30th Jun 2010, 13:24

I would first top off the transfer case fluid using the proper Mopar fluid. That fixed it for me.

31st Dec 2010, 22:09

I too have a 96 Grand Cherokee... My solution is as follows; disconnect the battery, when the set time flashes, don't set the time, cover the display (I used black duct tape), no more beeps and flashing. Truck runs just fine with 250,000 miles on it.

27th Jan 2011, 23:38

I have a 93 Limited with 162,000 miles, and the service 4wd switch message started for me about a month ago, and it's driving me nuts, but I see it seems to be a very common problem. For me it's OK when it's cold, but it seems once I have been driving for a while and it's warm, is when it starts its beep beep crap.

19th Mar 2011, 17:30

I have over 260,000 and ignore it. We just don't reset it, so can't hear it. Yes, it's annoying, but the 4wd works great, and we use it as a daily driver over 65 miles.

Hope this helped, this is my 2nd Jeep, my first also had >250,000.

30th Mar 2011, 19:32

I have a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

It has the "all time 4 wheel drive" feature. The problem is that it NEVER comes out of 4X4.

So. Any ideas? I'm out of them...

4th Jun 2011, 12:31

I own a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Ed. 1994. It has the 4WD error on the screen and the nerve shattering beep also. It has come up a few times telling me the coolant sensor is bad.

I like the idea of disabling the beeper. That shouldn't mess up the display center, so that's what I am going to do.

We drive my Jeep everywhere without problems, and the 4WD error has been showing up for over a year. Oh, my Jeep has close to 200,000 miles on it, and runs great.

15th Oct 2011, 15:04

I have a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. It was having the same problem, so I took the information center out, and tried another one. I took my Vic to a local CB shop to have him scope the problem; there is a bad capacitor, that is the wrong size for this unit, that is causing the information cluster to blink out. Unfortunately, once it starts messing up, the only way to fix it is to send the unit to a electronic repair shop to have the circuit board repaired and the capacitor upgraded. I have not had any luck finding a replacement part.

5th Nov 2011, 07:01

I too have a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee and love it. However, I haven't been able to drive it for the last year. I had the 4x4 engaged indicator light on for 2+ years, and the annoying beep every time it engaged and disengaged. I was told it was a common problem with the Jeeps, and there is nothing they could do for it. Well, I drove it. Now it sits in the backyard with the transfer case all knocked out of whack. Has anyone found a solution??? As winter approaches, I would like to fix it, and I miss driving it.

11th Nov 2011, 16:54

I am the proud owner of a 94 GC Limited, which I love, and have the same issues, but I have found some of the answers that work for me. Maybe they'll work for you too. GOOD LUCK.

I've also been told that there is a capacitor in the back of the Jeep's VIC, and that it is a part that needs to be replaced, due to a premature wear-out, but nobody seems to know where to go and get one. I'm going to pull my VIC out and see if I can inspect the board, and see if it has cracks, or solder connections have come loose. If that doesn't work, I'll keep my eye out for a place that sells the capacitor. It doesn't seem to affect the 4WD (it's a full time 4x4 with the 318); is just kinda annoying.

Also, I too have the rear lamp failure indicator light flashing, and as with most of you, my lights are all working. Except one. I was backing up my friend's driveway when he noticed the license plate light was blinking intermittently when I hit a bump. It's a short in the wire. Pull off the rear door cover and see if your wire has rubbed through anywhere or is shorting out anywhere. I wouldn't have caught it if my buddy wasn't there to see it. Hope that helps some of you.

2nd Apr 2012, 12:15

"Service 4 wheel Drive Light' driving you crazy? Yes, it is a pain, however there maybe one very easy solution to your problem that is virtually 'FREE", and we all love that.

Simply disconnect the 'Positive' side, the 'Red' + of your battery terminal for about 10 minutes and let it just sit, then put the terminal back on and 'hopefully" it will reset the CRT computer back to where the light will not come back on.

Cons: By doing this process, you will have to reset your clock, radio presets and little things like that, but it won't hurt anything, it's basically like rebooting your computer.

Good luck and all the best. Drive safe...!

23rd Jul 2014, 17:02

Hello, I have the same problem with the 4WD switch. However, when I've taken it to the beach, the 4WD works perfect. My GC is a 1995 and it is 4 All Time! The manual says you can drive it like that in all types of weathers. Do you have any problems using your 4X4?


19th Mar 2015, 17:23

94, GC, 4x4, 5.2L. 249k miles, VIC system 4x4 service system.

OK, I took apart my VIC today after reading different forums on possible solutions, and read about a capacitor within not being the right size. After removing the back to the VIC, there is a capacitor No# H9320, / 105C; to left about 1" of the main system chip No# 788m03. One of the terminals has burnt through; going to desolder and replace with a new one. Hopefully this will help, and I'll put dielectric grease on the terminals to give good connections, to prevent resetting the VIC. Will try out my old skill set from ITT 30 years ago, good luck. This has gone on way too long.

15th Apr 2015, 19:52

The main difference between the Laredo and Limited Grand Cherokees is the transfer case. The Laredo has 2H, 4H, 4L and Neutral. The Limited has all wheel drive with 4H, 4L and Neutral. No two wheel drive option. This is accomplished using a differential in the transfer case so all wheels can be powered without the dragging experienced when using a normal 4x4 on dry roads, which can be damaging.

15th Sep 2015, 18:42

...this will solve the problem, THX Chuck...

19th Sep 2015, 01:51

I have a 94 GC Laredo. The options on the 4x4 are 4h all time neutral or 4L. Just bought it 4 days ago; same problems, but with a grinding noise front driver's side.

8th Jan 2016, 17:14

I did the same thing on my 1995 Grand Cherokee.

Remove the chime under the dash, left side by the floor lamp. I figured that was better than unplugging the VIC, which would have required taking the entire lower dash apart.