2006 Jeep Liberty sport 3.7 from North America


Perfect for the north!


Nothing so far!

General Comments:

The car has good power (210 hp) and has an overdrive button (to turn it on and off) for passing etc.

The car has awesome handling, and the traction control is really good. I regularly drive the northern hwy 97 in BC from one end to the other in the worst conditions, plows and other vehicles are in the ditch, but not the Jeep! I am super happy with it.

The four wheel drive works very well as expected of a Jeep.

The vehicle is a very good size for the city as well, when I go to Vancouver, I have no trouble parallel parking this vehicle anywhere. The visibility is awesome as well and helps for this.

The turning radius is excellent and the vehicle handles surprisingly well, you wouldn't' think it was an SUV at times.

Gas mileage I am getting is 22 mpg highway and unknown for city as I drive the highway all the time... Pretty good!

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Review Date: 17th February, 2007

11th May 2008, 10:41

Update on above review 2008-05-11:

35 000 kms now...

What's gone wrong:

Rear power window stopped working- fixed under warranty

Child locks engage sometimes for no reason- easy to unengage


I now do all city driving as compared to before when it was all hwy.

My fuel economy is very poor. I get 6.42 km/L which works out to be 15 MPG...

Other sites report that the Jeep is supposed to get 21 MPG city... wow.

As gas prices continue to rise this is a concern for me. Although I still like my jeep for pretty much everything else, I really don't know if I can keep it. It's for sure broken in so no one can use that argument for the poor gas mileage. I eventually will have to get rid of it because of this.

9th Sep 2008, 13:24

Thanks for the update, it's good to hear reviews from the original owner over a period of time, rather than a review from someone driving a vehicle for a test drive and then commenting.

I agree with your comment that the gas mileage is bad. With gas prices hitting $1.40/L, its not too long before the gas savings of a more economical vehicle pays for its lease.

24th Jan 2010, 17:01

Yeah for sure - you are right about the savings to be had for gas mileage. I don't think owning a gas hog today is feasible for your average person these days. I'm also worried about the window regulators, which apparently are a problem for the 06-07 years, and are the reason my back window stopped working.

Changing the spark plugs the other day on my Liberty. I saw some items in the engine bay that were well thought out, and some things like the radiator hose tabs that are such an afterthought. This could have been a really good vehicle!!!

2006 Jeep Liberty Sport Special Edition 4x4 3.7 liter V6 engine from North America


Excellent vehicle, would buy another!


I have had nothing wrong with this car. It has been a wonderful experiencing owning this vehicle. I love it!

General Comments:

Lots of room, great handling, comfortable, attractive, safe.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2006