18th Mar 2008, 23:07

I just bought my 04 Jeep Cherokee Laredo with 61k miles 10 days ago. The Check Engine light was on during the test drive and the salesman assured me Service would fix it during the week. Been back twice, fix lasts 24 hours and light re-appears. After reading this site I want to go buy a 357 magnum for the car and then me. My buddy assured me the in-line 6 engine would last 200k miles, guess he never came to this site. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to experiencing all these problems over the next few years.

My other "check engine light" searches turned up disconnecting the battery to reset the CPU and extinguish the light. If it's a real problem the light will reappear, which explains what the "service" tech has been doing. I have a 30 day warranty, so you know where I will be tomorrow morning.

On a positive note, last time they gave me 2 free donuts...

24th Mar 2008, 15:22

I bought the 03 GC brand new. Warped rotors, both front power window regulators replaced ($300 out of warranty). Getting ready to replace the fan relay AGAIN. Luckily I put 2 and 2 together before taking it back to the shop. I have found the easy fix and will be trying that. Hood hydraulics, crappy original tires - scariest things in the world to drive on in the rain. I also had the A/C come out of the defrost vents. Turns out when the dealership "fixed" the relay the first time, they cut the hole under the headlamp and punctured the vacuum reservoir. I replaced the flippin' gas cap for $200 at the dealership when the check engine light came on. Which it is ALWAYS on. Biggest piece ever. I will never, never, never, buy a jeep ever again.

2nd Apr 2008, 10:23

03 Jeep Grand Cherokee,

Drivers side and Passager side windows broke. Overheating issues 3 times. This happens only when idling while sitting in traffic. The last time I was on I95 with 2 kids in the Car and I had the Flu. I will get this fixed and will be trading the Jeep in and will not purchase another one.

9th Apr 2008, 14:45

Wow. I also have a 2003 Jeep Laredo. My problems started immediately after I purchased it new in 2002.

-Steering wheel makes honking noise. The salesperson said that their would be a recall coming and it would be fixed for free... still no recall... still have honking noise.

-Window rubber edging pulled out of passenger side window, didn't notice at time of purchase, they fixed, but always sounds like the window is open.

-Broken hard plastic bumper in rear. Also, did not notice at time of purchase. I didn't realize I needed to inspect a brand new car for damages.

-Sunroof leaked within the first 6 months because it does not always close properly, water damage to interior roof upholstery.

-Burning smell from 11-2500 miles. Major problem with engine and Chrysler insisted that the dealership replace the entire engine block at 2500 miles.

-Air conditioner out shortly after. Needed new control panel.

-Brake pads worn down twice within one year and replaced by dealership. They forgot to tighten the calipers so had to go back to dealership.

-Tires, recently, were all cracked on the insides and dealership would not let me leave with the car because of safety risks, wouldn't pay for the rental.

-Car back in shop for crazy electrical issue. This morning jeep would not start but the lights would go off and on even after I took the key OUT OF THE IGNITION. It was like the car was possessed. Had it towed to a mechanic not the dealership.

There are more issues but I don't have my FILE of jeep PROBLEMS with me. I sent my JEEP PROBLEM FILE twice to Chrysler and got a letter months later stating that they apologized for not having a more favorable response for me. I had asked for my money back.

I insisted on have a jeep even though I was warned by friends and family that they were problem vehicles and now I will NEVER buy another jeep again, nor a Chrysler product.

30th Apr 2008, 20:41

Woa, you all have had some bad Jeeps. I must say mine has been great. I have a 2001 Limited 4x4 I purchased in 2004 at 55k miles. Had the dealership replaces all tires, flush all fluids, and new brakes upon purchase. Month later they replaced the starter free of charge because my Jeep would not start and the steering pump because it had a small leak.

Never had any problems at all until this past year at 120k miles currently. Of course any car at 120k miles will need work. Problems that just arose:

-Oil leak - family friend at an autobody said it is an oil valve, no biggie, like $85 to replace

-Passenger regulator broke $130 through a different guy

-In need of maintenance: tires, shocks, rotors turned, tune-up. Just had spark-plugs and fluids flushed again (50k maintenance)

-Hood hydraulics busted

-Driver heated seat never worked - but no complaints because I never had a car that did

-Vents do not dispense air equally - not sure what that means?

-Jeep never lost mpg - but at these miles I think a fuel filter change and sensors checked would be adequate

-Brakes did squeal, but when I had new front brakes, rotors, and bearings changed it went away.

Overall, I have been very pleased... and my Jeep went from MO to NY and back with no problems.

3rd May 2008, 18:55

I purchased a used 2003 Grand Cherokee in 2006 which had 65,000 miles on it. Here is what I have repaired and issues I still have.

-Dealer replaced the wiper motor for 390.00.

-Dealer replaced TPS for 125.00.

-Dealer replaced the valve cover gasket for 100.00.

-Still have an oil leak which appears to be a main seal (dealer denies).

Things I fixed.

-Replaced the rear axle bearings/seals due to leaks.

-Replaced the rear shocks.

-Replaced the hood and hatch shocks.

Other issues.

-Drivers side rear door will not lock.

-Ticking from motor when first starts.

-Emergency brake does not work.

With the oil leak, the dealer said "well, you purchased a used vehicle". A 4 year old vehicle??? I love Jeeps and wanted another one but am extremely hesitant!!! They put it on the lift and the dealership manager, "the big guy", claimed that the oil leak ran upwards not down. According to the theory of gravity, I believe that an oil leak would run down, not up the engine. After a few of my sarcastic comments in return, the mechanic looked at the "big guy" and had a hard time holding his composure without laughing. Long story short... The oil leak is still there and here is the kicker. PLEASE PLEASE READ BELOW AND IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS, PLEASE POST A RESPONSE AND I WILL BE VERY GRATEFUL!!!

***The Jeep keeps stalling. It stalled about 6-7 times on a trip of 4 hours. On the highway (higher RPM's) the transmission jerks back and forth following the stalling. I cannot rely on it in rush hour traffic here. A few times, it needed to sit for about 10-15 minutes before it would start back up. I have heard the IAC motor needs to be replaced??? Thanks for listening. Any Ideas?