26th Nov 2002, 15:00

2001 JGC... An absolute nightmare so far... took it in for the shaking wheel bad brakes and rotor problem... also has bad rear axle seals and a leaking steering box...36,400 miles and the dealer refused to honor the 36K warranty, even for a pre-existing condition. Thanks a lot Jeep! A great company that cares for it's owners! $1500 later..

29th Dec 2002, 15:03

I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 62,000 miles. Although I like the SUV I am about ready to put on the fourth set of front rotors. Yes, about every 15,000 - 17,000 miles I have had to replace them. The dealer did pay for the second set and admitted there was a problem. The dealer refuses to cover any other replacements and after calling Jeep Corporation in Detroit they also have refused to offer any help. I will never purchase another Jeep product.

5th May 2003, 11:47

My husband and I bought a 2001 Jeep Cherokee 11 months ago.

We just placed the car in the shop due to transmission problems. Luckily, we had at three year extended warranty, which should cover the expense. I am very unhappy about this car now because I worry about future problems. I want to know if there is something I can do. I don't want this car anymore.

21st Jun 2003, 14:53

We have a 2001 Cherokee Sport. The vehicle is liked by our family. I am just curious to see if anyone else that owns one, has encountered any rear end noise? thanks.

25th Jun 2003, 21:57

We have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Vehicle has had braking problems. Cause was a factory defect in the front calipers. Dealer replaced whole front brake system at no charge. Still has a bad vibration in drive at idle (possibly a fouled plug problem). Taking back to dealer.

24th Aug 2003, 15:17

My wife and I each owned Grand Cherokees, 2001 Limited hers and 2000 Laredo mine). Both had their problems with the front rotors an replace them at around 25K miles on each of them.

I had the Laredo's front rotors replaced ($185), but not the brake pads since they were still in good shape (at least that's what I thought) at about 32K it began to do the little shake again. We turned it in, as it was a lease.

As for the Limited, I went to the parts store (Park's), bought the rotors for $120 (a pair) and bought the $14.95 pads at Advance auto. It was a pain to get the calipers off and took about 2 hours worth of work. My wife was quoted $350-$400. The limited now has 40K on it and have yet to see any problems with the brakes.

26th Sep 2003, 08:08

I have a jeep Grand Cherokee 2001. I bought one because my sister-in-law got one and it looked impressive. Me and my sister-in-law have had the same problems one right after another. Brakes went first. Replaced them twice because of the jerking. Then my window cable broke. Mind you right after my sister-in-laws window broke. Same window (drivers side). Finally service people told me that rotors have been big problem because of faulty calipers. You have to ask before they will replace them. They are covered. Just ask and you will receive. They won't offer because their on commission. Good luck with yours.

1st Dec 2003, 10:32

We have a 2001 GC which the brakes and rotors have been replaced at 13K miles, and now at 30K they need replacement again. Same as all the other complaints. Dangerously unstable above 45mph. My GC is also having trouble starting. This was to have been repaired at 13K, but still exhibits the same problems. They told us it was a simple gas tank seal that was to be replaced. This is our third Jeep in the past 10 years. Our first Grand Cherokee. Now, it will also be our last Jeep period. Had Jeep simply done right at 13K when I took it in at that time, all the time and money would not have been wasted!

7th Dec 2003, 19:02

It seems that you did not do your homework before signing that maintenance agreement. Yes, I do agree that these warranties are generally not worth the paper they are written on. I myself will never purchase a New Vehicle out of principle. As for being charged $150 for a minor Transmission Leak, try jacking the vehicle up next time before you take it to the dealer. This was probably just a loose or threaded Transmission Drain Plug. I having owned a Saturn would have to have a Gun pointed at my head to ever contemplate buying anything under the GM Namebrand. It really is time people wised up and stopped purchasing troublesome vehicles.

3rd Jan 2004, 11:22

Steven, I own a 2001 Jeep GC, and I love it. In heavy snow 31 inches, strong flooding rain, strong winds, there was no problem for me getting to where I have to go. I drive it on the beach each summer, and watch everyone get stuck in the sand. I have had each and every problem that was posted with the vehicle, and it was corrected each and every time, with no problem from the dealership. (Golden Chrysler phila.) I am already looking at the 2005 models. It is very comforatable, and fast.

23rd Jan 2004, 11:00

I bought my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited off the show room floor in June of 2001. Since then, I've had nothing, but problems. I see that a lot of you are having rotor problems. I have had mine changed 3 times. On the second replacement, they gave me the caliper kit that was supposed to fix the problem. Well, 8,000 miles later I had to have the rotors replaced again. I have 32,000 miles on my Jeep and am glad I bought the extended warranty. The problems with my Jeep goes on and on. The passenger side heated seat has gone out twice, sunroof broke twice, climate control broke twice, memory mirrors replaced, paint problems (black), passenger window mechanism repaired twice. Shall I go on? My favorite part about owning a Jeep Grand Cherokee, is that it randomly dies out as I pull out of my driveway, also, it occasionally shifts very rough. The dealer cannot duplicate this problem so they can't do anything about it. I am fed up, and will never own another Jeep.


16th Feb 2004, 07:53

You're not alone with owning a piece of crap, although the service department wants to make you feel that way! I've had my 2001 JGC in for service at least 12 times in the 2 years I've had it. Check engine light, brakes/rotors, powersteering. Got an appointment for tomorrow, it is leaking powersteering fluid. Not to mention the junk tires are in need of replacing after 24,000 miles. Only good thing I can say is that service has never cost a cent with the exception of time and frustration. Can't wait for the lease to end.

12th Mar 2004, 12:54

I wish I would have read this site before buying my used 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I was so excited with the looks and size, I forgot to check out the mechanics. Now I have had the Jeep for 5 months, it has been in the shop twice with leaking fluids, engine lights, noise (that can't be duplicated at the repair shop), all of this and $1,000.00 later, I have another light telling me to service now and low coolant. I just had the water pump replaced, what can it be now? I wish I had kept my '94 Dodge Dakota. I never had repair problems with it, not in the 10 years I owned it and 112,000 miles. I am afraid of the future. Maybe I should get out now. I have awaken to a nightmare. I want to scream.