1989 Jeep Comanche Chief 4.0 I6 from North America


The Comanche is a very well build 4x4 truck with above average off road ability and extremely reliab


Seats were worn out and replaced

Both front u-joints needed replaced

The alternator needed replaced

The fuel tank was rusted and leaked so that was replaced

The rear brake line leaked and was replaced.

General Comments:

The Comanche has a small cab, but I guess all smaller trucks are about the same

The 4.0 engine in this truck even with over 190k has lots of power

The truck handles well and has good braking

The 4sp automatic works very smooth.

My Comanche is just awesome off road and is practically in stoppable.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2006

1989 Jeep Comanche Pioneer 4.0 L6 from North America


Very reliable and that's coming from a firefighter who needs a reliable vehicle


Replaced the whole rear axle at 145000 miles. Due to the pinion gear shredding (with my help of course, dumping the clutch every chance I got)

Replaced the Radiator, Thermostat, water pump, valve cover gasket, all of the emergency cables, the gas tank the rear bumper (due to the rust from the northern climate) and the Clutch master cylinder. Although all of these things have been replaced I will never get rid of it.

General Comments:

I would buy another one of these in a heartbeat. I absolutely love this truck and would recommend one like it to anyone. This truck has an unbelievable amount of torque and handles very well in any situation. The only drawbacks to the original design of the truck is the droopy headliner and the seats that didn't last as long as you would like.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2005

24th Feb 2006, 14:24

I own a 89 Comanche pioneer also. At about 98000 miles (in October of 2005!) my clutch master cylinder also went out. To my knowledge this is the only thing to go wrong with this jeep. I was just wondering if a lot of people have had trouble with this particular part on this particular truck. And by the way I agre with everyone on this site about this truck being amazing. Jeep definitely needs to take another shot in the truck market; especially with companies like Honda jumping in.

1989 Jeep Comanche MJ 6.0 from North America


This truck is the best I would never trade it even if my life depended on it!!


There has been no major problems with the jeep, just normal wear and tear. major parts ever replaced was the clutch line and tires.

The felt on the roof is starting to come in a little. the seats aren't all that comfortable, but that would be ther only thing I would ever change on my little jeep!!

General Comments:

The Comanche handles turns like crazy, its the best truck I ever drove that handles turns so nicely.

Its the best in mud, rain, hills, tar, just about all terrain out there!!

It has so much low end torque I would hook bumper to bumper with a f350 diesel any day!!

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Review Date: 17th September, 2005

20th Sep 2005, 11:12

Well, maybe not. It would depend on the "terrain".

1989 Jeep Comanche Sport Truck 4.0 I-6 from North America


If you can do work to a vehicle, get it!


I have replaced the Water Pump and the timing chain at 100,000 as normal maintenance.

I have replaced the Clutch Slave Cylinder 5 times.

The brakes do not work as they should even though I have replaced everything.

When the clutch master cylinder went out, it ruined my fuse box.

Had to remove the head from the engine due to a hydraulic lifter that went bad at 170,000 miles.

The coolant fill bottle has about a 2-year life-span.

General Comments:

With all things said, I wouldn't get rid of it. It is still my primary vehicle. It still looks good.

I will drive it into the ground.

Cheap replacement parts!

People still notice it.

It has been faithful to me, so I will be faithful to her and keep her.

Had a friend that had a 6-cylinder Toyota 4-runner. I got better gas mileage than he did and had to pull his boat for him. The 4-runner couldn't maintain speed up the hills, while I could accelerate.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2004

8th Dec 2007, 13:28

What engine did you have in it.