28th Jan 2004, 19:57

They didn't mention anything about a battery heat problem. And I my self have never herd of that sort of thing in the Libertys. I wrote the first comment on this review.

8th Feb 2004, 13:04

I also own a jeep liberty 04 limited. Had the same problem with pulling to the right. After three times in there shop, they checked out everything and found the uni frame to be misaligned, fron the factory. Chrysler is going to replace the vehicle. We drove several other new ones, two out of four had the same problem. Two were great. Good luck.

29th Feb 2004, 20:58

Wow my 02 liberty pulls to the right also... Is this a major design flaw??? I think I'll take it to the dealer and see what they say...

18th Mar 2004, 19:34

No, it is not a major design flaw. I am the writer of the 1sr comment, and if you read it I said, "There is a recall that is going out on the 02-03 Liberty's for Lower Ball Joint replacement." Infact, this recall is now out and Chrysler is contacting those affected by this problem.

13th Apr 2004, 18:26

Interesting...I have a 2003 Liberty and while I notice a slight pull to the right, I have never made a deal out of it... but I have not been contacted on a recall yet, although I continue to get recall notices for my 2001 Grand Cherokee I traded in!

17th Apr 2004, 07:23

My fault, I should have been more specific with the actual Liberty's affected. It's all the 02's and the 03's that were made up until March I believe. I can't remember the month off the top of my head. All the 02's will get a new heat shield (the problem) and an inspection to see if a new ball joint is necessary. The 03's will get an inspection to see if either of the 2 need replacing. Hope this helps.

If you need more info on it, go to yahoo.com and type in Jeep Liberty Recall in the search engine. Its one of the first few links.

Mine will pull to the right sometimes also, but I am convinced it is the road and not the ball joint, because it only does this on occasion. Mine was made in May (according to the label on the side of my door).

There is also a rumor of a recall going out about the brake squealing for those of you (including myself) who have this annoyance. Not much of a problem, just annoying.

There is a nice discussion between comments on another Liberty review on this site. It's under one of the people who said they'd never buy a Jeep again because of some lame reason (gas mileage or something like that).

17th Aug 2004, 13:17

Thought I would pass along this gem of a web site. It is called L.O.S.T. (Liberty Owners Special Team). It is a website specific to Liberty's and you can find a lot of great information from the various people that are members of it. The address is:


If you haven't checked it out... please do. You won't be sorry!

28th Aug 2004, 15:09

I also have a 2004 Jeep Liberty. I have only driven it on the highway a few times. I thought it was just a very windy day! Glad to know other people also felt the Jeep pulling to one side.

2nd Nov 2004, 09:48

I have an '02 Liberty Sport, and since I can remember it has pulled to the right. I thought it was my aggressive driving always pulling it out of alignment so I joined the Firestone lifetime alignment program (one time payment, about $70). I am going for my recall service this week so I will see if it makes a difference!!

Also my check engine light just came on yesterday, I think it the emissions. Any comments on that?? But overall it has been a great car.

5th Nov 2004, 10:08

I have a problem with the check engine light coming on. Anyone else? This is the second time in three months that I've had to have hoses replaced. It's a 2002 Liberty Sport. I think this is excessive.

17th Dec 2004, 12:57

It seems that in North America while your vehicles are pulling to the right, down here in Australia mine was pulling to the left!

If you let go of the steering wheel it is normal for a vehicle to want to pull into the kerb given the camber of the road. My Jeep (still called a Cherokee here and not Liberty) was probably doing it a bit much and it was getting annoying so I brought it back to the dealer. They corrected it no problem. However the first person I spoke to attempted to tell me that wheel alignment issues were not covered. A call to the Chrysler state manager here in Sydney sorted out that small irritation.

Dealer problems must be universal...

31st Jan 2005, 18:09

I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty and two weeks ago when the temperature was 10 degrees with a wind chill of minus 20 degrees. After driving through snow and then parking the vehicle for several hours, I used it again and only to find out that the brakes were frozen and would not apply.

I found out after hitting the garage. Dealer put vehicle in garage and after an hour of warming up, the brakes worked.

Any one have a problem with brakes freezing?

24th Mar 2006, 20:39

My 2004 Jeep Liberty had weird stirring too, then the passenger side ball joint broke, then 5 days later the drivers side ball joint broke. I think some of the bad ball joints from the 2002's and 2003's may have spilled over into some of the 2004's. Luckily I wasn't going very fast!! Be careful!!!

18th Apr 2006, 22:02

I own a 2004 Jeep Liberty. A month ago, (March 15th) with 37,800 miles on the car, the left front lower ball joint broke as I was backing out of a space at about one mile per hour. The dealer refused to replace under warranty. They said the car was only covered bumper-to-bumper for 36,000 miles. Imagine if the ball joint broke minutes earlier when I was traveling at 55 miles per hour?

I came to find out one day, and $600, later that Chrysler has recalled 336,000 2002, and 2003 Liberties for the very same problem. As of April 10th some thirty three 2004 Liberties had been reported to the Nation Highway Safety Administration with the same complaint. I was told that the average mileage at the time of breakage was about 44,000 miles. I must say here that I've owned exactly 40 cars in 50 years, having bought my first at sixteen, and never experienced even one broken-off ball joint!

Given the fact that a lower ball joint break means total loss of steering and control, placing lives in serious jeopardy, when is Chrysler going to do for the 2004 Liberty owners what they did for the 2002's and 2003's? How many of us must be seriously injured or killed before they own up to their responsibility under the laws of product liability?

26th Apr 2006, 15:18

Just had the right front ball joint on my wife's Liberty snap. Luckily it was in the driveway. 44,000 miles on it, never off roaded. She drives 40 highway miles to work one way each day. What is going on???