16th May 2011, 19:30

My fuel gauge doesn't work either. :(

20th May 2011, 05:41

Interesting to read all of the comments above, and read about some of the issues with this vehicle. I bought my Sorento new in 2005; petrol and 5 speed auto.

The first weekend I had it, the battery went completely flat and I was nearly left stranded at a country property. I was told by the dealer that I must have left a door open, but I know that was not the case.

I was also not happy with the high beam on the driver's side, but managed to sort that problem myself.

My Sorento has now done 76000 kms, and has towed a 21ft caravan some 20000kms. It has always worked hard, but has always come back for more. I once towed the van 3000ks on 44 deg days with no problems at all.

I have had some minor problems; my digital clock also dims and goes walkabout from time to time.

When towing in manual mode for any length of time when it's really working, the thermal overload in the trans drops back to auto until you stop, which resets things.

Again my original battery lasted 5 years, and when it went completely flat overnight, I didn't think much of it; just changed it out. However the other day, I came to start the car again after a 2 day break, and the battery was so flat not even a light glowed. After thinking back to a new situation, I've come up with a possible reason ie if you select 4WD low range but don't ensure it is fully disengaged, even though the idiot light has gone out, and you park car in this condition, my battery has gone flat. I'm not sure, but on both times my battery has gone flat, I was using low range and didn't check it was disengaged. "Food for thought".

Otherwise I think it's a great car, and petrol mileage has always been roughly as specified.

13th Mar 2014, 18:02

'05 Sorento battery goes dead when parked and 4wd switch still engaged.