12th Apr 2011, 16:30

How much did it cost you to get the buzzing noise fixed? I am having the same problem with my 05 Sorento.

31st May 2011, 21:41

Just purchased a 2005 Sorento.

The driver's side airbag warning light comes on, stays on for a day or two, then if you adjust the seat belt, the light will go off. Will the airbag still deploy in an accident with the light on?

Next the fuel gauge has a mind of its own. We filled it up 21 gallons. Drove only 80 miles and the gauge dropped to empty and the light came on. There is an access lid under the passenger seat (back seat). Can the sensor be pulled here out of the tank and replaced?

Seems to be lots of problems with this year model. Any ideas?

27th Jul 2011, 20:30

How did you know that the timing belt replacement was a problem? I have a 03 Sorento; the timing belt was replaced, and the coolant reservoir now boils the coolant out after a normal drive. I have heard that maybe the timing is off a tooth or two? Any help would be great thanks.

30th Jul 2011, 00:08

I have a 2005 Kia Sorento LX, and my check engine light just came on after I put a different grade of gas in it. I used the injector fuel cleaner, and it is still on. I was told that the gas cap probably got air in it. I have no clue what is going on. I called to see how much it would cost for a tune-up, because I am scared to have someone fix it that does not have a warranty on their service. Firestone stated that it would cost $435.00.

To all the Kia owners, I must agree that the dealership does not offer any type of courtesy service when having your car repaired. I had to purchase a new battery, because the fan continued to run after the car would be turned off. The fog light went out, and they say it is very difficult to install as well as the headlights. This car is very expensive to repair. I have to continue to replace the bulb every three months it seems. What is going on??? Also, the dealership moved to a further location than the last one. Do you think they notified me?

30th Jul 2011, 12:51

I own a Kia/Hyundai product... and the newer ones are basic good reliable cars/SUVs. But the dealers and manufacturers are not always helpful... at least in my case. There are many online help groups and websites that can help you with problems on your Kia/Hyundai product, such as justanswer.com... and many many more. Sometimes they ask for a small fee... something you can afford... the lower the amount you spend... the slower the response.

Also, I would not buy a used Kia/Hyundai unless you know something about cars... have a great reasonable mechanic, or have a son in law who is handy with cars.

Also with all the smog devices on a modern car, putting carb/injection cleaner in the gas tank doesn't always work... in fact it can cause more problems on a car that has some type of engine/transmission/smog issue.

18th Sep 2011, 22:29

I had the exact same experience; a "DO NOT TOUCH" rubber insert in the EXT fuse holder, they must have put in when I had a new clutch put in. Never noticed! I found only out a year later e.g. today, when I tried to use my fog lights, checked all the exterior lights, parking lights etc., backup light, which I thought was not bright enough. Either they did it, or another garage that did my brakes (doubt it) but why?? So I would come back for more service I guess?... Or did some agent overnight, get under my hood?

19th Sep 2011, 08:45

Check the fuse box itself; bad contacts, connections and ground contact!

19th Sep 2011, 09:54

I am the one with the rubber fuse that just responded, from Gatineau Quebec. Forgot to put my email, here it is: susan1@videotron.ca

20th Oct 2011, 11:38

If you look in your owner's manual, it will show you that you have to remove the headlight assembly. This is done by removing the bolts with a 10mm socket and then popping the assembly out. Once you do that, it is simple to replace the bulbs.

16th Apr 2013, 00:00

Kia's look pretty, but the quality is crap, just like the warranty.

Never will I buy or recommend one to anyone else.

13th Jul 2013, 21:48

It's the crank shaft position sensor. It needs to be replaced, along with the timing belt. As long as the car will start, it's hard for your dealership to detect it.