1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Grand Wagoneer 5.2 from North America


Buying my 1993 Jeep (Woody) was the best thing I have ever done and I have never regretted it once.


Serpentine belt became worn at 60,000 miles.

Pulley broke off when new serpentine belt was put on and it automatically tightened at 60,000 miles.

General Comments:

At 5'3" tall for me the interior is very comfortable.

Very powerful engine, handles well in all road conditions.

Very reliable, has never left me stranded even when the pulley broke, the Jeep overheated, but it took me to a place where there was a phone and I could get a tow.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2003

1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 318 V8 from North America


If I could afford it, I would buy another one


-CV joints at 170,000

-Brakes, Rotors 175,000

-Transmission 204,000.. $1500.00

- Motor Mounts 185,000

-Tune up (wires..they were corroded, spark plugs) $300.00

- relays (still having problems) Started at 190,000 and won't stop.

- The back door and the door behind passenger are unable to be opened

General Comments:

Although this car costs a lot to repair, I still loved it as a first. It looked so nice!

The transmissions on these aren't ever too wonderful, neither was mine. It would mis-shift.

The pick up was so excellent! You would never expect this from an SUV, I beat a lot of people off the line.

The ride is real smooth, it still is after 200,000+ miles on it.

The interior wears well, my seats are still in great condition, although I think the dash looks 'plasticy'

The all the time 4 wheel drive is awesome, Jeeps are known for their 4 wheel drive. This was not an exception. Great in bad weather.

The alarm would set itself off for no reason, since this is early stages of alarms, it has kinks. There are relays everywhere. The kinks are everywhere. make sure before buying that you get the computer checked.

Anything you hit on that bumper, will get wrecked, but you wont see damage on the Jeep. But once you get hit above that bumper, you'll see a mark. Dents easily

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Review Date: 18th July, 2003

1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo straight 6 cylinder from North America


The assets of owning the vehicle are seriously over ridden by its unreliability


I had constant replacements of batteries. Required towing 3 times.

I had to replace radiator and cooling system at 115000 miles. Required towing.

I had to replace the ignition switch due to a small slump metal ring on the inside part of the switch. It cost $393 plus vehicle had to be towed vehicle.

Replaced brake calipers and rotor at 100000 miles. Cost $575.

There was a recall on the shift lever in 1999 which I never received. At 135000 miles, I took it to the dealer for repair. I returned to the dealer of five times. The dealer mechanic acerbated the initial recall repair by breaking the entire shift box. Requiring me to return five times. The dealer finally agreed that it was their responsibility to replace it at no cost. The shift lever is very difficult to move from park to reverse.

I had to have the drums and brake job again at 135000 miles at a cost of $476. I had 3 estimates. This was the cheapest.

Air conditioner has leaked coolant since acquisition of the vehicle, and I have to get it replace annually.

There are oil leaks which have been repaired, but there is still one that will cost $300 to repair, and the mechanic suggested that is just cheaper to keep replacing oil. Ongoing problem since 100,000 miles.

The rear lift door had to have both side rods replaced.

The rear window leaked when it rained or the vehicle was washed.

It is diagnosed that it needs a ring job.

General Comments:

The cooling is inadequate.

The rear plastic bumper is flimsy.

Visibility is poor at sides and rear.

Gas mileage good. Probably because it is a six cylinder.

I do no off road driving, since the vehicle is a 2 wheel drive.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2003

7th Jan 2009, 10:11

Sorry to hear your mechanic ripped you off so much. Brakes on this truck are $22 for each disk, and $40 for pads. The job takes less than an hour with simple tools. I had a 1993 from new to 2008. Never had any problems other than expected maintenance over the life of the truck. Still going strong with its 2nd owner...