2000 Kia Sephia GS from North America


Sigh. It's my first car...that's my excuse. It does have great gas mileage which is great


Car doors freeze up and fail to close in cold weather.

Sheet metal dents easily on doors.

Console is broken. It's so ugly... the plastic warped and cracked beyond repair. I assume it happened because of the intense heat in Texas.

The engine light stays on and nothing is wrong with the car. It's always "the computers" fault. 0_O.

The brakes never have held very well. When I ease down on the brakes I often feel like the car is not going to stop in time. Apparently nothing is ever wrong with the brakes.

General Comments:

The seats are very uncomfortable.

Very dim "bright" lights. Bad for seeing on back roads and on country roads.

The car is so lightweight. The winds often push me off the road causing me to have to drive at embarrassingly low speeds on the freeway.

The car hesitates when trying to accelerate on the highway/freeway.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2005

2000 Kia Sephia from North America


Good beater to and from work


The front doors no longer open in cold weather making it extremely difficult to enter and exit the vehicle while climbing through the back doors and getting into the front seat. Terrible winter transportation option.

An intense squealing noise that is an enigma.

The brakes, alignment, battery, belts, and tires went kaput around 60,000 miles. Fixed for just over a thousand bucks.

Heat shield had to be taken off, common with these vehicles.

Hydro-planing is common in the rain and can become unnerving as one loses stability.

Some interior parts have come completely off, you can't roll down the rear back window (driver's side) because the handle is off.

General Comments:

I'm afraid to drive this car, but it gets great gas mileage. I've calculated 35mpg in the summer on the highway. It's great to beat on in good weather. Due to the current fuel crisis with increases to almost three dollars a gallon, I have no choice, but to extend the life of this car.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2005

19th Aug 2005, 02:16

Just don't expect it to last much longer then 100,000 miles.. These are "throw away cars" and will get you around cheap for awhile, but once they start falling apart they're done for. Take my advice and trade it in around 100k before everything on it starts going south. The repair costs just aren't worth the value of the car.

21st Oct 2006, 16:11

You know, regarding the doors not opening in cold weather, I've seen many other KIA owners also complain about this. My cousin had a 2000 sephia, and I remember I rode with her, in the middle of winter, to a place about 1 hour from where she live. Even though we had already driven it for a while, we went inside a supermarket, we must have been inside for at least 1 hour. We finally got ready to drive off and the driver side door would not open. I remember her boyfriend, who was driving, had to get in by the front passenger side. When we got to the gas station to get some gas about 1 mile from there, he still could not get the door open from inside. Once we got to her home, it was warm enough inside for the door to open, though. It was the first time I had seen a car door not opening, even for winter time.

2000 Kia Sephia from North America




Not many!! Did have to replace battery after just 1 year.

Also, fuel pump replaced (under warranty).

Was told needed another new battery and alternator, about 6 months ago. Good friend had alternator check by two auto parts stores (it tested fine), replaced battery and all is good.

General Comments:

I really like my KIA. I have taken it 3 times on trips over 2000. And to 3 hours trips about twice. No problems whatsoever.

The seats leave a lot to be desired in comfort area, but I can deal with that, just use a cushion for trips.

I am right now looking at purchasing another KIA.

Other than the alternator testing bad by KIA, I really like my KIA service guy. He works with me and nows I am a single Mom, so he always does me right in that dept. or at least I feel like he does.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2005

20th Jun 2005, 09:46

How many miles does your KIA have?? I am hearing that people are having transmission trouble around 60,000 miles.

15th Nov 2005, 18:56

My girlfriend has a 1999 Kia saphia, and she has so many problems with her car, for starters her dash board lights do not work, her brakes are going bad, her electrical units were damaged do to wear. She is now having transmission problems. The car was taken to the dealership to be tested and it costed her 530$ just to tell her that the transmission was going out. She has not been treated with really any respect and she looks at not ever purchasing another Kia.