2006 Jeep Liberty Renegade 3.7L from North America


I like it but am beginning to wonder if it's going to be a constant nuisance from here on out


The Liberty seems to have problems with window motors/regulators. We bought this car new in Jan 2007 as a end-of-year 2006 model. The first year we had it the driver's window began to stick and we had to take it in. Dealership said the window motor was going bad and replaced it under warranty.

This year (and this week (September) ) I just had the rear, driver's side, window regulator replaced under warranty. The window went down and stayed. You could hear the motor running and gears turning when you held the button down but no movement.

General Comments:

What's weird is I asked the mechanic at the dealership if they see many window problems with the Liberty. He said "Oh yeah, we'll probably replace all four of your regulators/motors before it's done!

If they know there is a design flaw or faulty parts and are replacing them this frequently, then why doesn't Jeep fix it on the line before they go out! Every trip to and from the dealership costs me an hour of missed work and the time and money adds up even if the work is actually covered by warranty.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2008

7th Nov 2008, 10:16

I hate to say this but I am on my 5th window regulator in my 2006 Jeep Liberty. There is clearly a defect since the regulators seemingly cannot last more than a year. My local dealer agrees that there is an issue all the way up to the point of when I ask them not to charge me. The parts they are installing today are the same part number, material and design of the failed parts so I think this will be a long road to ride until I am rid of the Jeep.

2006 Jeep Liberty Sport V6 from North America


BAD buy!


Major rear brake issues.

Slipping transmission.

Excessive front tire wear.

General Comments:

This car rides like a lifted truck. It has horrible gas mileage, and on top of it all it seem to be having many reoccurring problems.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2008

6th Sep 2008, 07:30

Your Liberty is a highly capable off-road vehicle.

It is not going to get the fuel economy of a Civic, nor will it have the ride quality of a Lexus.

Why would you buy a Jeep 4x4 if you were expecting high mpg's& a boulevard ride?

7th Sep 2008, 20:29

Buyers need to research vehicles before buying.

A Jeep is a nice vehicle when you use it for the purpose it was intended to be used for. Sounds like the buyer here expected something that a Jeep is not.

Yes perhaps a Camry would've been a better vehicle for you.

5th Oct 2009, 11:05

I have had nothing but trouble with my Liberty... it has turned me off of the Jeep brand forever.

Had it for two years.

Electric windows failed on two doors.

The number 2 setting on the heater broke - thought it was just a fuse, but cost over $300 to fix something wrong with the electrical system.

Two weeks ago, the dome light came on and won't turn off.

After that, one of the doors failed to lock automatically (from the key), and the next day another door stopped working.

Have had to have it tuned twice.

Recently it wants to cut out around 1200 RPM. And to top it off, the dealer I purchased it from has NEVER done the job 100% - always added something on to the bill or failed to have it ready on time.

For that matter - the window that was supposedly fixed, but failed to work less than a month after they said they fixed it - it costs a LOT for any little thing that goes wrong with it.

7th Mar 2010, 16:49

I would like to here more comments about the slipping transmission. I bought a 2006, and between 45-55 I get a bad vibration, like it's maybe coming from the trans. Anybody else? What was it, and what did it cost to fix?

21st Apr 2010, 12:30

Could be a rear drive shaft u-joint. Also it's better to check the rear axles oil level and a seal.