2004 Kia Sorento from North America


My main problem is the headlights - in less than two years, I've replaced the right low beam 3 times and the left twice. At the auto parts store today, the guys suggested I use a special grease on the probes. Hope that helps!

Gas mileage is terrible for a mid-sized SUV, but I've never owned a V6 before, so maybe it seems awful, but it average.

General Comments:

In general I love this vehicle - it's a great ride, powerful car - I've carried 2500 lbs of concrete, pulled a boat, and it was very easy for the car.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2007

11th May 2007, 08:16

Regarding your headlights changing bulbs once a year or every 9 months. That's quite often, but not extreme. I had the same issue on mine and it's 'normal' according to the Kia dealer. But: Many new car have bulbs that does not last very long, this is not only a problem in Kias. I've had the same problem on two different cars (non-Kia brands) and it's extremely frustrating since it's difficult to replace these bulbs as well - one even required dismantling several parts. This really annoyed me since I needed to take time off work and pay about $50 (bulb:$10 work:$40) to get them to change this lousy light bulb. Glad I dumped this one.

When manufacturers equip cars with bulbs that need replacing every year and it's almost impossible to replace these yourself these manufacturers deserves to go bankrupt. They have no consideration for the customers what so ever. Now I have a new Focus II that have a swing-out mechanism for the headlights so even your granny can replace these bulbs. Good work Ford!

2004 Kia Sorento LX 3.5 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Seems amazing value for money


For me nothing so far.

The previous owner also said nothing had gone wrong after 20,00km town driving.

General Comments:

I think the car looks fantastic, especially after we put tint on the windows.

It drives well though the suspension is a bit 'crashy'.

Engine sounds great, but lacks a bit of pull when accelerating hard. Bit thirsty (13L/100Km)

The brakes don't inspire confidence though I have yet to try them in anger.

The interior is very well appointed with no squeaks or rattles. The extras are all very handy. The leather seats are great and are easy to clean.

It feels better put together than my Magna.

I'm always nervous telling friends I've bought a Kia. Everyone has low opinion of KIA which, so far, seems unfair.

It was this or a Subaru Forester for the same money. I'm glad I bought this.

Will update this article when I put more Ks on the clock.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2006

12th Sep 2006, 06:46

I share your view of the Kia Sorrento. I have had mine for 16 months now and just over 20,000kms, the only problem was a taillight filling with condensation when new, this was fixed under warranty, a very minor problem that didn't affect the car. It is true that people think of Kia's poorly, but I have found nothing to fault and would recommend this car to anyone wanting an affordable full size 4wd. I think Kia make a good car, or at least the current ones all seem of high quality and specification.

Hope your Kia continues to serve you well.

Regards, Australia.

5th Nov 2006, 21:16

Thanks for your feedback!

2 months in. Done just over 2000 km. Not a lot of mileage, but enough to get a better feel of the car.

Still nothing gone wrong.

Tried a bit of 4 wheel driving and was surprised how well the car performed.

I have heard a rumour that the KIA engine and gearbox are from Mitsubishi (or built under licence). Does anyone know if there is truth in this.

Faults: None

Likes: Off road capability, quiet cruiser onroad.

Dislikes: Automatic gear change a bit sluggish, fuel consumption.

I have now got used to the brakes..

8th May 2007, 23:27

Just completed 10,000 km in around six months.

35,000 km service cost AU$220 at a local KIA centre.

Problems: Centre interior light sometimes didn't come on when door was opened. Fixed at service.

Fuel Consumption: Averaging around 13.0L/100km mixed driving.

Comments: Sill love the car and its looks. Am considering buying another Sorento when its time to trade in. Will definitely opt for the Diesel.

Found out that the engine and drive train are sourced from Mitsubishi, after noticing the engine resembled my neighbours Pajero.