2nd May 2003, 13:18

I have the same problem with a Jeep 2003 Jeep Liberty - vibration at 50-55. They have replaced the drive shafts, but the problem still persists. Can anyone tell me what steps I could take next ?

Thanks, Tom


22nd Aug 2003, 14:30

Warning!!! Jeep Liberty front ball joint failure!!!

This will cause total loss of control at high speed, and an abrubt stop at low speed. It is a very serious problem that Jeep is going to keep quiet!!

28th Sep 2003, 10:07

Interested in hearing more from Aug 22,2003 on ball joint problems. This happened to a friend while she was driving on the Highway.

Toronto, Canada.

4th Jan 2004, 15:35

I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty 4x4 Sport and have a vibration between 50-60mph, and then it starts from 70 to around 85. The Jeep Dealer in Florida checked the balance on the tires which were perfect and replaced the rear drive-line. There is no noise in the rear-end, so that leaves one of two places: Transmission or Transfer Case. It was my lucky day when I went into that Dealership, because they had found the identical vibrations at the same speeds on a brand new 2004 Liberty. Also I had 35,600 miles on it and got it logged in before the 3/36 warranty expired. I have confidence in Jeep! Other than the vibration, what a fun vehicle to drive, but the gas mileage stinks...lol.

5th Jan 2004, 09:42

Cool your jets dude. D.C. has already announced they are recalling all of the 2002 Liberty's a 2003 Liberty's that we're made up until late April of '03. All of the '02s are getting a new lower ball joint and heat shield, some of the '03s are getting an inspection of the lower ball joint and a new heat shield, and the rest of the '03s under recall are getting an inspection to see if any of the 2 need to be replaced. They HAVE NOT recalled it yet, but they have announced that they ARE GOING TO recall them. There is also a rumor going around of a possible recall on the brakes from a loud moaning sound that people are complaining about. I have the brake noise on my liberty, but it only seems to be on muggy summer mornings. Fortunately, I am not under the lower ball joint recall, but I have some good friends who work at my dealership and I'll get one of them to check it out for me.

9th Jul 2004, 19:24

I received my 2003 Jeep Liberty Ltd. from the dealership today after leaving it with them for two days to correct a problem I have experienced twice. On the second occasion when the engine was hot it would hesitate when accelerating from a stop light almost seeming to stall. When making a left hand turn, I had to shift to neutral, gun the engine to complete the turn. After two days at the dealership with diagnostic and road testing no problem was found. Has anyone else experienced engine hesitation with lack of power when accelerating from a dead stop? I have only 12,400 miles on the vehicle. Otherwise I have been pleased. jrhjbz@earthlink.net Albuquerque, New Mexico.

6th Jun 2011, 08:08

Did this problem ever get resolved?