14th Apr 2008, 10:51

To the 8th Jan 2008, 12:34 comment. You cannot just returned a lemon car under the lemon law. You have to jump through hoops to get it done. You have to find a lemon-law lawyer that really cares, and hope for the best.

24th Jul 2008, 23:53

In browsing through the Kia comments, I noticed these rather unflattering reviews of the Sorento. Both Kia and Hyundai are making some incredibly GOOD vehicles now, so I hope the majority of Sorento owners are not having a lot of issues.

The comments reminded me of my one (and only) test drive of a new Sorento in 2003. We were test driving a number of SUV's and loved the styling of the Sorento. I got about a half mile down the road and the Sorento just died. It had gas. The salesman just called for a mechanic and we stood trying to figure out what was wrong. When two Kia service techs drove up, they looked under the hood, shook their heads and said "Uhhh... We really don't know anything about these things"!!! I decided then and there that I WOULD NOT buy a Kia from THAT dealership. Too often inept service people give a great car a bad rep.

6th Dec 2008, 14:52

I agree: a bad dealer service can make any car look like a lemon. Against all of my friends and relatives best advice I am strictly a dealership person. But if you get crappy service, you HAVE to go to a different dealer - even if it means traveling. Is it the car or the mechanic? With so many positive reviews, your situation is either a case of a single bad car or a case of singularly lousy service. You will have to go to another dealership to find out which. Please let us know!

22nd Aug 2009, 09:05

After reading all of the comments I am relieved that I am not the only one with these issues.

I have a 2006 Sorento LX. Whenever I go uphill or go into second gear, the truck rattles. I have to take my foot off the gas to ease up a bit to stop it from shaking and then proceed to floor it to get it to drive smoothly. I approached the dealership a few times about it and they say "that's normal".

I've also had to replace my battery last week. It drove fine for a few days but now it started to lug again. The tachometer goes crazy. I feel as though putting my foot on the gas is pointless because it's non-responsive. I had to pray that I made it home safely last night.

No more Kia's for me. If I had the money to trade it in, I would.

26th Aug 2009, 09:13

We have always owned Toyotas, but because of the buy a Sorento and get a Rio for free, we went to the Kia dealer. We did not get the Rio, but got a really great deal on a fully loaded 2007 Sorento! The car has 15000 miles on it and we have not had any trouble out if it besides the passenger air bag issue, which was a recall, and we took it the dealer and they resolved the issue! I am pleased with it so far and hope I do not have any of the issues I have read on this page!!!

23rd May 2011, 15:27

2007 Kia Sorrento outside window rubber trim has a severe problem with cracking and falling apart allowing wind noises and leakage of water. Has anyone else had this problem? It happens just on corner pieces.

9th Feb 2013, 16:55

I just bought a 07 Sorento. The car was very clean except for a few minor things that the dealer fixed for me... I noticed that should I brake a bit hard for example, pulling forward then putting the car in reverse to back in... the car seems to be REALLY bouncing, almost a bucking motion. Maybe I'm not accustomed to this type of vehicle, but I've driven a Dodge Ram extended cab... Just wondering? Thank you for any info.