20th Jan 2020, 20:22

My friends make fun of my Jeep Comanche. The older it gets the more unique it gets. My friends have traded several times, but my '88 Comanche just keeps doing what a truck is supposed to do. When they make comments, I can't help but smile because it burns them up.

21st Jan 2020, 18:21

Same here. I have a couple of older 1980s and 1990s cars I keep for weekend/summer fun. All my friends make jokes about them, but then I remind them how much more reliable they are than their complex, electronic, post year 2000 cars have been :)

Not going to deny recently made cars have come a long way in regards safety and performance, but simplicity was reliability back in the day :)

23rd Jan 2020, 15:42

Best comment so far this year.

24th Jan 2020, 18:54

So the choice is between a car that is less reliable, but easier to repair when it breaks down, or a car that is more reliable but more complicated to repair?

Working on a car when you WANT to is fun. Working on a car when you HAVE to? Not so much.

24th Jan 2020, 20:54

I think what they are saying is cars from the 1980s and 1990s are more reliable AND easier to work on.

25th Jan 2020, 05:42

While driving in our nearest city I thought little of hearing car horns. When I got out of town and the traffic thinned out, I still heard horns. I wondered if I was getting blown at. Then I noticed that it was always any kind of Jeep vehicles. Apparently they were blowing at my 1988 dark blue Jeep Comanche long bed Pioneer truck. I guess I'm in "the club" so to speak.

I must admit that being a Jeep owner, I couldn't help feeling I am part of some sort of "family". Feels good.

25th Jan 2020, 22:10

Wow. When I drive my DJ-5 postal Jeep all I ever get from other drivers is the middle finger -- Jeep drivers included...