13th Feb 2009, 09:35

12th Feb 09, what kind of car you drive? Lets compare cost of ownership etc rather than dwell on badge snobbery. Then perhaps we can have some unbiased comments from you. If you haven't driven a Kia, take a test drive, it's free, then come back, so that we can take your comments seriously.

13th Feb 2009, 12:09

I am assuming the question relates to another 12th Feb comment which may have been removed?

As the 12th Feb pro-Kia commenter, I too would be interested to see what the 10th Feb Kia-hater actually drives...!!

PS my mate picked up his Cee'd Sport SW today and says it is the best car he has had to date - much better than his A3 or X-type. I'll ask him to write a review when he has done a few miles..

14th Feb 2009, 20:59

I was looking to replace my VW Touran, and looked at the Golf and Octavia estates. It was only when I read the review of the Cee'd SW in Diesel Car, when it won "Estate Car of the Year" that it popped up on the radar. I had always looked down scornfully on Kia and Hyundai, and couldn't see myself getting past that badge. So I went to the showrooom, expecting all Kias to be awful. I was broadly right, except for the Cee'd. It was remarkably good, and not just for the money, so much so that I ended up buying one. I bought the 1.6 CRDi LS estate, fitted 18" wheels with 225/40x18 tyres and chipped the engine to 145bhp. An amazing car, and a great performer, having recently taken me to Italy and back.

15th Feb 2009, 04:04

Having now had my Ceed SW 2.0 CDI Sport for a couple of days, so far so good. Very impressed with the overall package. Cabin quality is second to none with pleasant feel materials and fantastic seats of which provide great support. Having previously had a new Jaguar X type, the Ceed is far superior in many ways. Have only done about 200 miles so far, so will provide a full report soon.

15th Feb 2009, 08:42

You're right 12th Feb 09, Sorry, my response was directed to the comment from 10th Feb 09, hoping for some meaningful discussions etc.

15th Feb 2009, 12:12

I am in the process of purchasing an 07 Mercedes C class.

The only reason I made my comments is that there appears to be a couple of individuals here who are attempting to match Kia up to long time established manufacturers. I've seen the way other road users pull in front of Kia and budget cars. I myself do admit to making an effort to get past a Kia if the dual carriage-way is coming to an end. Not everyone wishes to travel at 37mph.

You all seem reluctant to accept that Kia is about the lowest form of motoring available.

15th Feb 2009, 13:00

You do not say what you CURRENTLY drive. I'll wager that it is not as good as a Cee'd if you are now considering a two year old, previous model E-Class likely to be full of the nose and ear pickings from the previous old man who owned it.

So since the industrial revolution has no new company ever produced anything as good as the product of an existing company? Look at America and how Toyota took over the world. As several people have commented, with the Cee'd, Kia is attacking mainstream, not premium brands, and is doing well at it, but you would not know as you have never even seen one.

Anyway, enjoy your new old Mercedes and we'll enjoy our Kias.

15th Feb 2009, 15:18

The predecessor to the C class was the W201 or 190, it was replaced in 1993 by the C class. The C class has great heritage and design pedigree. Granted, I wouldn't expect a Kia owner to know much about Mercedes-Benz.

Purchasing an 18 month old car from a main dealer there won't be any nose or ear pickings, what a ridiculous and truculent remark.

15th Feb 2009, 17:43

I would buy a Mercedes also just to be able to make frequent trips to the service department when I had nothing better to do with my time.

16th Feb 2009, 07:04

Gosh, I had thought you were looking at an old E-Class, not lowering yourself to buy the more humble C-Class. I hope the valeter can get all the old man sneezes off the controls of the C-Class.

I know a fair bit about Mercedes-to be fair an awful lot more than you know about Kia.

I would enjoy a 190, but the replacement C-Class was widely regarded as been designed by accountants not engineers and late C-Classes have been plagued with quality control issues. For details see the ever useful carsurvey site and look at:-

Mercedes C-Class, 2007, where it shows:

"would buy another 20%"

"would not buy another 60%".

"Cramped, basic, appalling gearbox, just a badge"

"This has been the worst vehicle I have ever owned"

For your homework, compare and contrast these statements against the Kia Cee'd 2007 reports again on the ever useful carsurvey site.

PS once again, what is your current car? Are you embarrassed we will all laugh at you if you tell us, as we have all asked many times?

16th Feb 2009, 12:50

The expectations of Mercedes-Benz drivers is sky high... the smallest fault to these owners is very significant.

On the other hand Kia drivers are normally delighted should the car even start. Their hope is to get from A-B. And when they place petrol in their car - the value of it doubles which is surely a great bonus.

I think I could purchase 3 Kia Ceeds for the price of an 07 C class!

16th Feb 2009, 12:59

Well 3 07 plate Kia Ceeds at least.

PS I told you I am in the process of buying an 07 plate Mercedes C class & have a company car at the moment. But I don't think Kia Ceed drivers can laugh at anyone!! (Well OK maybe themselves)

16th Feb 2009, 16:59

Hi potential C class 2007. I hope we are intelligent enough not to knock brands because of prejudices etc. I comment with respect to your response. You do not want to drive at 37mph, so you cut me up when approaching a single lane road from a duel carriage way. I drive according to traffic conditions, and sometimes 37mph necessitates this no matter what car is driven.

Now, as for cost of ownership, it depends on usage etc, but let's say 11000 miles/annum. So MOT in 2010 eh?

OK I predict not only new front tires, front brake pads, but also front brake discs!!! (unless you take my hint when you accept the car!) We are addressing Ceed specific here, so remember the 7 year guarantee with respect to the brake disks.

Feb/March 2007 eh??!!, I predict a new air con unit in 2010 if not sooner. In a Kia it will be free!!. As for servicing wow!!! Too many bucks... brand???! Unless you go to a non dealer, slightly cheaper. I sincerely wish you happy ownership with your car. Take a look at Honest John's site on the model before you commit.

5th Mar 2009, 12:05

I see Kia went against the downward trend of car sales at the moment and actually sold more this quarter than the same quarter in 2008.

I wonder why that was??!