5th Aug 2009, 09:11

I bought my GC in 03 new.

First, the popping noise turning into parking places etc. Dealer said they couldn't hear it for like the first 5 times I took it in. They replaced the steering column. Didn't fix it. Finally after calling Detroit, they said it was the steering gearbox.

Passenger window regulator at 3,000 miles. Then the driver window.

Fan relay stuck in the off positon. Changed relay myself.

Of course those nasty tires. 2 sets only 70,000 miles. I finally got a new set of Michelins.

Now, it seems like the trans gets stuck in 2nd gear. Think I will try the TPS first.

The running joke is my Jeep looks great in the shop. I will NEVER buy another one. Much less a Chrysler product!

22nd Sep 2009, 14:18

Changed relay fan switch, all windows broke, over heating, changed relay fan switch again, fan stays on runs battery down.

Amazing no recalls on these parts, AC works when it wants to.

I talked to the service rep, seems there policy is not to talk for extra earned income purposes, I feel like some one thinks I am a extreme dumbass in the field of common sense.

Now here we are bailing out failure again at the expense of the people, insuring our future generations to go completely bankrupt at our expense again.

In the field of common since one would think by now a relay switch of the cooling system be available for people.

25th Feb 2010, 22:20

Please please let me know if anyone has gotten anywhere to talking to a dying company like Chrysler -- same f***in problems, same f****n story!!! Please post if any more recalls too - in the case that they might reimburse me for fan relays, sensors, regulators and everything else!!

FYI, in the process of waiting for my Jeep's fuel pump system to be fixed, yeah!!!

14th May 2010, 19:38

Bought my Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 2003, in Oct. 10 2002, new. I replaced all four tires at 16,000 miles, kept getting flats!! Replaced the relay fan switch 3 times, and it's still not working right. I now have 45,928 miles, on my engine and three gas caps later my engine light plays on and off every few months. I finally took it in to a reputable transmission shop to run a scan on it and found out that I need a complete electrical replacement, yes the complete works. The tranny, itself also shows warn parts that need replacing. As soon as all repairs are complete trade in takes place and no more Chrysler, for me. This is not my first or second Jeep, I have had a few.

Angelo Barlanti.

13th Jul 2010, 22:03

I bought a used GCL 2003 a year and half ago with 95k mileage. It was so nice in its moving and only require gas and oil change.

After a year of having it, the tail turn signal goes off. I fixed it, but it blinks faster than normal (the right one). I doubt about the plastic socket, so I ordered one and changed it and I replaced the hood holders (never works all the 1.5 years).

When I start the engine I see there is no air in the dashboard and the A/C on/off is not turning on. Later I see the turn signals are also not working while the hazard works fine!

I had the tik tik sound in my engine since I bought it. It sounds nice, you feel it's still alive. LOL!

5th Sep 2010, 22:29

Wow! Read all comments on the page and I am in total shock that everyone is complaining about the same exact things as I have also experienced with my Jeep 2003 Laredo. I was just wondering whether to keep it as all cars need fixes now and again, but after reading all this - I may just trade it in!

I bought it 4 years ago with 73,000.

1) All engine lights would come on and ABS light would stay on even though I didn't hit brakes. Had to bring in and change some electrical (modulator) part.

2) Rear seal leaking oil into my brakes. Expensive fix.

3) Window modulator passenger door window.

4) Front brakes and rotors and yes - still squeak and drive me crazy.

5) Fan relay.

6) Tires.

7) Heat not working. By reading this - blend door issue?

8) Ticking sound in engine when it is cold temperature and when the car warms up you don't hear it anymore.

9) The car is now not starting, had the battery checked twice and it is fine. Electrical issue? Short? When you take the key out, the gauges still bounce around for awhile as if possessed. What the...?

10) Engine light coming on and off.

I have always wanted a Jeep Grand Cherokee. What have I done? Thanks all for sharing. It helps to see what a piece this vehicle is.

14th Sep 2010, 11:47

Owner of a 2003 JGC Limited. With success of 2 prior Jeeps, this was a no-brainer to buy a 3rd. But now, it is a regret.

Problems: Crank & cam sensor, oil gauge malfunction, blower motor malfunction (due to melted wire attachment), no air or heat due to blend doors, passenger & driver front window regulator assemblies broke, weak and leaning rear passenger-side spring at 75k miles, engine light on and off, shimmy after 55 MPH even after alignment and balance. Four other minor issues.

It is very disheartening for a Jeep lover to experience such unwarranted and expensive problems. If a decision is ever made to buy a new JGC (after 2009), I will thoroughly investigate any problems. Actually, I may consider steering clear of Jeep all together.

30th Sep 2010, 11:20

WOW. All of these people, all of the same problems, and only a short list of recalls from Chrysler for this vehicle. Shame on you Chrysler! We don't make a lot of money, and now, again, we're having fan and relay problems. $500 from the mechanic to fix it!

Well Chrysler, after 'fixing' this same problem several times before, we now have to do it again, and there goes what little I had in the bank.

We've had:

Fan and relay problems repeatedly.

Window motor broke.

The exterior plastic discolors, looks spotty - the plastic trim on the back bumper is now GREEN?!?

Brakes squeal.

Driver seat (motorized) broke right after we bought it.

Headlights fogged over - the coating/glaze just turned white. Replacement headlights are expensive!

A/C problems - luckily, no blend door. However now we're getting condensation in the passenger compartment.

The center console lights flicker, like there is a loose wire somewhere - no dealers could find the problem.

Tires were shot at 30,000.

Window seals are terrible - dealer wouldn't replace them, said wind noise was "normal" - whatever! Really? Does your car make that noise? Idiots.

This Jeep has been in and out of the dealership since we've had it. There is always something wrong. We bought the extended warranty when we got the thing, thank goodness, but half of the problems they wouldn't or couldn't fix anyway. We once went three weeks straight going back and forth to the dealer due to engine lights - we would drop it off and they 'couldn't duplicate' the problem, so told me to pick it up. I got in the Jeep and started it, and the light came on, so I yelled at them to come look at it. "Oh, there it is". And guess what, they still couldn't find the problem!

No more Jeep, no more Chrysler, no more Ancira Jeep in San Antonio.