6th Jul 2007, 20:27

I have an 05 Sorento and couldn't be happier with it. 53,000 miles and nary a problem till now. I have gone through 2 headlights on each side, but, then again I leave them on all the time. They have many hours of run time before they burn out. However, now my electric locks, on the passenger side doors are making noise (a loud buzzing sound) when lock or unlock the doors. Also my power drivers seat won't move back (i think it's just the switch). But even with these two issues at 53,000 miles I thinks it's been a great ride.

I am interested though if anyone else has had the door lock issue show up.

16th Jul 2007, 14:54

Have an '04 Sorento. Agree with the Sylvania bulb comment, they seem to last the longest. Just went into shop for timing belt. Dealer had to do twice. Timing was out after first attempt.

Broken front diff carrier, lost all the gear oil. Repaired under warranty.

Vacuum leak, replaced all gaskets on intake system. Warranty item.

Replaced brake rotors twice, buy the cheapest ones you can get, high end rotors don't seem to last any longer.

Worried about post warranty.

Fuel mileage is terrible for a vehicle this size.

Too bad, it's a nice ride. Wouldn't buy another KIA product.

19th Jul 2007, 16:23

Well, where oh where do I start with the problems that I've experienced with my 2003 Sorento that I bought from new with next to nothing on the clock? It has been notorious for burning out headlamps and a couple of tail lamps. But the major issues that I've had is that I'm on my 3rd radiator, my 2nd coolant bottle, a couple of blown hoses and a fitting, sensor on the transmission went out, check engine light on numerous times. It has been a nightmare - nothing, but cooling issues and a mystery brake issue, whereby the brakes jam on and grind the engine to a stop - but when it's towed to the dealership, they can't find anything wrong with it! I'm sick and fed up with the lemon that we bought, I'm 8 months away from having the thing paid off, and I don't know if its gonna make it! I thought that these things were supposed to happen AFTER you've paid it off?! While at the dealership the other day, a lady came up to me while my husband was under the hood looking at the broke-down SUV and asked me how I liked my Sorento - I told her that it was a mechanical nightmare and advised her not to buy one - to go with something else. The dealership here I think is crap, they charge you to find out what is wrong with the vehicle and other than routine warranty work, they don't see to give a damn about fixing the problem! They make me feel like I'm making it up when I tell them that its got another problem and they can't replicate the issue.

21st Jul 2007, 02:28

I have a 2005 Kia Sorento which I purchased new and I also had just today the problem with the buzzing sound on the rear side doors when locking the doors. Does not occur when unlocking. I have made an appointment to take it to the dealership next week. I'm sure it will be covered under warranty.

13th Aug 2007, 19:33

I didn't have my 2005 Sorrento 2 months before the rear passenger side door locks started buzzing when the lock was engaged. Not sure what the cause was, but I took it to the dealer. They fixed it & I haven't had a recurrence of this problem in the last 2 years. Wish they could do something about the annual battery replacements.

19th Aug 2007, 12:49

I have a 2003 KIA Sorento with 72K miles on it. The interior dome fade light has stopped working?? Has anyone had this problem? And how was it fixed?? The rear fade light still works. Any comments to fix the fade light problem. Car is out of warranty.

30th Aug 2007, 13:37

Similar issues here with our '05 Sorento; seems we need to replace the rotors every 9,000 miles, but our dealer was gracious enough to do it despite warranty running out after 12,000 miles. However, we again have the same problem and this time the dealer will not warranty the item, so they turned the rotors for us, yet within a few months they were warped. We are researching now after market rotors to replace the POS parts Kia uses that were designed for their little compact cars. No more Kias for me.

8th Oct 2007, 18:05

I bought a KIA Sorento new back in 2003. Since then I have had to replace numerous headlamps and tail lights. But the Kicker is I have had to replace not 1 or 2 but 3 radiator overflow tanks, causing my engine to overheat. Each one has had a crack in the bottom of the tanks. The latest one just happening in the beginning of Oct. 2007. This one cost me $327.04. The only thing that I keep hearing is well that part is not in warranty anymore. How about you just admit that there is a problem with that overflow tank.

Update 10/08/2007. Six days out of the shop and now the oil light keeps going on and off and the engine was making loud ticking noises. I just had it towed to a Kia dealer. Again. Gosh, lets see I bet they tell me that because the overflow tank isn't covered by the warranty anymore that I will have to pay to fix this problem.

I also called and complained to Kia customer service. Very polite, but got no help whatsoever. I'm considering contacting a Lawyer to resolve this issue. I can see having a problem once, but not three times. This part is defective and Kia needs to come forward and fix this problem once and for all. When I bought this car I paid good money for it. Now, I wish they would stand behind their product and show just how they care about Customer Satisfaction.


9th Oct 2007, 20:19

We have a 2004 KIA Sorento 4 wh, dr.. It's a good car & my wife likes it. But yes, we had all kinds of problems. In 3 months after purchase the instrument panel lights went out, blank at nights. Took it to be repaired, & took about a month & 1/2 before the parts came in, dealer fixed it, but the CD player didn't work. Took almost 2 months before the new CD player came in.

Everything was going good for the first year we had it then panel lights went out again. Dealer found a shortage wire in the door. Fixed it. Then my head lights went out, while driving at night on the winding roads to where we live. I took the car in the next day & again they had to order the parts. Another month or so. Everytime I ask them how long it's going to take for the parts to come in, they say they don't know, they have to order it from the mainland. I told them "you sure not from North Korea"?? This is made in Korea, right??

Well, anyway, now my check engine lights are on now and other problems are popping, like a rattle noise from the rear of the car, brake lights problems, (replacing bulbs often). We are planning to go back to the Ford dealership, cause I think it's American.

Kimo from Hana Hawaii.