8th May 2008, 11:13

I also got that 1762 code... getting it checked today. This is my third and last Jeep. They seem to have the same problems for many, many years and they never do anything about it. I am hoping to sell this piece of junk soon.

9th Jun 2008, 11:49

I have a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It now has 200,000 miles and still runs good. My wife has a 2001 Grand Cherokee Limited and it has been a constant lemon. Both front window motors have been replaced. It eats brakes, rotors, tires, and calibers. Now the rear axles needs replacing. The transmission has slipped since day one. The warranty was basically useless. Right now her Jeep is on jacks, because I can't afford to get it fixed, because her job was moved to the UK. The 2001 Jeep is useless.

1st Jul 2008, 18:33

So glad (I guess!) to hear others stories about their Jeep. I have a 2003 Grand Cherokee Laredo and have nothing but problems, including 4 trips to the dealership to find out the A/C was malfulnctioning due to the knob on the dashboard you use to adjust the A/C itself. Talk about wasted trips, time and lost work hours for that problem alone. Will not purchase Jeep again!!!

2nd Aug 2008, 06:47

I purchased a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with the 4.0/ 6 cylinder engine used in 2005. This SUV has been nothing but trouble. The rotors, brakes, front passenger window regulator, driver's seat, and tail lights have all had problems. I am now getting the hesitation in the transmission that others have described here. This vehicle has been a lemon in every sense. I will NEVER buy another Jeep product. Something needs to be done about these vehicles!! Owners need to unite and get Jeep to buy back or give owners some type of rebate.

17th Feb 2009, 08:40

I too have had all the problems people are talking about, all of them. My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee looks great and for that I'm glad because it makes it easy to sell. I just feel bad for anyone who buys that Jeep. I want another Jeep just as bad as I want my eyes poked out of my head with a red hot steel rod.

17th Feb 2009, 12:01

It's really too bad these Grand Cherokees were built so poorly, Working at a garage... I see all the above comment's regularly.

The reason I say "too bad" is because Jeep is probably Chrysler's Strongest nameplate & have really made some decent products in recent history. (1999-2004 G. Cherokee's NOT one of them.) Their Wranglers have been improving for years, the 4.0L Cherokee Sport was great for the $, and I don't see a lot of 3.7L Engines Jeep uses now with too many problems...yet.

Oh well... Maybe the new Gen. of G. Cherokee's will be better.

24th Jun 2009, 08:52

I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo that I bought new.

The warranty took care of the rotor problem, driver's side window regulator, and bad shocks. I've had to take care of the bad rear axle, the ABS brake sensor, two more window regulators, and now, the GPS for the transmission. Not cheap.

I'm beginning to think a car payment might be cheaper... And like most of you, I will NOT be buying another car from Chrysler again. I fully understand why they needed a bail-out...

16th Jul 2009, 00:08

I just wish the Jeep management could read the reviews. Jeep prefers more on the quantity rather than quality. I had a 2001 Jeep GCL; same problem with other Jeeps, I've spent 4000 bucks, has 100,000 miles, still working, thinking of buying another Jeep, no way jose! I bought a Honda; very efficient, reliable and dependable.

19th Jul 2009, 00:14

I have a 2001 Grand Cherokee. I bought it used about 3 months ago with about 104000 miles on it. It is now 2009 and I understand that the vehicle is 8 years old. It is going to have problems and it will need some work. I look at the dates of the postings and sounds like a lot of you people think you have a new car when your vehicle is 8 years old. And then you make comments like "I will never buy another Chrysler product" or "No wonder Chrysler needs a bailout"...Your car is old and probably has many miles on it. If you bought it used ask yourself "Why did the person that owned it originally trade it in or sell it?"

20th Jul 2009, 01:54

It's not about American prestige or Japanese thing, it's about common sense, that you can spend less and drive more. Jeep is an American icon; I bought one because I believe in the American tradition, but if my pocket says it's too much, then it's over. Mine is a 2002 JGC, it had its best and more on the downside. What can I say? Change! Yes we can.

8th Aug 2009, 17:47

I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee. At about 100,000 the power steering went; luckily I was able to just steer it into the shop for repairs. I believe the bill was $800. Also, the air conditioner went at about 80,000 miles. However, the vehicle has great traction in snow and otherwise handles well.

19th Sep 2009, 03:49

I am now the owner of a 2001 Jeep Cherokee.

I am a ASE certified tech, and very concerned over the fact over a vehicle that is so problematic can be allowed to be on the road period!

The above mentioned came in my shop with tranny problems (code 1762 gov. pressure sensor) Will let you know how things work out.

By the way, rotors are all warped, right front caliper locked up (felt like towing heavy trailer) and will not shift out of first gear until 4500 rpm. Trans is not the problem. The governor solenoid and pressure sensor are more than readily available, TRUST me they are. NEW DOES NOT = GOOD, check specs. before installing!

1st Dec 2009, 01:08

I have purchased a 2001 Jeep Laredo. Wow, after reading all the problems, I am now very worried. Most of the above mentioned things have happened; first it was the heat none, air great. Then driver's window, then passenger window, the rotors are very jumpy when the brakes are pressed. Of course all this started about 2 weeks after we purchased the car, took it back to ask the dealership questions, they could have cared less. Too bad was their answer. I am unable to tell you what my son's response was to that answer! What to do??? Was so happy to get this car from my son, should have just stayed with my old beater car. Jeep should be ashamed of themselves!!!

29th Mar 2010, 01:34

I own a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.

Bought it used 6 months ago, but didn't get the 30 day extended warranty from the used car dealership. Based on my experience, it was basically useless. Carfax was clean, and I loved the comfort of riding in it, plus the fact that this was my second Jeep GC. I bought it for 6800, and after tax it was $7600 with 106K miles.

My first one was a 1995 JGC Limited 5.2 V8, and I wish I still had that truck, but it was caught in a rollover. Ironically when I looked up after it flipped twice and did a 360, I read on the visor "warning higher rollover risk".

It made headlines in the local paper because it happens so often. The Jeep took the beating, not me, I was all right.

I loved that Jeep, so I decided to get another one. BIG MISTAKE. I though this newer Jeep didn't have as many problems, but I ended up getting MORE problems on this newer truck than my old 1995 Jeep.

I spent about $1500 in 2 months after buying it. In one incident the caliper bolt came off and my brakes seized. My rims were damaged, causing flat tires. Luckily I was in a parking lot when that happened. If I was going 70 MPH in the highway and that occurred, I would have been in another rollover. Took it to the car lot (not an autrhorized dealer) told them it was a lemon, but I signed saying I bought it as is, but they were nice and polite and gave me new rims free.

Then the driver seat broke. Took it back and they fixed it (they were nice enough to do both, even without the warranty, even though most car lots don't do that, and most Jeep dealers will try to rip you off even trying to sell a new seat for a thousand bucks, and use "it's not safe unless you buy a new seat" and all that BS).

Then, more happened.

Cooling fan rely timer failed.

Stalling issues happened, and had it towed 3 times for fixing. It's embarrassing to be stuck on a busy highway and seeing people in their Toyotas laugh at my stalled Jeep.

My Jeep is customized with halo projector headlights, blacked out tail lights, Flowmaster muffler and all the good stuff to make it stand out.

But man, for the 6 months, even with good regular tune ups, this truck is in the shop once or twice a month to see what's next that's wrong on the list.

Luckily I have a mechanic who is honest and does free diagnostics, and he never sells me something unless it's really needed. With him I saved at least several hundred dollars in repairs.

I still LOVE this truck because of how comfortable it rides.

Any used car WILL have problems. It doesn't matter what brands, so I'm stuck with it.

I will start commuting to school, which is an hour there and an hour back, and I hope this will be reliable, because right now it is not very reliable at all. One after another, and usually it's something small that incapacitates the whole truck.

Later on, I'm buying a Caddy.

18th Jun 2010, 07:47

I bought a 2001 GCL in 2008 in very good condition. By 2010 it developed front axle problem, crankshaft positioning sensor and the latest; malfunctioning of coils b&c. The latest problem indicated ECM (as a possible cause). With the security system, will another ECM work in the vehicle without programming? Please respond to diaaz2003@yahoo.com