9th Jul 2008, 13:20

I have an 03 Laredo purchased new and have had the following issues:

Brake pedal and steering wheel "shudders" when braking at highway speeds. Have had probably 2 new sets of rotors in 5 years.

Fan relay went, fan ran all day while wife was at work, came out to a dead battery. Cost about $300 to fix so I hope it doesn't go again.

Had the A/C control panel replaced, a year later A/C started blowing warm air again. I was afraid it was the dreaded (and expensive) "blend door" problem but it turned out to be the expansion valve.

Whenever I start driving away at say a stop light the engine makes this "rattling" sound. Kind of like a metal flap vibrating, is this the ticking sound everyone is talking about? It peters off after driving a few yards.

21st Jul 2008, 10:10

I bought a new 2004 - V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee Special Edition in May of 2003 and drove it to Florida in 2004. Went back to Florida in May of 2005 and the A/C quit working. Had three dealerships recharge system and put dye in to find leak. Each said it was not leaking. Had to do the same for 2006, 07, and 08. Transmission oil pan began leaking in 2005; took it back 2006, 07, 08 leak still not fixed. In 2008 had transmission housing replaced as they said case was cracked. After 2 months it was still leaking.. Transmission went out at 32000 miles; Chrysler replaced with re-manufactured transmission. Traded it last month for Toyota Forerunner. Will not own another Chrysler product either.

24th Jul 2008, 15:35

I have heard of all these issues, but I have fixed the ones I have had myself. Purchased vehicle 3 years ago with 60k, now at 80k miles. Jeep does A LOT of offroad and am surprised at how well it takes the abuse, though I treat the car very well... synthetic oil, K&N air & oil filter, and premium gas.

Radiator fan motor went out. 1 hour repair time (1 bolt is really hard to get to on fan shroud.

AC works but every once in a while the AC light will turn off and there is no air. If I turn off, wait 10 seconds and turn on it works fine.

One Tire pressure sensor went out.

3rd Aug 2008, 13:34

I guess I've been lucky.

I purchased mine new in Jan. 2004 and have been very satisfied. One regulator that I replaced myself at 70 k miles. (new $78.00)

Chrysler replaced the brakes at 55k on a recall. At the the same time they replaced the seat heaters on recall also. I have done most of the maintenance recommended myself. My tire were placed at 65k. It's a V8 and I get 14.5 in town and if I drive under 70 and don't have a heavy load I can get 22 on the open road. This is my 5th one and I' going to purchase my 6th one as I go into retirement.

I wouldn't have anything else.

6th Aug 2008, 21:50

I have a 2003 Grand Cherokee and have been very happy with it. I have been having problems with it recently though. First my car overheated. I lifted the hood and could hear the coolant literally boiling in the container. I towed it to a mechanic referred to me by a friend. He replaced the fan motor and relay switch. On the way home my check engine light came on. I returned it to him and he assured me that it was just a sensor and it won't cause any problems. Two days later when I was leaving work I noticed the Jeep was having transmission issues. It lacked power and the car would go to 3000 rpm then 1000 and vice verse. When I pulled over oil was leaking pretty heavily from the engine or transmission. I am not sure what the issue is. If it is the transmission I would think it would have given me problems gradually over time. I drove to work and the car ran perfectly. When I left it was like a whole different vehicle. Any suggestions or ideas?


10th Aug 2008, 11:28

I have a 2003 GC Limited which I bought new.

Brakes have been an issue on this vehicle for the duration. Finally the mfg issued some sort of warranty plan to reduce the burn of having to replace them constantly.

Compass/Info panel on the ceiling stopped updating the temp twice and had to be replaced (cost me nothing).

Ventilation system started blowing hot air out of half the vents when the A/C was on, and cold air out of half the vents when the heat was on. Dealership replaced some sort of 'mixer' box which cost a mint. A little over a year later the thing is doing it again. They pulled an error code indicating the same part as at fault. I will be putting the cash towards a new vehicle rather than repairing it again (which I shouldn't have to pay for in my mind), though the behavior has disappeared the last couple of weeks. I'm sure it will return on the next 90 degree day.

Had the 90,000 mile service work performed a couple days ago. Now the Check Engine light is on. First time I have ever seen it since I bought the car. Go figure.

Overall this has been a very reliable vehicle. It has always started, I have never been stranded anywhere, and I have put a lot of miles on it almost all of which have been buzzing around in Chicago traffic. Gas mileage sucks but I knew it would (who buys a 4WD SUV and expects it not to guzzle gas).

As it ages the problems, though still not catastrophic, are becoming more frequent and obviously more expensive since the warranty is gone now. Given the current energy 'crisis', the resale value on the thing has plummeted. I'd almost be better off donating it to a charity and getting a tax break than trying to trade it in.

Fun while it lasted. I will probably go german/japanese on the next one and move back into a car.

14th Aug 2008, 09:32

I have had all of the same problems I have read about. All fixed so far except the ac problem with the vents. Cheap fix: Show a long dowel that is rapped with electrical tape through the middle vents to push open the flapper door. Opens the vents. Not sure what I am going to do this winter with no floor heat though.

11th Sep 2008, 14:37

Well everyone it seems my Jeep hasn't been the only one to have some severe problems, fortunately I have a mechanic for a friend and 9/10's of theses are fixed, 2 problems to go, and then it's a brand new jeep save for the actual MECHANICS of the vehicle. Whatever moron decided it was a good idea to throw a computer module into a vehicle should have been shot on sight, and whatever idiot thought fuel injection could save gas mileage deserves worse.

Basically problems started like this, one day the drivers side front window rail shattered randomly. Fixed it for like 250.

4 tires needed replaced, factory tires at 35,000 miles, bought this vehicle used in 06.

Beautiful, now there is a ticking noise in the engine, but fortunately it's nothing that will destroy your vehicle, according to EVERY mechanic I've spoken to. It's a lifter sticking, nothing more, and a little w-d40 every couple thousand miles should stop it.

Next, every 02 sensor went out in sequence, 1, 2, then 3, as if fate intended to kill my gas mileage for about 6 months. Dealership didn't believe it was possible, but it was a freebie fix when they went out again a month later, for like 8 replacements. Finally went away from mopar parts and the parts they put on are working great now... warranted for the next 3 years. Thank god.

Next is the dreaded cooling fan motor relay on the radiator, located inside the bumper, underneath the passenger side headlight, out of sight, out of mind. Takes a days work and you either need to cut a hole or remove the entire bumper, beware, cutting the hole can puncture a vacuum line tied into the A/C, as well as cruise control.

Now, the throttle position control sensor goes out. Easy fix, 80$.

Next, there is still a vacuum leak... have yet to figure out where this one is, but I'm assuming this is why my vents won't stop blowing on DEFROST... Or the fact my cruise control is out. All sensors now working, getting 25 mpg at 60 mph, drives like a bat out of hell, and overall runs amazing. I figure if I get these next 2 problems fixed, throw in a cold air intake, this Jeep will last me for the next 100,000 miles without a single problem, considering at this point and almost 3,000 later, it is fully warranted. LMAO.

This is the Grand Cherokee Laredo, 4.0 L fully loaded except for the CD changer, and sunroof. It's been a fun SUV to run in, handles corners like a dream, drifts gravel like no other stock I've seen, and has taken one hell of a beating to only have these problems. Overall, if you really want to know the truth, it's a headache and nothing more. The vehicle is worth keeping, and trust me, you put as much TLC into your vehicle as I do, and you will understand why. My paint job shines like new, the leather smells like new, the tires even look new. Nothing in this black little beast has been treated with less than love and respect.

I hate Jeep for the fact it's not free to replace all this, but to be honest, if you have patience in your vehicle, and care for it enough, it'll finally prove itself worthy of the title Grand Cherokee.