8th Dec 2007, 07:43

All of these complaints sound so familiar. I bought it used about 16 months ago, since then, radiator fan went bad, replaced it and just learned today it is not coming on. The passenger side window went bad replaced the whole system. Now, as of yesterday, the driver side window is broken. I am going to look at it myself. When you put the truck into reverse, it makes a horrible side. It is the brakes, but I haven't replaced them as of yet. sounds like it won't matter. My defrost does not work. I have a weird ticking sound coming from the vents when you accelerate. I am sure its the engine. The hood hydraulics don't work. The tires don't last at all. I just replaced them about a 12 months ago and they are going bad, only 25K miles on the new ones. Anyways, who ever finds information on recalls or reimbursement please post.



15th Dec 2007, 12:04

83,000 Miles.

Window regulator replaced, cooling fan relay replaced, A/C computer replaced, hood hydraulics don't work, A/C will only blow through defroster vents.

Replacements in the last week: spark plugs x 2, crank sensor, ignition coil rail, thermostat (second time), battery (third time). Car still has Check engine light and is stalling out. Merry Christmas

17th Dec 2007, 22:59

Deja Vu -

2003 Laredo.

(1) Ticking sound from under the hood.

(2) Passenger side window motor replaced last year. Drive side cable broke this AM. Looking forward to having this one fixed

(3) Engine had issues overheading. Took it to a local shop. He told me that they had several Jeeps all come in with the same problems. The fan stopped. The relay switch behind the front bumper/headlight had to be replaced.

(4) Check Engine Light kept coming on. Went thru several gas caps to try to fix. Got gas the other night. It is on again..

26th Dec 2007, 14:20

'03 Jeep Grand Cherokee -

I parked my car to go X-Mas shopping the other night, and when I returned an hour later my radiator fan was still running. I started it up and headed home, only to wake up to a dead battery. I have since discovered it is most likely the relay as many of you have encountered. My question is - Is it possible to replace it myself, and if so what is the procedure? If I must take it to the dealer, what is the going rate to have this replaced?

2nd Jan 2008, 13:14

I have had every single problem that was mentioned here. I just wanted to add that the Driver's seat is now broken beyond repair. New seat $780. HAHA.

22nd Jan 2008, 19:00

I have had all of the same problems mentioned. In addition I have had to replace both side mirrors, power sterring pump & gear box. Now drivers seat warmer does not work, heat does not work and keep getting this message tire sensor bad/missing, but all 4 seem to be working. I took it to Jeep and they said for $2,500 they could fix all that was wrong. This is my 3rd and last Jeep I will ever own.

30th Jan 2008, 09:57

Well Lets see. Cooling fan relay switch replaced twice. (There is a cheap do it yourself way to do this), Brake squeal, Transmission rebuilb, Ticking in engine, and something I have not heard yet. There is a noise in the dash that occurs only when the weight of the vehicle shifts to the right or anytime I put on the brakes. It sounds like it is something that turns and get bound up with the weight shift. I can only describe the noise as a sound somewhat like a playing card attached to a bicycle and the spokes making it click. As the vehicle slows so does the sound. I have taken the dash apart except for the top and the piece where the small tweeter speakers are, but cannot find the source of the problem. Anyone got an idea what that is?

1st Feb 2008, 19:02

03 Grand Cherokee.

I had problems with my dash vents not letting the air or heat through consistent; it was a vacuum hose located under the battery that had split. Since then the hose from the valve cover & transfer case vent split also.

Had a whomping noise sounded like tires, but was carrier bearing in rear diff.

Replaced coil pack, plugs, front rotors, brakes, hood shocks; all this with less than 50,000 miles.

Of course I have the ticking noise; who doesn't, if you drive a Jeep, ask a dealer.

Interior light beginning to not come on when you open the driver's door, works fine with the others.

My gas mileage of 16-19 is decent, tow-package hurts because of 3:73 diff.

4th Feb 2008, 22:00

I have had the same problems mentioned. A month after I had the vehicle, I had to replace the relay switch for the fan motor, I hear a ticking noise in my motor, Driver window regulator was replace and 2wks later the back passenger window regulator went out. My engine is overheating even still after I replaced the thermostat. Also, I had to replace the throttle position sensor. I will not buy another Jeep!

10th Feb 2008, 08:00

Could someone please tell me where and how to change this problem relay for the fan. I was going shopping all of a sudden I see my temp. gauge sky high. The fan won't come on.

Where is it located and how can I replace myself before I get fooled by the dealership. Thank you.

14th Feb 2008, 08:42

Here is the website for fan relay switch replacement. Took me 30 minutes because the shop I used the first time already cut the hole and charged me 350.00. http://rigs.corequipment.com/cebby_WJsite/cooling.htm#relay

26th Feb 2008, 11:31

I have experienced most of the same problems as everyone else. I purchased my 2003 Laredo new. Overall, I have had little expense...but, the problems are annoying for such an expensive purchase. I have always had a ticking in the engine, sounds like a diesel or a bomb. For over a year, I have had this squealing in the right front axle area. Sounds like a brake indicator and is literally embarrassing to drive through a parking lot when it is acting up. It doesn't do it all the time and seems to stop when I brake and then starts again around 35 mph. The dealer just checked it out and blamed it on the warped rotors. Nope, didn't fix it. I am about ready to put on a third set of tires @ 106k miles. The hood doesn't stay up. We have also had the fan issue, four hours from home; the bad gas cap; the throttle position thingy. I love my Jeep...but, after reading all of these seemingly same issues - I have to ask, why aren't there any recalls out there for this? Is it that the customer isn't that important after the sale? I would love to know whether anyone has had a final solution to the ticking noise or the squealing in the front axle area... feel free to e-mail me at warfrat04@comcast.net.

28th Feb 2008, 17:57

My 2003 Jeep GC just had the radiator fan issue. That's how I found this site.

It will not turn off anymore. Does anybody know how to fix it?

29th Feb 2008, 16:09

I actually just replaced the relay behind the head light and now my engine light is on? Does anybody know why and does this something have to do with replacing the relay for the radiator?