11th Oct 2008, 10:32

This has to be the funniest thing I have read in a very long time. It was like reading the history of my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. As I too have had the following issues:

Fan Relay Switch - I purchased new one online, and had my mechanic install it. That is a major problem!!

Front wheel bearings - First the drivers side, and now the passengers side, that is how I found this site.

I can say I did get 55K miles from the original tires.

Oh and the check engine light - Just love that, I have changed the gas cap, which has helped. It still comes on once in a while, I get get codes 122 & 123.

The one thing I can tell you all is very well done on the Grand Cherokee is the rear bumper protection. I was rear ended while sitting at a red light, by an idiot going about 30-40 MPH in his Ford Escape. After he slammed into me, I got out screaming at the idiot, who had a really stupid look on his face, I looked at his Ford, the front end was gone, hood crumbled, leaking every fluid imaginable, then I looked at my Jeep, expecting bad things, and there was NOTHING!! I am not making this up at all, he must have hit square, the bumper cover was scratched, but it was scratched before, I checked the bumper cover spacing and it was fine. I thought I would share that.

14th Jan 2009, 22:49

Anyone else had power steering pump issues. Mine started acting up last month... had it replaced (not by the dealership)... and 3 weeks later, the power steering pump isn't working yet again. I was hoping to find some recall information on this... but no luck.

Overall, I've been happy with it...however, I have had the same AC problems mentioned here and had to replace both front window motors. We're at 99K right now.

22nd Jan 2009, 21:39

I hate to sound like a broken record but I too have a lemon 03 JGC (64000 miles now). Fan relay, starter relay (left stranded with a Jeep full of grocery in the summer), rotors warped, tires, ticking engine, noisy struts in cold weather, squealing/whining wheels, moody blinkers, and my new favorite I call NASCAR... I only have power steering to the left (try getting out of a parking spot with no power steering to the right) Regarding my NASCAR, I had Jeep dealer tell me it would be a $1000 to replace the "rack" and another mechanic tell me its the pump. Jeep dealer said it was not the pump because I still have power to the left. I have grown muscle and skills to handle the steering but the blinker issue is really trying my patience. I am tired of sticking my arms out the window. Any help regarding blinkers appreciated.

23rd Jan 2009, 23:54


Problems in chronological order starting 2008 summer.

1. TPS.

2. Rotors.

3. Line on radiator came loose.

4. Fuel pump.

5. Radiator fan stopped working.

7. Window regulator.

8. TPS.

9. Fuel pump.

10. Back lift gate won't latch.

11. Cruise control doesn't work.

12. Dash vent don't work.

13. Fuel pump.

14. Fuel gauge doesn't work as a result from the fuel pump.

15. CV joint.

16. Driver door hinge broke.

I have had the piece of CRAP vehicle for 1 1/5 years. I HATE JEEP!!!

3rd Feb 2009, 20:56

I purchased a 2003 Jeep Laredo 4 months ago with 53,000 miles, and so far the drivers side and passenger side window mechanisms have broke.

After the second window was fixed, the battery kept draining and they could not figure it out. Had the Jeep for 3 weeks and finally replaced the whole side door panel.

The ticking noise started after the first window, and every time I took it in, I told the mechanic to look into it. They first said it was a belt and sanded it, but the noise did not go away. Then they just couldn't hear it. Now they just ignore the request...

Next problem was the car lock opener would not work and the key would not turn to open the door. They had to break into the car. It is still in the shop for this one.

This is the first and last Jeep we will own.

13th Mar 2009, 09:33

I have a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, 100,000 miles, and it randomly stalls at stop lights, bank drive thru's, etc... (Now in the past, I would just accept the problem and keep going, but now with a baby, it's get it fixed or trade it in).

Took it in to dealer, looked at it, hooked it up... nothing is wrong they say. So, I did some research and I keep hearing about the PCM board and replacing or backing out the screws, has anyone tried this, and if so, does it work?

4th Apr 2009, 22:27

My wife bought a 2003 JGC new, and since then had same problems as it seems everyone else does.

First it was the rotors and brake pads.

The tires were bald after 33,000 miles.

Next was the whining noise up front when turning the steering wheel. A friend who works at a garage, said that it's the power steering, and the gear box was loose and needed replacing. I had those replaced for 500.

Now having problems with the steering and air conditioning. The car steers where it wants to any help??? I do not know what could be causing the problem. I had it aligned and they said everything is tight.

As for the A/C, the vent in the middle blows warm air and the others blow semicool air.

We only have 43,000 miles on this jeep. We had the 1000 dollar fix where they pulled the dash out and replaced a sensor, then they replaced something else, but still hasn't worked correctly. I just don't know why the dealership just don't recall this vehicle and fix our problems...

31st May 2009, 13:06

I have a 2003 JGC and I've experienced some of these problems, my passenger side window regulator broke (that plastic part). I ordered a replacement regulator for 72.00 and installed an upgrade on the regulator. Digital tuning has metal replacement pieces for these plastic pieces that brake.

I've just replaced the cooling fan relay today, do not replace these relays with the OEM part, you'll be replacing them again in a year. A friend who works for Jeep told me this bit of info, there are better relays out there.

So far I've been pretty happy with my Jeep, no real complaints.

7th Jun 2009, 20:02

Purchased a 2003 Jeep GC used back in 2006. Radiator fan wouldn't stop, ran out battery. Got that fixed. April 2008 radiator fan wouldn't work, car would overheat. Got that fixed, replacing entire fan and relay itself. All was fine up until now, same issue need to bring in again. Just over my 1 year warranty for the replacements. Looking to possibly trade in for a more reliable car.

9th Jul 2009, 17:07

Bought my GC new in 2003 and have had every single major problem others have experienced.

Just had the transmission replaced at 82,000.

Had the rotors replaced at 21,000.

Fan relay switch went out at 60,000.

Tires replaced at very early age.

Radio out at 32,000.

CD out at 70,000.

Returned to car in a parking lot to find my window fell into the car.

Never again for JEEP. No wonder Chrysler is out of business.