11th Dec 2009, 07:50

I have an 04 CRD Liberty and service the car myself. I've owned the car for just over a year. After hearing what I thought was too much noise on setting off on a tight turn (t-junctions), I checked and found the rear diff was dry. I have also witnessed the interior lights coming on by themselves, and assume this is the likely cause of a battery drain - from full charge I get maybe a months use before the Optima red top battery is too low on power to start the car.

14th Jan 2010, 16:32

I have a 2007 Liberty that pulls a little to the right, but does not do it all the time. Had the front end aligned and it is better, but still does it on uneven pavement. The tires I replaced were eaten up due to the alignment, but I have 3000 on the new ones with little or no signs of wear. Otherwise it is not a bad little vehicle. Maybe Chrysler worked out most of the bugs by 2007.

10th Feb 2010, 10:28

2004 Jeep Liberty.

Wow, after reading all of these comments, it makes me scared to drive my Liberty. I am the original owner and it will be 6 years old this weekend. I have had the problem of it pulling to the right ever since brand new. When the lower ball joints were changed (recall notice), this reduced the pull quite significantly.

The only issue I have had with my Jeep is that the batteries don't last, I get 2 1/2 years out of a Mopar battery, my second one just died today with only 130,000 km on the Jeep, I will no longer buy Mopar batteries.

I get regular oil changes and tire rotations, plus general upkeep and my Jeep has been great, but now thinking of buying something else, but not another Jeep.

17th Mar 2010, 21:36

I own a 2004 Liberty, and after reading these comments, I now know that they all curve to the right; I thought it was just the way I drive or the aerodynamics. I also had a problem when my steering wheel locked on me, and also my brakes, and hit a hard curve, which blew out my tire.

Oh, I also only have 54 thousand miles on it. It's now becoming a problem, I'm thinking of replacing it, because I also went to the dealership like a few months before this, and they diagnosed my car and everything, and said everything was OK.. Yeah right!!

6th Jun 2010, 23:22

2004 Jeep Liberty Renegade.

People, unless the car is REALLY pulling to the right, I suggest that it may just be the design of the road. Most, if not all paved roads in North America are engineered to allow water drainage to the right curbside where the sewer drains are. The only real way to check alignment is either from a specialist shop or drive down the middle of a freshly paved road. Some car manufacturers actually offset their alignment to compensate for this. That's why you may not notice it in some autos.

BTW, Had balljoint recall done - No problems.

Have replaced brake pads front and rear at about 50,000Kms.

Differential fluid was replaced after I noticed a vibration from the rear end while doing sharp turns. Fixed problem!

Had to replace the heater blower resistor after the fan only blew on high(4) setting.

And finally, replaced the garbage Goodyear wrangler tires for general grabbers. HUGE difference in handling, noise and most of all - grip in wet weather!

12th Dec 2010, 11:30

Hi.. I also have 2004 Jeep Liberty.. I have 199000 km on it. It has been really good, but.. recently it started making noise only from the front diff. when shifted into 4x4.. it's an awful loud noise, but I will take it in for inspection.. why is it making this awful noise when it's in 4x4? Will keep you updated.. see what happens.

8th Oct 2011, 19:16

You should rotate the tires on your car every 6000 miles, regardless of what model vehicle it is. So I guess you won't be buying any cars, huh?

30th Dec 2011, 12:53

I had the same problem, and it was the short drive shaft that allows the 4 wheel drive. If you look directly under the car's left side, you will see the drive shaft facing front to back; easy change, but around a $900 to buy.

19th Jan 2015, 20:00

What ended up being the problem? The brakes are locking up on my 04 Liberty too.

19th May 2015, 03:29

My 2004 Jeep Liberty does the same thing, wondering what it is myself. RPM drops when going uphill. Also makes a clunking sound in rear end when I start to come to a stop, but then keep going??