13th Oct 2007, 08:39

We purchased our 05 Sorento in late 04. Here's what we've had to deal with:

Clock: With 4 miles on the odometer, would not keep time. Reset every time the engine was turned off. Dealership fixed the problem. Covered under warranty.

Fuel injector stuck open: Nine months after purchase. KIA sent a wrecker and towed the truck to the dealership. We had to find a ride home, but, the next day the dealership provided us with a car to use while they repaired ours.

Covered under warranty. Since then, every time we start the engine a horrible odor comes out of the air vents.

Check Engine Light: Been in the shop three times for this. It's always an emissions evaporation leak somewhere. Covered under warranty.

Rear rotors: Yes, the rear, not the front had to be replaced at 42,000 miles. NOT covered by warranty.

Headlights and fog lamps: Replaced too many times to recall.

We've discussed this with the dealership service manager and they do not take ownership of the problem. Not covered under warranty.

Regarding the above comments about odometer readings; I too, have noticed the same thing. In the car we owned before the KIA, a trip to my son's school was 11 miles. I clocked the mileage this week in the KIA - shows 12.5 miles. And, my husband has noticed that the trip meter resets itself after a certain number of miles and/or time.

We have also made 3 trips to the dealership for recalls.

Our next vehicle will not be a KIA.

16th Oct 2007, 17:07

Kia Sorento 2.5XS 2004

Bought the car in March 2006

Took in to dealers for service April 2006

April 2006 first sign of problem when making a slow turn car would come to a halt as though seizing up. I had to accelerate forward to clear the problem. 4 visits to dealer and drive out with Manager the fault could not be found Manager did not have a lot of time to give.

July 2006 mechanic witnessed fault and car taken in for repair. They changed the ECU which has nothing to do with transmission.

Problem was still happening intermittently.

I mentioned to dealer about problem and possible causes.

I e mailed and spoke to him about other Kia users who had reviewed with similar problems.

Asked if he was in touch with Kia Technical.

I was back to dealers every month. One time in dealers car park the problem occurred I asked a mechanic to take a look at problem, but he said he did not do Sorentos. Being concerned that I was not receiving best advice I contacted Kia stating that I had a fault and car was coming out of warranty.

I was told that as long as fault had been there previously I would have no problem in it being repaired. My fears were allayed at this point.

I was told by KCS to let the dealer have the car for a couple of days to test.

Car was given to dealer for a service and to find the problem. I believe car was only taken out once and they could not find the problem.

I was then informed by dealer to keep driving the car and once the fault was more prominent to bring it back.

I rang dealer and KCS approx every month to inform them of how many times the fault was occurring.

Eventually problem was occurring every day got to dealer September 2006 and was able to show mechanic the fault that he has diagnosed as the Differential.

Guess what Kia say its out of warranty and will only pay 35% of parts. I have sent a letter off to Kia. If anyone has a problem during warranty make sure they fix it. Anyone had a problem and ended up out of warranty?

30th Oct 2007, 18:57

I have a 2005 Sorento. At 300 miles front rotors were replaced. They have also been machined twice, are bad again at 25000 miles and back rotors were rusted and machined once. I was told they come over the ocean on a boat and that is why they rusted. Was at a dealership for oil change and the tech told me he just replaced rotors on a Sorento with 156 miles on it. Brand NEW CAR

People really need to get the media involved so that maybe we can get something done about this. I am sooooo sorry I sold my Durango. I called the main kia number and they document, but are absolutely no help and deny there is a problem.

5th Nov 2007, 09:41

I owe a 2006 KIA Sorento, the front rotors need replacement after 14,000 miles, they started wobbling after 10,000 miles, the pads show minimal wear. For some reason the factory rep agreed to replace them! This seems like a recurrent problem, based on previous comments. so I will be seeing it again. Is there a good after market replacement?

10th Nov 2007, 10:40

I own a Sorento '05 and have had front and rear lights replaced too many to count. Front rotors twice--first near 10,000 and warranty covered, second at 74000. Clock and interior lighting died at 75000 too. The warranty has so many loop-holes. Lots of people ask me if I would recommend the KIA and my response is absolutely not.

21st Nov 2007, 22:00

I purchased a 2006 Kia Sorento EX at $28,000. I have has nothing, but grief with the brakes! I was told that the REAR brake rotors are warped and need to be replaced, but that it will not be covered under warranty since the car is now one month over being a "year old" (however, it has less than 12,000 miles on it. The Kia service manager said he has never heard of this problem before regarding the rotors being warped and wearing out at this low mileage. However, it appears he is blowing smoke up my butt after reading all of these comments! I'm not sure if it's consoling to read these comments or if it angers me further... I would love to sell this and get a different car...

15th Dec 2007, 11:35

We bought a 2003 KIA Sorento and it has been I nightmare. Why won't KIA recall this SUV? We have made three payments on it and had to pay out every time to have something fixed; first was the coolant bottle, 2nd was the power steering pump, 3rd is the switch for the 4 wheel drive.

20th Dec 2007, 18:32

After reading all the comments about the rotors, I'm almost afraid to say I've never had that particular problem, but I'm going around with KIA about my transmission. It won't go into passing gear after the car warms up, or if it does, it won't go back into 4th. I have an '06 Sorento, my second one. My 2003 was perfect, and I cry every night that I turned it in on this nightmare. I sometimes end up going 30 mph up the mountain in the truck lane because my car simply loses power. I've had it checked twice by KIA and they deny there's a problem, tell me to pull to the side of the road, turn it off, then turn it back on. Balderdash!! I tell them I have to drive the mountain every day to get to work and it's a dangerous position they have me in, but they don't care. They said at first that it was a software problem, the computer's setting for tranny fluid was too low, so it went into "save" mode. Then they said that it was an altitude problem. So I asked, don't you sell Sorentos in Colorado? Do you have special settings for cars sold there?

Bottom line is, they refuse to take responsibility for their junk cars and I'll never buy another KIA as long as I live. They're junk and the 100,000 mile/10 year warranty is like toilet paper. They won't honor it. At this point I've gotten my attorney involved.