5th Nov 2005, 12:54

I have a 2001 Jeep, I have been having front driving problems. There is a small noise coming from the front driver side, it sounds like a screeching cat, but it has a mind of its own. Which means it comes and goes. Has anyone had that problem? I also had to replace the rotors and brakes and seals that leaked and I only have 50K on the jeep.

19th Oct 2006, 08:09

I to had transmission codes 1762 & 1763 which deals with the governor pressure sensor and went to the dealer for the repair thinking it would be under warranty, how wrong I was. I ended up costing $1000. The truck is a 2002 grand Cherokee with only 37,000 miles. My suggestion to you is to do the repair yourself it is fairly easy. There are 2 sensors that need replacing so look up the part #'s for your specific vehicle. You will also need a new transmission filter and gasket along with fluid. Drain existing fluid, remove pan, remove filter, the sensors should be right below. Remove electrical connector and pull out sensor. From looking at the part it looks like it pops in and out. Then restore as necessary.

Good Luck!

27th Nov 2006, 11:26

I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with 105,000 + miles on it. Outside of normal wear & tear the only problems that I keep having is the relay fan switch, which is behind the head light and have to take apart the entire front of the Jeep to get to it and the 4 way hazard relay that keeps coming loose. To push this back in, you need to take apart the dash board. Outside of that, I like my Jeep!

26th Dec 2006, 19:29

I have had off and on issues with my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee feeling like it was pulling a trailer (sort of a tugging motion). This past weekend, it wouldn't go into second gear two different times. The RPM would rev a little high after I started from a stopped position, and then it would kick so hard into second that it felt like the transmission was being thrown backwards. Since then, it has been tugging so hard that it feels like I'm pulling a commercial jet behind me. I took it in to a transmission shop and they said it was a sensor, but that the sensor had nothing to do with the tugging. From other comments on this site, sounds like it might be a body valve, governor sensor, etc. Not sure what to do. Any thoughts?

11th Feb 2007, 11:17

I have a 2004 Jeep Cherokee. The malfuntion indicator light came on a month ago for a few days, but then went off. I just came on again a few days ago and actually stalled while going very slowly. Any suggestions?

2nd Apr 2007, 08:01

I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. It has about 68,000 miles. Fortunately the brakes lasted until about 66,000 miles which is pretty good. The heater core went out at about 62,000 miles. I'm not getting a malfunction light I have to check into. My dad has that problem with his, and it cost him $150 to tell him it was the radiator cap. My radio speaker on the "premium" sound system vibrates on the right front. My power steering pump is also now leaking fluid which I need to get fixed. I just had the belt and a belt tensioner replaced. I loved that one. The dealer had it done in 40 minutes and charged me 1.5 hours labor. Maybe they used two guys, huh? It seems to be a nice vehicle, but I will seriously consider another brand next time.

12th Apr 2007, 15:18

I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. My front right tweeter blew a few months ago. Just pop off the plastic casing and unplug it for now. My Heater Core, Blendor, and 10 disc CD changer all recently seized. The first two will cost me over $2000 to fix and I don't know about the CD changer. None of these are covered under my warranty. I will choose a different brand next time.

10th Jul 2007, 14:13

I have a 2003 Jeep Cherokee Laredo, had problems with bad rotors, engine light coming on, and rear end problems, have the extended warranty, but still has cost me four hundred dollars and rear end is still screwed up, first they said rear seals need replaced, then got it back and noticed noise like ticking at certain speeds took it back they said wheel bearings, guess what another deductible... got it back still making the noise and now have noise like pac man when you step on the brakes, really tired of it will NEVER buy another jeep product and not too happy with dealership repair shop...

21st Jul 2007, 12:50

I purchased a used 2001 Grand Cherokee Laredo in July, 2005. Only had 48,000 miles on it. First thing to go out was the passenger side window regulator. Dealership replaced that. From there on, here is a list of problems in order of happening:

1: air conditioner and EVAC replaced in 2005 along with driver side window regulator. (not at the same time)

2: water pump went out in 2006 along with the driver side rear window regulator (not at the same time)

3: March, 2007 fuel pump and filter had to be replaced (only 65000 miles on it. I just came back from the shop because yesterday after filling up, parking it in my driveway, noticed a gas leak. The safety ball in the tank is not working. When I filled up yesterday, topped it off due to taking a long trip, the safety ball did not work and the tank was way over filled. To get this fixed was $150.00 today, but was told I needed to get a new tank.

All in all, I have spent over $2000.00 getting repairs done. I have contacted Chrysler, nothing they can do, no warranty. Contacted the Better Business Bureau, nothing they can do. Told me to go back to the dealership that I purchased it from.

After this gets paid off, I will not purchase another Jeep product again.

21st Feb 2008, 17:47

I have a 2004 Jeep Cherokee. The indicator light has been coming on and off for 2 years now.. runs fine 99 percent of time. Seems to come on in the winter time or when it rains. Very frusterating. Code was 0021 0023 or something like that. Can anyone help?

8th Apr 2008, 12:35

I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. I have had trouble with moving the shifting gear into low when necessary, especially on steep hills. Previous visits to the dealer found nothing.

Then, yesterday it revved to high RPMs before shifting gears. Great trouble moving into 1st and 2nd gears. Once on highway was OK.

Took it to dealer. Was told need a transmission valve body at $1,200 including parts, labor and other stuff.

Very disappointing. I like Jeeps, not happy about this at all.

3rd May 2008, 09:04

I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee. I shifted to 4wd drive to ride it on the beach sand. After shifting back, a black substance leaked all over my front right wheel, the car wouldn't go past 50mph, a tar-like odor came up into the car, and black smoke came from the exhaust pipe.