15th Jul 2005, 16:42

I just returned from a 1600 mile trip which appears to have cost me more than I had hoped. 1997 Grand Cherokee Laredo. Mechanic told me about the cracked manifold before I left. This sure appears to be all too common. I also have had AC issues that seem to be evaporator related. I can recharge the air and it will work like a charm until I turn the truck off, then it just bleeds away in about 5 minutes.

The transmission is acting strange now, as well. Overdrive is the culprit in my case. If I let off the gas while in overdrive then quickly press the pedal back to where it was, it sounds like I ran over the rumble strips on the freeway!

The door locks are not working properly anymore either. It's a shame I didn't know about this stuff when I bought the truck in 1999. I really do love my Jeep, however.

I haven't had the light dimming problem.


I understand, now.

28th Jul 2005, 11:45

My Jeep wines out first and second gear the first time after the vehicle has been started. After the first time it shifts like it should. I have 155,000 on it and an on my second transmission.

I have the same problem with the dash lights dimming and brightening, but also have a problem with the fuel gage reading inaccurate sometimes.

I read several technical service bulletins that said to upgrade the software in the powertrain control module to correct several of the electrical problems. The local dealership said they would update the software for $55, and that there is a posibility that it will correct the shifting problem.

I plan to do the software update in the next few months after it cools off (the A/C is broke again also). Right now I am driving my backup vehicle, which is a must if you own a Jeep.

If anyone else has upgraded the software for the PCM, or knows of any other successes or failures to correct the problem please post them so I don't spend any more unnecessary money.

31st Jul 2005, 13:24

Did you have a carfax report before purchasing. I have had really good luck with my Cherokee. 160K miles and only normal stuff has needed replacement. It really sounds like that vehicle was in a flood somwhere and they played games with interstate title transfers.

7th Sep 2005, 21:48

I have had my 97 Jeep for 3 years and have put over 100K on it myself with nothing more than normal wear. I have over 160K and only now are larger things starting to appear, like the shifting thing. But I love my Jeep.

1st Nov 2005, 10:18

1996 Grand Cherokee Laredo. Owned it for about 7 years, and it has 118,000 miles. I've had to replace the transfer case, compressor ($1100), evaporator coil ($800), front axle bolt ($600), and now the catalytic converter is shot (dealer wanted $1300 to replace it... after I had already paid them way too much just to replace the oil sending unit). I'm having the usual transmission problems: it hunts back and forth between 2nd and 3rd, especially if you really press on the gas. As for little annoyances, the power locks only work sometimes (meaning that I may be inadvertently leaving it unlocked), and the driver's side interior door handle broke off, so now I have to roll the window down to open the door from the outside.

28th Jan 2006, 03:05

I have a 1996 jeep grand cherokee limited. The power steering pump fell off due to a mount bracket cracking and shearing the remaining bolt. That incident was at 70mph, approx. 120,000 miles. Now at 147,000 miles, the power steering gear box locked up and sheared the bolts and part of the casting. This time was very low speed, luckily. There is a definite issue with the steering components, be warned. The jeep dealer had the bracket on hand and said they crack out quite often, that left me with a warm fuzzy feeling. Im still awaitng the comment on the steering gear box as Ive finally gotten home and haven't gone to the dealer yet. Thanks for tow trucks.

21st Feb 2006, 07:25

I too have a 1996 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4x4 and my transfer case split in half yesterday, just like what the other person wrote on Feb 10th, mine did the exact same thing on Feb. 20th.

15th Mar 2006, 10:04

I agree, just bought 1996 Cherokee.

Annoying problem so far is the headlight switch. Have replaced with a new one, but still park lights will not come on. Reverted to old one and will perservere.


16th Sep 2006, 19:05

Wow, people help me out here, I have a 96 Grand Cherokee, bought it at 82k, 2 years ago, now there is 97k, and so many problems! The u-joints were rotted, the Axel seals are shot, the gear oil is leaking, the rear wiper has never worked, the tranny gets stuck in 2nd, (shifts when I let up off the gas), the whole passenger side rear end makes the worst grinding noise ever, the caddy converter is gone, yes, gone, it fell off! The ABS is messing up my breaks, it won't stop engaging, so Midas says... It just keeps pulsing when I try to stop. I love my jeep, and have had a 98 wrangler, and a 95 cherokee, really wanted a grand cherokee, and I found one at an auction, it was all checked out there, and seemed fine, but now, it is crazy! I really want to keep her, she is this color that I have never seen on a Jeep before, it is beautiful, and I love it, But... I can't seem to fix the ABS thing, I want to just disconnect it, but am not sure if I can do it and still be safe? I haven't gotten the chance to take her off road yet, too many problems, and I am starting to think that maybe I should just take her off road, beat the poo out of her, and leave her to rot!!! Someone please help me, I am a single mom, and don't have much to spend to fix her, but she is a beaut, and I just need some help in doing so. thanks, karebare1380 on yahoo.

4th Apr 2007, 16:35

1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport, 4.0L, automatic transmission with A/C. Mileage approx. 98,000.

My Jeep's engine performance has been fairly good all these years. I bought my truck used in 1998. When my Jeep's mileage reached approximately 90,000 miles this last year it developed a strange problem after starting the engine and accelerating. The engine will idle a little rough. When I engage the transmission and begin to accelerate, the engine will surge and backfire. I noticed the problem will correct itself if the engine is revved a few times in park or neutral. (I basically pump the gas pedal a few times). After this, I continue driving (accelerating) the problem will not return. The engine responds well.

The problem is easy to replicate once I turn the engine off and re-start. I have had two different mechanics troubleshoot without any success. No codes have been generated by the PCM. I have replaced both the TPS and Idle Control Valve without success.

I had the PCM reprogrammed recently under a recall for the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter was fine. The reprogramming of the PCM did not make a difference. Has anyone every noticed this problem with their Jeep Cherokee surging after starting and accelerating?