3rd Dec 2007, 12:05

I have a 1995 Grand Cherokee Limited, 6 cylinder with 230,000 miles on it. Two months ago I too started getting the alarm on my display to "check 4-wheel drive switch", and it has never stopped. I am also going CRAZY trying to find a solution to this. Are there any high up Jeep management people out there that can give us some relief here? When you own a Jeep, you want to own one for life, so please direct us to a answer! Will someone bring this up at their daily Jeep engineering meeting so current and potential Jeep buyers will stick with a Jeep!

23rd Jan 2008, 11:30

I also own a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Although I have not had the 4 wheel drive warning, I get a persistent bad coolant sensor warning. I ended up buying my wife another car because of it and now drive the jeep. In the research I have done it appears that fault is triggered by corrosion at the connection on the display. People have gotten the errors to stop by disconnecting the connector and spraying contact cleaner on it. I have not performed this operation yet, but may try it this weekend. I spent last weekend replacing the input and output shaft seals on the transmission and transfer case so a little in car work should be easy. Right?

15th Feb 2008, 20:14

Like everyone else, I too am a proud owner of a 1995 Jeep GC Limited. Vehicle has about 175,000 miles on it. I am also having problems with the VIC displaying messages and beeping. Sounds like it is starting to play Jingle Bells. Telling me to Service 4 WD Switch, rear lights out (which they are not) It also starts the date and time back to January 1 once in a while. I noted that this happens occasionally when the vehicle is started. Would love to fix this problem. Recently the speedometer only works when it wants to and temp gauge stopped working completely. I love my Jeep. Would appreciate it anyone could tell me how to correct the problem.

21st Feb 2008, 19:31

Hi I'm a proud owner of a 1994 GC., I read all your comments about "4WD Service Switch"... I have the same problem, today I clean with WD40 the switch... Nothing happens. For all the comments that I read, If I spend some money on the switch nothing will happen... so somebody please help us!.. God Bless America and the jeeps too!..

12th Mar 2008, 22:39

My son has a 1995 Jeep grand Cherokee with the same problem of "service 4 wheel drive" warning going off. I see it is quite common and I am looking forward to seeing if the experimental guy is having any luck. It makes sense that it would be wiring some where. We have had no luck with anyone to fix this at any garage! I think the person who took apart their display is maybe on the right track.

Also, for the windows that work with slamming the doors? Our Jeep has broken wires in the harness going into the drivers door. One main one keeps breaking and as I look at the rest, they all have cracks in the coating and look like they need replacement. Does anyone know if we can get a new harness anymore? Please post if you know anything on this.

9th Jun 2008, 00:46

I own a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee and experience the "4WD Switch requires servicing" warning on a frequent occurrence, usually when the car is warm and hitting a bump in the road. The local Jeep dealer's service manager told me the problem was either a defective switch, which they replaced for $86, or an internal malfunction of the transfer case which would cost about $1800 to repair. The switch replacement was a waste of money; the Light came 'ON', on my way home from the dealer.

My findings: If the wife kicks the center console 'hard' the light will usually go out. Proves to me my problem is inside the car, not the switch, transfer case or external wiring.

For those of you that are receiving the 'Tail Light Warning' I may have some good info for you. The 3rd Brake Light, the one located at the top of your back window has three small bulbs, and in my case one of those was burned out, but not noticeable during a visual brake light check.

4th Sep 2008, 12:32

I own a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee with approximately 165,000 miles. I started receiving the "check 4 wheel drive switch" message in October 2007. It was intermittent for a few days and I decided to play it safe and bring it to the local dealership. They called me up a few hours later and started to reel off a myriad of cracks and leaks they found. To fix all the problems they quoted me a price just over $5,000 before taxes. I was not about to sink that kind of money into a 12 year old vehicle, so I asked them to just top off all the fluids that they said were leaking. I would still get the message very intermittently and it would go away within a minute, until the past few days where when it comes on, it stays on for quite some time. I have not noticed any difference in the feel when it is on and when it is not, so I'm guessing it's OK. Does anyone know what happens if the switch is actually bad and does go? Thanks.

21st Sep 2008, 21:21

I have a '94 Grand Cherokee Laredo with 207,000 miles. I get the "Svc 4WD switch" message sporadically. If I am quick enough and tap on the VIC, it goes away for a while. Some have said it is more likely to occur when you go over a bump. I haven't noticed that.

Here is what one Jeep owner wrote on another forum on 4/12/2007: -----------------------

"Re: service 4wd switch.

The 4wd switch is an appendix of the sport model. The VIC (vehicle information center) is also from the sport 2wd 4wd. The switch tells you that you are in 2wd or 4wd, even though you know that you have a full time 4wd. The switch was kept in place even though the unit was a 4wd. Easier to keep them in place than have to change them both out. They could last a long time. Mine 47,0000 miles. Question... what wires do I cut? That is my question. Note: I have had this alarm for more than 5 Mo. your trans. will not fallout from underneath you."


Another person describes the disconnection of the sensor switch from the transfer case. Still another stated that it might also signal a low fluid situation in the transfer case, so check the fluid level before you disconnect the switch.

29th Sep 2008, 12:07

I was just wondering about this light problem, because I have a jeep, and I'm wondering whether it says specifically check 4x4 or whether it's just the check engine light, b/c my check engine light won't go off, not matter what, but I don't have your specific light, so just wondering.

18th Oct 2008, 22:59

I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, and it will not come out of 4wd all time and into N. Why won't it?