12th Mar 2008, 20:23

I bought my '03 Kia Sorento EX new in December of 2002. I am SUPER EASY on the brakes, and still have had to replace my rotors 3 times. Kia paid the first time, after I threw a fit, but would not do the second time. I think rotors would have went bad more than 3 times, but once they started going bad I made them last a long time before replacement.

Tail lights went out, replacements didn't fix the problem. Neither did a fuse. Took it into my dealership, and they said I need to buy "genuine Kia bulbs."

My dealership had lied several times about issues, such as saying I badly needed a transmission fluid change when unknown to them, I'd just had it done by Valvoline with the correct recommended fluids.

The vehicle has been a disappointment, but Kia service has been a nightmare. That's $23,500 down the drain. Never again. I buy Toyota or Honda next time.

18th Mar 2008, 18:01

Bought my 04 Kia Sorento in September 03, First one on the lot.

I have had the same Headlight/Tailight issues. The plastic fitting on the radiator replaced after it melted. We are now moving into the Coolant Reservoir issues. Mine seems to have a crack in it. I think these cars are cheaply made and am thankful these are the only problems I have had. Too many substandard parts for me. The gas mileage is also a very big deal now that gas is so high. I think I'll buy a Toyota or a Honda next time.

I can say the dealership where I bought my Sorento (Van Griffith in Granbury Texas) has been nothing but nice. My car will be paid off in a few months and its going bye bye...

19th Mar 2008, 15:45

I have had burned out bulbs and recommend the following Clean the bulbs thoroughly and use rubber gloves when touching the quartz glass when installing. I found scratching off the chassis ground and re-installing the 6mm bolt on the fenders by the battery and the air filter box helps by improving the ground.

26th Mar 2008, 08:02

Well I must say going on this site has lost Kia a sale, I was looking to buy a Kia or Honda suv, but prefered the look of the Kia more, done the usual trips to dealers and sorting out finance and thought I would see what other people thought of them, glad I did, Honda for me.

27th Mar 2008, 16:04

Great SUV, but way too many problems with headlight bulbs going out.

Coolant overflow tank cracking.

Very cheaply made; stay away from this one.. wig and berries.

30th Mar 2008, 18:21

I have a 2007 Sorento. The clear coat is peeling off the top, so I'm calling the dealer tomorrow.

I have had no problems so far, but I have only had it since September 2007.

1st Apr 2008, 10:38

I have a 2003 Sorento LX. Bought it with 57,xxx and now have 149,xxx in 3 years. The ride of this car is about the only thing I am happy with. I lost count of headlight changes, only 2 tail lamps but sick and tired of the brake problem!!! It will shake your teeth out, glad I don't have dentures. There is no way that every 8,000-12,000 miles that rotors should be turned or replaced. My interior head light was out for over 3 months and just came back on 2 weeks ago. It is a great riding car but don't have all the spare time to be dropping it off at the mechanic every 2 months.

2nd Apr 2008, 09:10

I bought a KIA Sorento in January its now April has been towed in to the dealer 3 times keeps shutting off just driving down the road, they have put a intake gasket in it, throttle position sensor, and now its getting a crank sensor, and they said they don't know what's wrong with it I think its going to get a new owner.

14th Apr 2008, 07:55

I own an 05 Sorento, enjoyed it for the first couple of years.

I did replace the tail light several times and the complete wiring harness. The headlights too.

My problem now is it has 80,000 miles and the "butterfly bushing" has broke and went into the engine. KIA says the warranty will not cover it because the bushing is a 60,000 warranty part. This problem has occurred 5 times that I know of in the last 6 months at this dealership alone!

I bought the car new. Has anybody else had this problem?

23rd Apr 2008, 13:12

I have a 2004 KIA Sorento. I bought the Car used with about 20,000 miles. It's up to 60,000 miles now I have lost count of headlamp replacements. Basically, I would say that they last about 5-6 months or less, and we don't do a lot of driving. We have learned to turn off our headlights during the day to minimize run time and on/off surges. We have already had to deal with one fix-it ticket and we are constantly worried about getting pulled over because one of the headlights could blow at any moment. I buy headlights in two packs now to save money. This is crazy, come on Kia!!! We love our KIA, but for this issue.

4th May 2008, 15:43

I bought my 2003 Sorento in late 2003. It now has 56,000 miles and has had very few problems.

I replaced the brake lights once and have never replaced the headlights. It still has the original brake pads and the rotors were cut once. I've read that over tightening the lug nuts causes the rotors to warp.

Overall, I would say that I am very satisfied with this vehicle.

5th Aug 2008, 16:18

I bought a 2005 Sorento new. It now has 63000 miles on it. The only trouble I have had is two tail light bulbs have burn out on the right side. Haven't replaced the brakes or rotors.

I have checked them recently and they are still okay. The only thing that scares me is that the warranty has run out.

I can see that anything that goes out now is going to be costly. I have three more years to pay on the car.

28th Aug 2008, 03:12

I just purchased a 2003 KIA Sorento today about 150 miles from where I live from a Used car Dealer. Before I made it home, It started to hesitate and jerk about three times everytime I take off from a dead stop. It appears to be worse the faster you accelerate from a dead stop. It doesn't do this in any of the other gears only from a dead stop. I can't tell if its the transmission, fuel injection, computer or drive axle. There are not any check engine lights on. Has anybody had a similar problem and if so what was done to correct?

5th Sep 2008, 06:01

These "Kia" comments have been most helpful. Am adding my comment for I too have had headlight and tail light problems, and like all of you, the dealership where I bought it from, say there is nothing they can do and worst of all, are AWARE of others having similar products, but NO CAUSE was found. Suggested I buy "kia" replacement bulb, or even suggested my mechanic did something and therefore causing the headlight bulb to burn out. Huh??. What I am going to do, is take a copy of ALL OF COMMENTS listed above and give it to the dealership owner and perhaps he/they might be of help to other unsuspecting Kia buyers, by NOT selling them.