20th Mar 2009, 22:13

To the person in Va. with the dimming dash lights.

I had a Ford Mustang that would do that for months. Mainly the clock, and sometimes the entire dash including the radio and heating controls. Then one day my car started taking longer to turn over and start. Then about three weeks later it just wouldn't start at all. The alternator had been compensating for a dying battery for months and it took a HUGE beating on all the electrical components. It even shorted out my headlight switch when I installed a new battery.

I would suggest getting a new battery, or at least testing the one you have. The batteries put in new cars are pretty much junk, IMHO.

Hope you figure it out soon.


26th Mar 2009, 17:51

I am another 2003 Sorento owner and have had it since new. We really enjoy driving the vehicle and like the room in it.

We have had the issues with lights and fuses, but that is not the problem now. At 130K Km I had the timing belt replaced and the dealer replaced the crankbolt at that time, and everything was OK until last week when the bolt broke and the engine now needs to be replaced from all the valve and piston damage this caused. I called the dealer and was told that as I drove for another 30K after they changed the crankbolt that they had no responsibility for the damage. I have now contacted KIA Canada and am waiting for their response.

Here's hoping.

Ontario, Canada.

6th May 2009, 11:42

Wow glad to see that I am not the only one with these problems, I have a 06 Kia Sorento and have the same problems as everyone else; right headlight was fine until 50K miles, I figured it just burned out.. Replaced it, now it's out again 5 months later.

Rotors also have been a problem, Replaced by dealer at 10K miles and I was told they would not replace them again. I had to pay for the 2nd time at 29K miles, now at 55K the rotors are out again, I will not pay Kia to replace them, I will do it myself.

The dome lights also quit long ago... Other than those items the vehicle has been great.. People often ask me about the Sorento. Every vehicle has issues, but Kia dealers are by far not the best to deal with!

14th Jul 2009, 14:00

I too have replaced a couple head lights, a couple tail lights, and have possessed interior lights that come and go at random. I have also had the rotors replaced three times (by 50,000 miles).

My biggest beef though is the transmission staying in overdrive and not shifting back down to 4th gear or lower when needed. I actually had to pull into a rest area a couple days ago, and come to a complete stop, in order to get the transmission to "reset" before I hit a more mountainous area that I was approaching... pretty pathetic!

I filed a report with kia.com last night... we'll see how far that gets me. Other than that, I love the looks and the drive of my Sorento... just sounds like they have some long standing bugs to work out.

28th Aug 2009, 13:08

I also have owned a 06 Sorento LX since new. I have replaced the rotors at 12K, 22K, 55K and now at 62K they are going again. I replaced them myself at 55K, so I will do it again.

Both headlights have went out 3 times and both fog lights have been replaced. Also 1 rear brake light.

The hatch had to have work done to it when we bought it brand new because it was installed wrong from the factory. Main overhead interior light quit along time ago.

The vehicle has never left me stranded but I would not buy another one. I have a 92 Accord with 215K miles on it that has better brakes.

3rd Sep 2009, 21:20

03 Sorento with 42000 miles: clock stopped working within the first year and was fixed free of charge.

Front wipers stopped operating correctly and would stop in the center of the windshield. This repair cost just under $500.

Headlight covers are filmed over.

Numerous front and rear light bulb replacements.

Squeaking door hinges.

Dome lights controlled by opening/closing the door no longer work.

Rear hatch light no longer works and the bulb is fine.

Dash light for "D" no longer works.

Air bag light stays on.

Multiple battery replacements.

Love the look and drive, but we are very disappointed with the problems.

4th Sep 2009, 03:42

Engine warning light came on, and when driving it would lose power and die. Left it for a few minutes and it would restart, took it to the garage I bought it from, and they changed the fuel filter, but it still happened. Took it to Kia for diagnostic testing, and it turns out the teflon coated fuel tank has corroded, and it needs a new one and a sender unit.

Warranty was with the original garage, and fuel tank isn't in the list of exclusions, so fingers crossed it's covered. Oh yeah if I had to pay, it would cost £1200 plus.


10th Dec 2009, 12:30

I own a 2003 Kia Sorento. Lights appear to be a big problem. I currently have no park lights. My brake lights work, blinkers work, backup light works, hazards work, however I still can't drive like this at night. It is dangerous, especially if my kids are in the back.

I have replaced headlights 3 times and fog lights 2 times in the year I've owned it. Kia dealer tells me to bring it in so they can diagnose it. Fuses are good, lights are good. I did see one comment in regards to the DRL MODULE (Day Time Running Lights). Inside wires are soldered and sometimes the solder breaks. This unit cost approximately $165.00 and electrical components are not refundable.

I also have been told that it could be the headlight switch itself, also not refundable. The cost of headlight switch is $65.00. So to diagnose it at the deal, that would be a hundred dollars. Seems to me this is adding up quite fast, and that's not counting the labor charges at $42.00 an hour. So without spending any money on labor, I am looking at $330.00 for the parts that may not work. I wish I bought a truck now! Not a Kia! Never again!


18th Dec 2009, 11:31

I own a 2003 Sorento. I too have had bad luck with the lights, but the worst is now that it is cold out, I cannot run any electronics in the vehicle or the car squeals and my interior lights will come on and turn off while driving. The check engine lights come and go, depending on the day. And the air bag light has been on for some time.

30th Dec 2009, 14:56

I have a 2003 Sorento with 97,000 miles and bought it brand new. I would not own another KIA after all the issues I've had with this SUV.

Air bag light came on after only 1 week of owning the car.

Had to have the clock replaced within the first yr.

Had to replaced numerous batteries and lights.

Dome light no longer comes on when the door is open.

When the weather is cold, the auto locks will not work.

Had to replace the overflow bottle for the radiator.

When car is filled with gas, the check engine light will come on at 3/4 of a tank, then go off at 1/4 of a tank.

Intake gasket leak that caused the car to stall; acting as if it had a clogged fuel injector. ($1300 repair which occurred after the warranty had expired.) Leaving me with my two kids stranded on the side of a busy highway. KIA road side assistance had also expired at this point.

Currently in the shop to have a charcoal canister replaced due to having it break and sending charcoal throughout the evap. system. ($860 repair also out of warranty) This issue was discovered when filling the car with gas and the gas pump would click off as if the car was full, then have gas spurt back out of the car.

Air bag light is on again, caused by a bad sensor. ($360 repair)

While having to spend less than $3000 in repairs on a car with as many miles as I have on mine isn't really that bad, I feel I can't trust this vehicle to work when needed. None of the other vehicles I've own ever had this many issues with less than 100K miles on them. I look forward to selling this vehicle very soon and being free of KIA.