1989 Jeep Comanche SportTruck 4x4 4.0L from North America


A great deal, on 4 wheels


Rust started on the bed due to old age.

Emergency brake, broke.

General Comments:

This Jeep has been equipped with a 4.0L engine, so you know that it won't die easily.

Absolutely amazing off road and in snow on the roads, never got stuck once.

Being an older model, it is very easy to customize, both inside and outside.

Never have had any real problems with it, have to clean out the fuel injectors, but that happens on all engines.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2002

15th Jun 2005, 19:28

It's a good all around truck.

26th Jun 2006, 18:17

Simply awesome truck!!! I believe the best US made ever. Strong, lasting engine and tranny, never stuck 4x4. Many years of excellent on and off roading and never a major problem at all!

7th Oct 2006, 18:06

Awesome truck, one of the best ever built. 171k later, and just a water pump and regular maintenence on my 4.0L 4x4 Long bed Pioneer, 1991. Would never trade it, and it seems will never die!!!

1989 Jeep Comanche Pioneer 4.0L I6 from North America


Best first rig you could get


At 90,000 miles my transmission had some problems. New transmission screen, cost me $22.00.

Had to get new brakes, no big deal.

One thing I don't like about my Comanche is that the windshield cracked (too thin in my book). My fault.

Heater problems, on vent setting it will pump out air if you don't push the gas, push gas and it goes to defrost. Heat (feet) does not even work now.

So only defrost works.

Bench seat sucks bad.

Passenger window handle broke.

My Comanche kind of drinks the gas, don't get the wrong idea about it, it's my fault, I need to do a tune up job on it. 5 Bucks in gas gives me less than 1/4 tank, so about 2 1/2 hours of stop and go traffic.

All this is getting fixed as I write this.

No 4 wheel drive, but my transmission has a comfort and power setting.

General Comments:

This is my first rig and it had to be jeep.

When it comes down to it, I would rather have a jeep than any besides a Chevy truck I think.

It is a great first rig. I have fun every time I get in it, and a lot of tickets. But hey what can you do when you're having a blast in your jeep.

My family has a Lincoln Town Car, 77 Ford van, 93 Pontiac Sunbird 2door, 93 4door Sunbird, and a 99 Dodge Mini van, all have broke down before my 89 Jeep Comanche. Damn good truck.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2002

23rd Jun 2005, 22:07

I want a bench seat. I have a 1990 comanche with dual bucket seats and center console, drivers seat is a little damaged, would like to trade, I'm in mountain view california, where are you.

1989 Jeep Comanche Pioneer 4.0 straight 6 from North America


Lots of power and reliable


Transmission went out on it, but that's because I beat the crap out of it.


Lots of electrical problems.

Bed rusts easily.

General Comments:

This is the greatest mid size truck ever. The 4.0 is the best motor. Lots of power and torque. This motor will never die. My friend has one with 160,000 miles and it runs like it's new.

If you ever have the opportunity to drive one or purchase one, definitely try it. If Jeep came back out with one I'd be the first to buy it. Most reliable truck I've had (engine wise).

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Review Date: 20th September, 2001

8th Dec 2002, 05:07

My 1990 jeep Cherokee 4x4 has over 200k ands still runs like new.


The Cherokee Electrical Problems are true!

Here the ones I found.

1. Lost both grounds in the power window switch's for the right window had to tie in to the ground on the power lock switches.

2.Haven't fix this yet, but the key-less locks isn't working in fact the compass and out side temp display isn't working and may I add the cruse isn't work, If any one had these happen and fix it plz email me at NBK_000n@yahoo.com.

3.The anti locks stopped working right some pulling of power and that was fix... I didn't want them any way :P.

But all the above isn't need any way.

I would buy another.

But if it keep running like it is I'm going to be having this on for the rest of my life.

28th Nov 2005, 19:52

I have an 89 jeep comanche also and a lot of electrical issues, but I wouldn't trade it in for anything. I have 196,000 miles on it and it is still running like a champ.