15th Oct 2007, 22:57

37,000 mile update.

Still no problems with truck. It is a new machine with the Good year silent armor tires. Sticks to slick roads like glue. Goes through deep snow like a Jeep should. Wish I would have gotten rid of the factory tires the first winter.

Discs and pads still OK at last inspection. Only flaw I should mention it requires a fair amount of expensive scheduled maintenance. I'm glad I do my own so only have to pay for fluids etc. I have the full time 4wd so the tranfer case fluid / diff fluids run $15+ a quart. Plugs were changed as scheduled and did show a fair amount of wear for the low mileage (My last vehicle a GMC Jimmy the plugs still looked good at 100,000 miles).

Over all still very satisfied with truck.

5th Oct 2009, 19:40

55000 (+ 14000 towed behind motorhome with active braking system) mile update.

Still satisfied with the Jeep. Just replaced the front brakes. Totally satisfied with service life. Just developed a problem with drivers door power locks. Does not work with remote or inside switch most of the time. Haven't had time to check it out / get it checked out yet.

19th Aug 2010, 13:10

My father bought a blue 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo brand new, and in all the years since, it has held up remarkably well. The cloth seats are rather rough, and fit and finish certainly could have been better, but all in all, it is remarkably well built.

25th Jun 2011, 12:44

Update. The Jeep now has 74000+ miles, with about 25000 additional towed behind a motor home.

Since the last update, the rear brakes had to be replaced. Wear was still within limits, but corrosion was pretty bad (Upper Michigan winter salt).

Front and rear lower U-joints had to be replaced. Rear was real bad, clunk and vibration. Front was just a little rough. I have had a real fear factor due to the numerous negative comments about them.

Have done all the scheduled maintenance, severe use schedule. It has been treated well, but not gently. It has done quite a bit of light towing, mostly under 4000 pounds, and been towed quite a bit as a motor home dingy.

Overall I'm still quite satisfied. It does take quite a bit of rather expensive regular service. From spark plug every 30000 miles, and frequent changes of transmission and transfer case and differential. My previous 1995 GMC Jimmy required almost nothing but engine oil changes for the same miles. Again, overall quite satisfied, though still quite apprehensive due to numerous negative comments on the series.

1st Dec 2011, 19:25

Final update for this Jeep, 77000 miles plus approx. 35000 towed behind a motor home.

Liked it so much I found another low mileage, rust free one, and bought it. Now I've got a relatively "new" 2004 with 27000 miles. A little undercoating treatment, and hopefully I'll have quite a few years of trouble free use.

24th Mar 2012, 22:18

Thanks for the updates! The only review I have seen on here with updates. Most people that write bad reviews are complaining about petty things, which give the vehicle a bad rep. Happy Jeeping!

7th May 2017, 02:09

Update. The Jeep that replaced this one was a 2004 Limited. Loved it, drove it 89K. 20K towed behind a motorhome. Only problem was a ground wire between the driver's door and body. Liked it so much, I found another low mileage, no rust Overland. Good for another 5-6 years. Our 3rd 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee.