1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L from United Arab Emirates


Good SUV, but a little expensive


Replaced the following in less than two years:

1. Fuel pump.

2. Water pump.

3. A/C evaporator.

4. Hand brake pads at the rear.

5. Front tires (consumable).

6. Power steering leak, and replaced pressure pipe.

7. Engine belt.

Still, I like this SUV, as it has good pick up and is nice looking.

General Comments:

This car is seriously quick, & I LIKE IT.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2007

16th Feb 2008, 22:13

I have a 93 Jeep and I couldn't agree with you more. This is a great vehicle and it looks really good, even if it is 15 years old.

1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee laredo 5.2L (318) V8 from North America


A great car with a few rough spots and a large appetite for gas


The radiator cracked at about 145,000 miles.

The transfer case leaked, but was repairable.

Various parts of the interior rattle during driving.

The Ac has died several times over the past few years, though it seems to have been fixed.

The paint is horrible; huge patches have chipped off the hood and roof, exposing primer

Bad rust on the bottom of the front doors.

The car alarm is insane; it will go off at random times when I unlock the door with the key, and often times takes several attempts to shut it off.

General Comments:

Despite all those problems, I'd still consider the car reliable, since it has only left me stranded once. (Because of a dead battery, not a fault of the car)

The interior is nothing to brag about. It's mostly hard plastic and has a serious lack of rear leg room. But, the interior is well laid out and reasonably comfortable in the front seat.

The performance is where this car really shines.

It handles well considering its high center of gravity and its archaic suspension design, though the steering is numb and bad off-center. (I can literally turn the wheel an inch or two and have no effect on the course of the car).

The brakes do a great job of stopping the car, and have good pedal feel.

The 318ci V8 is very powerful and is my favorite feature of the car. Unfortunately, it's hooked up to a transmission that doesn't like to down-shift, and it's very thirsty. I usually get 9-10mpg, though if I drove in better traffic and with less of a lead foot, it'd probably get better mileage. Fortunately it works fine on regular.

While it performs well on road, off-road is where it truly shines. While I haven't driven it through anything all that challenging, It had no problem with getting through situations that would stop other vehicles.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2006

1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 6 cylinder from North America


I wish every Jeep owner had the service I've gotten out of this Jeep


Normal problems need not be mentioned, but because most people list them, here we go.

I've had to replace:

The brakes (pads, rotors and shoes).

Two water pumps.

All in one belt 3 times (not because it broke, but something called preventive maintenance, a very neat concept to keep from being stranded on the side of the highway or in the remote back woods!).


Thermostat twice a year (late fall, 180 deg F, spring, 160 deg F).

Rear main (my mistake, the oil filter housing to block o-ring gave out and I miss interpreted it as a rear main, I felt stupid, but I have a new rear main and the oil filter housing seal has been replaced too).

Rear wheel bearings were roaring, I replaced them and they still roar, I just turn up the radio (killer sound system!).

The last repair was a brain transplant (part ordered on-line for $150.00).

General Comments:

I once heard the comment, "Are all Jeeps made to traverse the Rubicon Trail", I can't say anything for others, but I wouldn't hesitate to try it with mine!

The vehicle is utility all the way - towing, pulling, mountain climbing, hauling kayaks (another favorite pastime in which the Jeep serves me well), mud, snow, creeks, rock beds, I could go on and on. (280,000 miles worth!).

Gas mileage... well, not near as good as my GEO Metro 3 cylinder, but then it serves a different purpose. City, 19 mpg consistently, Highway (not towing or hauling kayaks) 22 mpg. I can't complain, I just jump in the GEO if I feel the need for 40 mpg!

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Review Date: 27th May, 2006