21st Jan 2009, 15:17

It is ridiculous to even be comparing these 2 manufacturers - they are at opposite ends of the car manufacturing spectrum.

21st Jan 2009, 15:35

"don't obscure fact with brand prejudice as no-one really cares what anyone else thinks"

UK car buyers are some of the most brand sensitive in the world.

26th Jan 2009, 16:17

I'm afraid it will pretty much always be the case that BMW drivers will look at the Kia badge and laugh.

I think you will find it is people's opinions about manufacturers and their models that subsequently results in sales.

Hyundai/Kia represent lowest common denominator motoring; for some people this may be fine.

I would rather go for a manufacturer and model that has some desirability and style. Judging by how few Kia Ceeds/Cerato's there are on the road, it would seem other members of the UK public are thinking in a similar way.

Enjoy your Kia, but don't be under any illusions as to where it stands in the scheme of things.

27th Jan 2009, 13:02

A fair comment - about BMW drivers... The Cerato was still old Kia, but there are loads of Cee'ds on the roads.

I understand that Hyundai-Kia are not a premium brand and are not for the same buyers as the image conscious BMW brand.

With reference to being aware where Cee'd is in the scheme of things; it is not the poor relation too many mainstream cars any more, it is a good car in itself when fairly judged - and I would choose a Kia or Hyundai over a similarly priced Renault, Citroen, Fiat, Suzuki and so on after having compared spec, residuals and warranty.

Just like the Fabia made Skoda a respectable brand, the Cee'd is raising the bar for budget cars - only £9ish-k for a medium sized five door car with 7 year warranty, nice fabrics and plastics, fuel computer, alloys, all electrics, air-con, fingertip stereo control, mp3 port etc-all in a reliable, sturdy, well built, good to drive and fairly stylish modern package with good long term residuals.

I think the Cee'd makes great sense as a privately owned prospect - unlike any used 9k BMW... and yes, I know the BMW is a better designed and built car which drives better - if money is no object.

28th Jan 2009, 16:48

Well I would go for any slightly more expensive and nicer specced Citroen, Fiat, Suzuki, Renault. Judging by the vast number of these manufacturers cars on the road, so too would many other members of the UK public.

Most people can live with those cars without people sniggering at what you drive. Thankfully I've never owned a Kia before, but I hardly think it would be something you would admit to in normal conversation.

In any case all those other manufacturers you mentioned are mainstream. Kia/Hyundai are about as low as you can get... aside from Proton of course.

30th Jan 2009, 12:19

Different people want different things - having owned many brands including Fiat, Citroen, BMW, Saab, Suzuki, I do rate Kia from my own personal experience. Every car has both good and bad points, but I think the Cee'd is excellent for the money, whereas I have been disappointed with some other brands who sell on the name rather than the car.

Truth is, Hyundai-Kia are stealing buyers from the other brands mentioned and are now the fifth largest producer of cars in the world. The Cee'd/I30 good NCAP ratings, efficiency, equipment, reliability, warranty and general ease of ownership are attractive to savvy private buyers, hence the increase in market share. It is likely that the Soul will continue this trend.

Why are you so interested in Kia if you would never be seen in one? Is it prove something about how much better you are by driving another brand? We seem to spend more time debating what people think of you than the actual car.

Personally, I rate any car on how good it is, rather than how I would feel if someone criticised it, but I am comfortable with who I am and don't have to prove anything.

I suppose in ten years, someone will read this and take a view-like people would now on the old Skoda jokes after they experience the new Superb; Auto Express' favourite long term test car-unthinkable a few years ago. Like Skoda, Hyundai-Kia are not trying to be BMW, they are gunning for Ford, Renault etc and are likely to improve their market share further year on year by making solid cars with a good ownership experience.

8th Feb 2009, 11:09

By bizarre coincidence after sticking up for Kias on this thread, I went to a large dealer yesterday to collect a second hand car for a family member. That dealer had just changed from a Subaru franchise to a Kia franchise with a state of the art showroom. I took my friend as company for the 3 hour journey home.

While waiting for the staff member to be free, my friend and I looked at the Cee'd in the new Kia showroom just to fill in time. I left him to it while I inspected the Daihatsu I was collecting, and when I returned inside he told me he had just ordered a new Cee'd SW 2.0 CRDi Sport...!!

He has owned new Audis, Jaguars and other premium brands, and over the last few months, he had tested the Golf VI and various other new premium cars - it never occurred to me that he would even look at a Kia - so I had never discussed it with him.

He was amazed by the quality and highly impressed by the drive and standard equipment, so made the decision there and then - without any prompting by me, apart from mentioning in passing over a year ago that I was highly impressed with the base model Cee'd I used extensively for a month.

It is these buyers that Kia is picking up-people who actually experience the Cee'd and are genuinely taken with it.

I must say the top-spec car he has ordered is fabulous, and although it does not have the badge kudos of a similarly priced new/used premium model, it is a very impressive car indeed with very high quality build and materials.

10th Feb 2009, 15:53

Not so much a step down from Audi but a free-fall!

The only basis that people purchase Kia on is price and price alone. Some people can try and sing their praises, improvement in quality etc but the fact is as stated above... Kia/Hyundai represent lowest common denominator motoring.

12th Feb 2009, 03:23

I'm afraid that just shows your lack of knowledge of the current model range and the model in question, and to be honest, no-one wants to listen to your blind prejudice.

Please do everyone a favour and stop commenting about a car you have never seen, sat in or driven.

You seem very keen to be in on the conversation with the Kia for someone that would not be seen dead near one. I bet your friends would not be at all impressed that you are lowering yourself to talk to Kia owners. Haven't you got some alloys you need to detail or some neons to fit?

I think this is why Cee'd owners enjoy their cars - it is because people like you do not drive them!!!!!