2004 Kia Sorento LX V6 from North America


Never again


Drive shaft has been replaced 2 times, and I still have the vibration in the front end.

Transfer box replaced, as the dealer thought the vibration was from that. Fuse box replaced.

EATS headlights and tail lights, and they burn out in groups; could be dangerous as you may end up with no brake lights without realizing it. I have (as of today) replaced the headlights 5 times... I've NEVER replaced lights in ANY car that often, and we've had Honda's and Acura's for more than 10 years.

It'll be paid off in February... I'm going to keep it until it falls apart in the driveway, as I have a short commute to work. I've taken the best care of this vehicle because I don't trust it, to no avail.

General Comments:

LOVE the turning radius... perfect!!!

I like the light steering too.

Seats are a little hard, but OK.

Radio OK.

I'm used to it now after 6 years; she has her bumps and bruises, well worn.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2010

25th Feb 2013, 17:24

I have a KIA Sorento also. Bought it in 2007 used, however I've also changed the bulbs in this vehicle more than I have in any other one I've owned. My headlights seem to go out every two months, one at a time. My tail lights not so often. I too will not purchase another KIA Sorento.

2004 Kia Sorento LX from North America


I love my Kia


I have driven my 2004 Kia Sorento 5 speed manual shift 4wd for 40,000, and the only things that I have had to replace are tires and just now a battery.

General Comments:

I love my Kia and the way it handles.

At the start of this year, I wanted to get a 2008, but because the Kia no longer comes in a manual shift 4wd, we have decided to keep this one, and after it is paid for, my husband will take over driving it to and from work, and I will then trade in his car for a new car for me, more than likely a Kia

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Review Date: 14th August, 2008

2004 Kia Sorento LX V6 from North America


Very nice. When I started looking at SUVs, it was my first choice


I have replaced headlight each side twice since I purchase the SUV in March 07'

Interior dome light goes in and out at will.

Most recently, I've been leaking antifreeze from the overflow tank. This I know because a master mechanic friend of mine has checked it out, and said it's not the water pump radiator or the hoses. He is very certain it's the overflow tank.

I'm taking it to the dealer tomorrow; they are charging me $100.00 diagnostic fee to take a look. It is still under the Power Train Warranty, so if it's in fact the overflow tank, which I'm pretty confident it is, I will not have to pay for repair.

However, I've checked with NHSTA since I work closely with many of their employees, and there isn't a recall.

I called KIA, and they did confirm that the overflow tanks for the Sorento have been redesigned because of problems with the old model cracking on the bottom, so they had to make it sturdier.

General Comments:

I like my Sorento, even with it's current problem.

It ran quietly when I first got it. I would turn down the radio when I was sitting still, just to make sure it was still running.

I like the room and cargo space.

With the exceptions of the above listed problems, it's been great. I love my Sorento LX.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2008

2004 Kia Sorento EX 6 cylinder. from North America


I purchased an 04' Sorento and loved it. I still like it, BUT since I hit the 65,000 mark on the mileage my head lights have started shooting and the interior door light won't come on. Since it is no longer under warranty and the dealership wants to charge a min. $80 an hour to look at it, I guess it will just stay out. Oh also the dealership says after market bulbs are not the same as KIA bulbs?

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Review Date: 16th October, 2007

22nd Oct 2007, 10:19

Bulbs have a finite life. I have lost 3 tail lights and 1 headlight after 45,000 miles and 4 years in my '03 KIA Sorento. That is reasonable, but could be improved. You might try the following:

My headlight lights used to flicker. Flickering shortens bulb life. Clean and tighten the ground wires where eye terminals on the ground wires attach to the fenders of the car. They are visible with the hood up. Driver's side is between the battery and the fender. Passenger side is between the black air cleaner box and the fender. Make sure they are clean of protective shipping wax, paint and corrosion. Mine weren't. Spray the black 6mm bolt down (use a 10mm wrench) with WD-40 and reinstall. The black coating on the bolt threads was not conducting electricity. This cured my flicker problem and improved my bulb life.

The KIA lights are easy to work on. Instructions are in the owner's manual. Check the bulbs and if burned out, replace with the recommended type which is available from any auto parts store; they are common, readily-available types. Do NOT TOUCH the bulbs with your fingers; the oil on your hands will crack the glass when the quartz bulb heats up. As a precaution, clean the bulbs with alcohol and let dry before installing.

Check the fuses; have the dealer check the charging circuit battery, dimmer and time delay capacitor on the interior lights. Use a different dealer if you don't have one that treats you fairly or you have confidence in. Good luck.