2006 Jeep Liberty sport 3.7L from North America


Great looks and poor mileage


My AC stopped working at 11000 miles.

A recall from jeep for some motor. But fixed with 0$ out of pocket.

General Comments:

This SUV is great in lOOks and ride is good as well.

But the mileage is too bad. I get only 15MPG.

The power window switches placed in center console, which I didn't like.

AC blower makes too much sound. I bought a honda accord LX as second car and it gives cool air at the first step and is very, very silent.

The floor should also be modified. It is not flat like in the new generation SUV's. Too many bumpy designs around the center.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2007

25th Feb 2009, 09:40

Uh, it's a Jeep, its supposed to have bad gas mileage, what did you expect? Also, again, it's a Jeep, try taking one of those Lexus' off-road, you know, the ones with the flat floor!!!

1st Mar 2009, 09:20

Any vehicle with a front engine/rear drive configuration is going to have humps through the center, and not a flat floor. Those flat-floor SUVs you are talking about are probably all front/front CUVs.

2006 Jeep Liberty Limited CRD 2.8 Common Rail diesel from North America


Decent value compact 4WD, great engine


Nothing to date.

General Comments:

I bought the diesel Liberty because I wanted a 4WD. I like the styling of the 2006 Liberty (no, I know it's not a Wrangler or CJ for those who don't like KJ's ;-) and my Fiance loves it too. So I get a neat little 4WD that will suffice for 95% of my off-road needs unless I take up rock-crawling for a hobby.

I am getting pretty decent mileage with the diesel, 20-21mpg (11.5-12 l/100km) around town, 25 mpg (9.4 l/100km) on the interstate at about 75mph. I figure that's pretty good for a 4000lb SUV with not-the-best aerodynamics, and seems a lot better than the 3.7 gas. I haven't towed with it yet or gone seriously off-road yet, so will update this review once I get some more experience with it.

The seats are a bit hard, but overall OK (seats 5 normal sized folk OK - 4 comfortably), not as comfortable as my Mustang GT was, but then again the Mustang was not really set up to go off-road or tow my boat... suspension is a bit stiff, but it is a Jeep 4WD, not a car-based SUV.

It has plenty of torque with the diesel, which is a great engine, and keeps up just fine with traffic, accelerating at a decent rate. With diesel running around $2.80/gal right now and gas at about $3.15/gal that is an extra bonus as far as running cost.

It's fun to drive, has a great turning circle making it quite maneuverable in parking lots. Also has good visibility and handles well for what it is, a compact 4WD. Jumps curbs well too!

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Review Date: 30th May, 2007

13th Oct 2009, 15:40

Original reviewer here, now with 50,000 miles on the Jeep.

Mileage has improved as the engine got broken in - I get about about 25mpg on the freeway at 75-80 mph. Running about 60-65 gets 22mpg, which is interesting.

Driver's side passenger rear window failed and fell down like in other reviews, fixed under warranty.

The engine is very torquey, on and off road - no complaints there, but the engine had a problem with fuel in diesel - I didn't replace the separator soon enough.

Had to have rear rotors turned at 46K.

Seat material is terrible for water stains, my 15 year old Civic seats with goodness knows what spilled on them look better, not impressed with that.

Looking back, I think I would have rather looked for an older Toyota Land Cruiser instead of this vehicle. Live and learn.

2006 Jeep Liberty 4x4 Sport 3.7 from North America


Hey, it's a Jeep!


None. Perfect!

General Comments:

The perfect example of excellent craftsmanship. The dealer also made sure this Liberty was perfect in every detail.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2007

29th Feb 2008, 20:37

Well, still driving this Liberty. Now have 19,000 miles and the Liberty still feels solid. Gas mileage has actually increased. Had an ice storm recently here in Maryland and only needed the 4-wheel drive once. Jeep only had one recall for this vehicle-fan blower motor. Original tires are wearing perfect. The finish still looks and feels like new. I make sure the oil is changed every 3,000 miles with Mobil 1. The tire get rotated and balanced with the oil change. Vehicle is washed 2-3 times a week and waxed each month. It's a shame Jeep went ahead and changed this style and look for 2008. I'm keeping mine.