1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee SE 4.0 from North America


Can do anything with a jeep GC, tow, pull, ride, race or leisure


Tranny went at 153k, pulled it myself to save $. could have been on the road again for under 20$ for a little seal that shut the pressure down. Instead spent 1060$ to have complete overhaul, love it.

Radiator rusted out at 145k - 200$ brand new.

Rubber boots on front half shafts, wore out, new boots - 50$

02 sensor at 153k, 40$

General Comments:

Bought the jeep totalled with 133k, it had rolled twice onto its lid and ran untill the oil pressure shut her down. Fixed the cosmetics and drover her 20k hassle free cheap miles. Jeep got 20 mpg avg. I knew the people who drove it previous to my purchasing it from their insurance company. They ran the tar out of it. the poor little 4.0 had pulled horse trailors in OD up hill with the AC on all its life. This jeep has been worth every penny.

Incredible all weather reliability- snow rain wind. I love the secure feel of it.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2004

1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0L I-6 from North America


Can't kill it


My fuel pump went out within one hundred miles of purchase.

The Infinity Gold CD player works only when it wants to.

General Comments:

The Grand Cherokee has been a willing partner, and has taken me through floodwaters, over nasty fields, and has even gone airborne a time or two.

The interior is fabulously comfortable, and well-appointed.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2004

1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Orvis 5.2L from North America


I rate this full time 4 wheel drive vehicle as excellent and will buy another Jeep.


The tension pulley for the serpentine belt froze up at 105000. Also, occasionally the check engine light comes on and resets after the ignition is turned off. My headliner has also came loose in several areas.

General Comments:

This Jeep has really outperformed the expectations I had at the time of purchase. It has excellant handling characteristics on both wet and dry roads and accelerates quickly. Off road on gravel it is a little light in the rear. The strictly off road/trail ride is fantastic for a car its size. It crosses creeks up to 18 inches deep very well.

My only negative thoughts for this car would be that there aren't any protection plates covering any of the differentials or gas tank. All of which I have had struck by objects including rocks, logs and creek banks. I also believe the oil filter could have been located better. Also, why don't any of the manufacturers make filling the transmission fluid easier like they do the oil fill cap? The spare tire cover is also a headache to replace on the full size spare.

The leather seats are of course hot in the summer and make you sweat. The cup holders are located well, but are too small.

This Jeep won't go everywhere the smaller Jeep models will go, but it will get in tight places that most Blazers and Explorers can't begin to get, as well as most full size 4 wheel drive pickup trucks.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2004

9th Dec 2004, 20:47

I read your comments about the off-road use of your Grand Cherokee. There are skid plates available for the Grands. Check your local salvage yards if you are going to continue playing in the dirt.

26th Feb 2005, 09:58

I absolutely love my 1995 Orvis. Have not had a lick of trouble out of it and would buy another one in a heart beat!!! I bought this vehicle used, 95,000 miles on it and it is just broken in. I had to put dust shields on the front wheels to keep the rim from getting the rust color from the brakes.

Other than that this is the best year for the Orvis and was picked after driving over 50 larado and limiteds.

1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo I-6 from North America


A little rough on the edges, but a great car


Alternator--When I originally bought the car, we noticed that the battery had a hard time holding a proper charge. I ran a test on the battery and my suspicion's were correct. The alternator was original in the car and is almost 10 years old. So I went out and bought a new one from Auto-Zone for about 104.00 and put it in myself. A very easy fix.

Battery--When we tried to start the Jeep after replacing the alternator, and would not turn over. So we wound up spending another 75.00 on a new battery for the Jeep.

Air Conditioning--The day that I replaced the alternator, the Air Conditioning went out while sitting at my local Sonic. Found out that it was the switch for the system, another 100.00 fix.

Front Passenger Headlight--Noticed a loud rattling when the car was in reverse and the radio was not on. I had my neighbor, who is a mechanic, help me with finding the problem and was an easy fix with a ruber gasket.

Slow Oil Leak--I have noticed that this is a common problem with Jeep's and Chrysler cars in general. We previously had a 1996 Grand Voyager that had a oil leak. But in this vehicle, it is very slow. I had my neighbor help me out with the problem, and it is the seal around the oil filter. Very easy fix.

Dashboard Loose--I noticed a couple of days ago that the dashboard vibrated badly. I started out with making sure all of the screw were tight and found that one of the clips that hold down the dashboard has broken. Should be an easy trip down to my local pick-n-pull to find this clip.

Rear Hatch Shocks--The rear gas shocks on the hatch have gone out and the hatch decided to come down on my head the other day. Now this is now inexpensive fix, the cost some bucks. But it is to be expected on an almost 10 year old car.

General Comments:

This is one of the best cars that I have owned. We bought it about 5 mounth's ago, knowing that it is a used car that is getting up there in age. But we have had to put more money in it than we originally wanted to. But the car is just so much fun to drive and it handles very well on wet pavement.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2004

9th Nov 2004, 14:54

Yes I would like to see if this person or another has the same problem as me? My problem is when driving down the road in my 1995 jeep grand cherokee limited, it starts to vibrate really bad. First I thought it was the u-joints, so anyway the only time it happens is when I am just cruzin' not gassing it a lot, and not with my foot completely off the gas. its like the transfer- case is going to come through the floor? thanks.

25th May 2005, 17:50

I have a jeep grand Cherokee and when I turn the corner the front end clicks and bumps around a lot. It sounds really loud it is a clicking sound so you have any Idea what that could be?

10th Oct 2008, 20:46

I have gone through both of these problems with my Jeep. On the first comment; any of these three parts could be worn or broken: steering damper, ball joints, or the track bar. These are the main problems that can cause that death wobble. On the second comment; you should have your wheel bearings checked, and it probably has some play in it. That would make that wobble while you are turning.