.

Needed steering box after 17 years because of leaking gasket.

The truck is on its 3rd set of tires with lots of tread left.

I had to replace the catalytic converter after 19 years (it still passed emissions, but the cat was badly corroded).

Motor still does not leak or burn oil (less than 0.3 litre needed between oil changes).

Coolant overflow bottle replaced at least 3 times.

General Comments:

I am giving this truck to a friend who wants a fixer upper. Other than body work needed, the truck is very drivable and I expect it to last at least another 3-5 years.

If you owned one of these trucks, I think by now you would need serious back support (like me). Still, all things being equal, I suppose that I still love this truck.

I think that this Jeep is a strong example of what a truck should be like. Strong, dependable, even tough, but about as refined as an anvil.

This is one seriously thirsty vehicle.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2010

1989 Jeep Comanche Sportruck 2.5 Liter from North America


The Cherokee pickup truck, the Comanche


I bought the Comanche from the original owner who purchased it brand new. There is very little rust for the year, and most is just bubbles in the paint, but it's still solid underneath the bubbles, so it's not rusty for an 89.

When I got it from the original owner, I noticed the idle was a bit wavy, I asked him if it settled down after it warmed up and he said it has ran that way since day 1. So I am just going to leave it alone, it has never failed aircare emissions tests in the lifetime of the vehicle so it must be running good.

It is remarkable on fuel, I am pleasantly surprised with fuel mileage. I can drive 100 KMS for less than $10. I rarely have to stop and get gas, as I live only KMS from work and this is my daily driver.

It is the 4 cylinder/5 speed model or truck in a RWD version. It is not a 4x4, but all the extra weight taken off makes it great on gas.

General Comments:

I have never owned a Jeep before, but I had been searching for a cheap pickup truck as I need one and just prefer having the option of a truck rather than a car. My last 3 cars were all Honda's. A 90 Accord, a 93 Civic, a 97 Civic, all of which I was confident to drive anywhere in, and the Jeep Comanche is the same as any Honda I have had.

My Comanche was chosen because it had a 4 cylinder engine and a 5 speed transmission. I was concerned with gas mileage so I opted for this truck and I am very happy with the choice. My 97 civic was a 4 door with an automatic tranny and a 1.6 liter engine. I am getting the same kind of mileage out of my Jeep Comanche.

A lot of people inflate their mileage for whatever reason so I was skeptical, but yes the 4cyl/5speed Comanche is excellent on gas, I use maybe $20 every 2 weeks. I rarely have to get gas, and even when it's on 1/4 tank I still have days before I need to get gas, and when I do it's just another $20 and it keeps me going for another 2 weeks. This is how my little Honda cars were on gas too.

I would recommend this truck to anyone that likes reliability and cheap fuel costs, and it has a 4000-5000 pound payload which is comparable to any fullsize, but at 1/3rd the cost of fuel.

I won't be getting rid of my Comanche anytime soon, and with all the money I save on gas I plan to invest it back into my Comanche, and in the end it pays for itself with the usefulness and cheap cost to run.

Any 84-2002 Cherokee can be used for a wide range of parts for the Comanche, and it's a short box so it's easy to park, as easy as my 97 4 door Civic was. Mind you, I don't have a canopy or a camper or anything obstructing my view out the back window, so it's easier, except the Comanche doesn't have power steering, which is all part of why I get such great gas mileage.

The power steer pump runs off the engine, wearing it out and sucking up some of the power, so although power steering is nice to have, I don't mind not having it. The cheap gas price makes up for it by more than enough for me to live with it. It can be a workout turning it while sitting still, but I really am used to it after only 2 months of ownership.

I also bought new high end plug wires and mid-range plugs, and have already done 2 oil changes on it with a new filter the second time. I've also earned about $200 just moving things for people, and that more than makes up for the parts I put into it, and covered my insurance payment for a month as well.

It has been a great truck with a lot of character and ruggedness. I am now a Jeep fan after 20 years of driving and never giving a Jeep a second look.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2009