4th Aug 2009, 14:48

The ABS/ESP/BAS light malfunction is NOT a light malfunction, it is an ABS/ESP malfunction. I have a 2006 CRD with ~42,000 miles, and the problem started a few days ago, and worsened to the point of failure yesterday. The trouble lights would illuminate for no apparent reason, stay on for a while, then go off. The warning lights were -not- on at the time of this incident: I was traveling ~45 mph approaching a red light. I applied the brakes, and the ABS activated and the warning lights came on. The ABS modulated the brakes unevenly from side to side, causing me to lose control of the vehicle. Luckily it was a short distance and I didn't hit anything. Had it occurred on the highway during rush hour, there would have been a major accident. I had to remove the ABS pump fuse to make it drivable again.

I have filed complaint 10279334 here: http://www.safercar.gov/Vehicle+Owners/

This is a very serious safety issue, and you should consider it as such.

I have also had improperly grounded tail/reverse lights (very dim lights), rear u-joint failure, front pinion seal failure, left front window switch/regulator/motor failure, and worm out lower ball joints currently causing a shimmy, excessive tire wear, and steering wheel vibration.

12th Sep 2009, 13:25

I have a 2006 Jeep Liberty that I bought used in 2008 with 18000 mile on it. It now has 60000 miles and I have had no problems. I guess that I am the lucky one. This has been a very fun and reliable vehicle for my wife.

I installed a 2.5 inch lift and larger mud tires on it before 20000 miles. This is a great small 4x4 SUV. It is great in mud and trails. On my property in West Texas this little Jeep was able to crawl over all sorts of rocks and other obstacles. To be fair this is not a Wrangle or hard core 4x4 but it is a great daily driver that is able to get us anywhere we need to go. I use the 4wd often and have no complaints.

I change the oil every 10000 miles with royal purple oil. That is the extent of all the service that this Jeep has needed. No window problems no ABS traction control problems. I am sure that others are experiencing these problems but I think that they are the minority and not the majority. This has been a great vehicle. The gas mileage is not great but it is a lifted 4wd Jeep what do you expect. I would buy another and recommend this vehicle to anyone.

25th Dec 2009, 02:29

I have 2006 Liberty Renegade with 45000 miles. I bought it new. It has the same brake problems. It scared my wife. She was on the interstate and she was stopping for a red light when the ABS, ESP, brake, and check engine lights came on and the brake pedal pulsed and barely got stopped without hitting someone. I pulled the fuse so we can drive it, but have no speedometer. If this is a widespread part defect, they need to have a recall before someone gets killed.

2nd Feb 2010, 06:42

I also have a 2006 Jeep Liberty that I bought with 29000 miles on it. One day about 5,000 later I took it and sprayed it down at a car wash, and the ESP/TCS, ABS, and BAS warning lights all came on. I took it in and the replaced the left speed sensor. I took it home and a week later the lights all came back on. Took it back in, they replaced the ABS module. A week later all the lights came on, and every once in a while, the ABS brakes would come on. I haven't been able to get it back into shop. I am just worried I take it in and the next shop is going to do the same, and I get charged up the ass and it still have the same problem.

9th Feb 2010, 12:24

I have a 2006 Liberty sport 2WD. Bought it with 19K miles and now has 32K.

The warning lights kept coming on, and the dealer said the Body Control Module was bad to the tune of close to $400 installed. Appealed to Chrysler. No help.

We are on our second Town & Country and my second Jeep. Previously owned a small car lot and sold 2-3 Cherokees a week. Chrysler's attitude was that it was out of warranty PERIOD, even though there was a campaign to have this module re programed. Looks like my next and all future purchases will be Honda or Nissan, not the government owned Chrysler.

24th Feb 2010, 18:06

Five times the window regulator has gone out on my 2006 Jeep Liberty. Now, I have researched this, and there are thousands upon thousands of complaints about this online. I have submitted this issue to the NHTSA. Many more people need to do this in order for Chrysler to step up and take ownership of their poor craftsmanship. If you are thinking of buying their product, I beg you to research it thoroughly, via many web-sites and by speaking to many friends. I have compiled a list of sites that have complaints about the Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge family. I hope you avail yourselves of these sites so you can be fully informed of how the consumers are being treated by the company that we support by buying their product.














18th Jul 2010, 15:25

I had to replace the head gasket @ 95000 on my 2006 Jeep Liberty. The brakes are more of an expense than normal, and if it is wet and I brake, the pedal goes to the floor. The blower for AC/heater only works on level 1 and 4. The car is so small that there is no space to transport anything large. I just hate to look at it and drive it, it was my most expensive mistake, but it's paid off. I only drive it to the train station, and rely on my Japanese import for my major transportation needs. Please heed this advice, do not purchase a Jeep.

23rd Feb 2011, 19:43

I bought my 2006 Jeep Liberty in June of 2010. Just regular maintenance. Except that there are 2 catalytic converters, WHY?

That is not the issue. I too have The ESP/BAS light issue, my mechanic has not charged me a dime, and he can't figure out what is wrong.

BAS module someone recommended, the other was a left wheel sensor. Will try the sensor first, that is the cheapest, 13.00 for the sensor.

This is the 3rd Jeep I have owned, still have the other 1996 Cherokee, a dream compared to this monster money eater 2006 Liberty, so far the worst car I have owned. Will seriously consider trading it in and take a loss.

Thank you all for great suggestions and comments.

10th Oct 2012, 12:41

I have a 2006 Jeep Liberty Renegade. My tail lights had went out, so to remedy this I changed most fuses and installed a new brake relay switch. After doing so, I started driving down the road, and for the first time the ESP BAS light came on. Not sure what has caused this, since I only replaced old fuses with new fuses, and a new brake relay switch right out of the box. I guess I'll try again later... LOL.

4th Mar 2015, 03:33

Is this the 2.8 diesel? I heard there are problems with the torque converters. Yours may be starting in lockup.