2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 inline 6 from North America


Valve cover, coil pack, front drive shaft joint.

General Comments:

I use to own a 93 Grand Cherokee, which I loved to death till a NJ state trooper hit it while it was parked and bam no more jeep. I wanted another Jeep, but school got in the way and now I have finally bought another one.

The power is decent for a 4.0 and the MPG is decent. I've been getting 19.5 MPG (10% city 90% highway).

The leather seats are nice and are heated. The driver and the passenger side seat brackets are cracked (common flaw).

It rides decent on the highway at 75 mph. Wind noise is on the lower side, which surprised me coming out of an Infiniti.

The radio is good (Infinity upgraded audio system) even though it has a blown rear door speaker.

I picked it up for a steal at $1500. They thought the motor was blown and it just needed a tune up and a coil pack. I call that a score in my book.

But overall these seem to be a decent used SUV on the market. Parts are cheap and are everywhere.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2016

11th May 2016, 19:20

164000. The front drive shaft CV joint starting making an awful noise, so I removed the front drive shaft till I can rebuild it or buy a new one.

19th Aug 2016, 15:59

170K, the steering box is starting to let go. I ordered a new one and I'm waiting to get it installed. The motor has a lifter tick now which is common in the 4.0. Other than that it's fine still.

2nd Nov 2016, 03:25

174500 update. I had to have the trans replaced. It lost a snap ring from somewhere from deep inside that would cause it in reverse to slip out of gear and it would sound like a garbage disposal when it would slip back in. So a newer used trans for $700 was installed.

18th Jan 2017, 16:36

183K update:

The new transmission that I put in is starting to lose reverse. It seems like the low bands in the trans are bad or a snap ring has broken again? :/ I've decided to run it till it goes, then just junk the Jeep for scrap money.

Jeep makes a good looking and running vehicle, but their trans are crap.

22nd Apr 2017, 03:04

Still going as of April of 2017. Transmission still shifts weird, but it keeps on trucking

10th Dec 2017, 02:33

186K Update, the Jeep has been sitting due to me getting another car. But since it was time for winter here in the northeast, I put it back on the road. The leak detection pump had a leak and for some reason it's not under the left headlight like most say, it's under the left rear bumper. I've rebuilt the front driveshaft CV joint. That's all for this update.

17th Feb 2019, 00:21

2018-19 Update:

In Sept of 2018 I sold it to my neighbor. It's still running great for him and has about 195K on it now. Besides the issues I had with it, it was a good Jeep for me. It had some rough spots, but any used car will. Overall I would probably own another Jeep, be it much newer though.

2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0L straight 6 from North America


I love it


Battery died, had to install a new one.

Radiator started leaking, had to install a new radiator.

Radiator fan relay went bad, had to install another relay.

General Comments:

This car handles great in the snow, and is excellent for off-road driving. It is very comfortable.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2011

2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo V6 from North America


Great design, but a lemon!!!


Purchased this vehicle used in 2006 for a good price.

A month later, the passenger window motor had gone out.

The following month, the driver window motor was gone.

Since then, I had the water pump replaced, transmission sensors done, thermostat changed, 2 radiators and the fan relay done.

Everything was under warranty until the radiator went out.

On 2 occasions the steering column was looked at by the dealer, because it sounded like a fog horn when you turn left. Guess what, 4 years later it's still the same thing...

It's a shame, because I really like the design of the vehicle, but what a lemon... about to trade it in, and will never buy another Jeep product again.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2011

17th Feb 2011, 02:05

Yep! I've had the same issues with mine. That fog horn noise comes and goes. I was constantly replacing the fan relay until I finally replaced the fan with an upgrade. The brake rotors warped so I replaced them with better after market ones.

Also the window regulators are always breaking!

I'm in too deep in repairs with this POS so I will keep it until the wheels fall off!