14th Nov 2008, 23:08

Just bought an 01 JGC with 193k miles. Everything works great except one window with a pen it. There is a website that sells the metal window blocks for 29.00 that will fix the falling window problem.

21st Jun 2009, 12:12

I bought a used 01 JGC Laredo, I have had it for about two months now, I have had some minor problems with it. However I am still very happy with it and would not want to trade it in. The Spark Plugs need to be replaced as well as the the rear passenger window cable snapped causing the window to fall on its own. The cylinders were having random misfires but that was attributed to the spark plugs. It now has almost 149,000 miles on it and I am still happy with it.

Joel T, Oregon.

27th Jun 2009, 06:08

I bought mine new in 2001, and have had problems from the beginning. It seems that all of us have had the same problems.

Brake/rotor vibration problems almost from the beginning. Replaced twice. When I took my car into the dealership, they replaced it the first time with no questions asked. They talked as if this was an issue with almost everyone. Actually, the guy who first looked at them told me privately that Jeep was fighting a recall due to this issue. Since there never was a recall, I guess Jeep won.

Both front window regulators (window cable) snapped and had to be replaced. When I saw the damaged regulators, I noticed that they were very flimsy to begin with. Jeep isn't even trying with these.

The front hood hydraulic props had to be replaced twice. The mechanic (Jeep dealership) admitted to me that this was a very common problem.

Several lights on the inside (AC, etc.) have gone out. Due to the way the car is designed, I was told that just replacing those tiny bulbs would entail major work and would cost hundreds of dollars. I never replaced them.

A few months after I bought the car, it completely died on my at a stop light. Had it towed and fixed (warranty). I don't remember what the problem was (8 years ago), but I thought it was a bad omen that my 2-month old car would die like that.

I've had numerous other small problems, too.

This is my first American car. I know it's unfair, but I will never buy an American car again.

9th Sep 2009, 08:27

2001 I6 4.0L JGC; bought used June of 2005. It was my dream vehicle.

Since then, I have: replaced rotors and pads (and they need it again -- starting to shake), water pump, one window regulator (and one has been held up with suction cups for 2 years 'cause I didn't want to put in any more $ than I had to), two radiator fan relays (one last night), bad ball joint, chunk out of serpentine belt (thought I was going to have to replace the engine until we found the problem!), one radiator (two weeks ago), and now I have two cylinders mis-firing, so new plugs this weekend.

I still love driving it, and have 155K+; just have to make it last another 75-100K before I can replace it...

14th Oct 2009, 17:30

I am an A.S.E. certified auto tech. that has recently acquired a 2001 JGC. Customer decided not to repair the vehicle and left it here due to lack of funds. Before doing any research on the numerous problems (it came in for no shift from first to second), I replaced the governor pressure sensor and governer solenoid, now the tranny shifts fine. Going to replace warped rotors with Brembo components. Already replaced right front caliper (locked up) and no seat issues so far. BUT now I am searching for electrical draw. As far as no starts but cranks fine, jump to the crank position sensor. They are notorious about going bad.

11th Dec 2009, 15:48

We have a 2001 Jeep GCL purchased used in 2004 with low mileage - we have had the rotors replaced so many times I cannot even count. There was a transmission issue - automatic - but would not shift from 2nd to the next gear - we have had ALL of the windows fall down and replace their motors at about 250.00 per window. We have had issues with the head gasket (the most recent issue) we have replaced the thermostat twice, headlights blow fairly often, just a real disappointment. We have regretted every day we have owned this thing and will never, ever own a Jeep GCL again. I feel so bad for all of us who do still have one.

18th May 2010, 01:15

I was very impressed by the 2001 JGC Limited when I saw it on the lot today. I was even thinking about finishing a deal on it today. That is until my girlfriend advised me to go home and read consumer reports then sleep on it. I will not be going back to the dealership for this car. Thank you for your reviews on this vehicle, and good luck with your Jeeps.

20th May 2010, 18:20

2001 Grand Cherokee Laredo - What an experience to say the least. I purchased the car for my son in college. We had the car, which worked very nicely for two days. Then the car broke down - the water pump, radiator and head gasket needed to be replaced. $1200.00. The car left the garage and immediately caught on fire at the gas station. The fire truck put out the fire. I had it towed to the dealership and was told it had an electrical problem and caught on fire.

I didn't understand why the windows wouldn't roll down, if the door was open... where's the answer? I had to immediately replace the other half of the engine and wiring harness... 3k (1st was head gasket) next the passenger back window, then the transmission 2k...

Brakes were horrible!!! Just paid for those to change, and now it needs an alignment and tires. I purchased a new car in an old body!!! If you are considering, think hard and long.. The front seat is now broken and leaning back on the back seat...

Free training on cars - buy a Jeep Cherokee Laredo. You'll learn it all!!

16th Jun 2010, 11:40

I've had my 2001 Jeep GCL since Sept. 2004 and have over 122,000 miles on it now.

Had to have the tranny rebuilt under warranty because the nimrod who owned it before us put oil in the tranny instead of transmission fluid.

Then all of the window regulators went out ($200 each) and had a few problems with the engine fan not working, which turned out to be a short.

Now the left back brake light will not light up, and have replaced the lens, sockets, and light bulbs.

Got to pull the headliner now to fix the sunroof, which will not open.

Other than that, the car is a great vehicle, and since I'm able to do most of the work on it myself, I have no real complaints. Just wish Jeep wouldn't have used so many plastic pieces on the car that wear out quickly, but considering the car is now 9 years old and still runs like new, I'd purchase another one.

7th Aug 2010, 04:48

I bought a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with 14,000 miles from a fleet auction.

Had the brakes replaced several times before having the rotors replaced.

Have replaced the passenger front, driver's side passenger rear, and lift gate door actuators. Originally the front passenger door started quacking, and had to manually open and lock from inside, then the driver side passenger rear door started quacking, then the rear lift gate wouldn't lock, and nor would the back lift gate window would lock. I replaced all the actuators on the doors and it solved the problem.

Currently I am getting coolant level low from the computer, and fill it back up. I have to check to see if the heads need to be changed/tightened to fix it.

I have the running light problem on the driver side, which is intermittent. I get it working, then later it doesn't work again. I have taken it to shops, and they say it is working and can't duplicate the problem... It's always something. I like the vehicle, but it can be a pain at times...