2002 Kia Sportage from North America


Should be recalled


Radiator fan broke off and destroyed the radiator at 3200km.

Brakes left powder residue on the tire rim.

Check Engine light was continuously on. (No explanation from any shop I took it to)

Differential was shot after 90000km (regular maintenance)

Exhaust system had to be completely replaced after 70000km

Transfer case completely destroyed at 128568.

Spare tire holder rusted shut.

Hood pop cord broke

Driver side lock had to be replaced due to built in alarm system.

General Comments:

This vehicle when running properly is fun to drive and comfortable. However there was always something wrong, or going wrong with it. The interior is very nice, comfortable and roomy for both front and back seat passengers. But there seems to be a problem with the mechanics of the vehicle. As soon as you fix something on it, 2 weeks later it's back in the shop. I wrote and contacted KIA several times and they said there was nothing they could do after my warranty had run out. In my opinion the vehicle should have been recalled. It wasn't safe or reliable. It was and will be the last KIA I will ever own.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2008

22nd Jan 2009, 14:36

I agree - the Kia Sportage is a big pile of feces. To anyone out there who is considering buying one of these, don't do it. RUN AWAY, as fast as you can!!

9th May 2014, 11:46

Every car in the world leaves brake dust on the rims. Most people fight the problem by washing their car.

2002 Kia Sportage from North America




I have only had the car for a little over two years. It was good for the first year I had it and then all the problems came along. In the winter of 2006 my timing belt broke and there was only 55,000 miles on it. That cost me $500. Then it was OK for awhile. Then in February of 2007 my engine light came on. After getting it checked out they could never find a problem. Then in the spring is when all the problems started coming. I had to change the alternator. Another $200. Then took it in to get a full checkout of the car and had to change 3 belts, rear cylinders, and exhaust pipe which was a good $500. Then I changed the front brakes myself. Then soon after that my back brake shoes blew out on the highway and took it in for another $300. Next had to get the spark plugs changed, $50 bucks. The had more problems and had to get the ignition coil changed, $170. Now I'm having trouble with fuel getting to the engine so I'm getting the starter changed and hopefully that will be the problem. Anyway I'm definitely done dealing with this car, because it has given me nothing, but problems after problems. I would not recommend getting a KIA ever!!!

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Review Date: 17th October, 2007

25th Nov 2007, 09:28

You are not getting fuel to the engine and feel that the starter will improve this? Maybe this is the reason your paying so much for repairs? I suggest you get a better understanding of how vehicles work.

28th Jan 2010, 18:41

Half of those problems are general maintenance on any car. Brakes and alternator, that's very common!

2002 Kia Sportage 4x4 from Australia and New Zealand


OK small 4x4 around town, light sand, no good for heavier off road performance


Electric window switches were replaced on the drivers and passenger door... Now faulty again... Cannot wind the passenger door down from the drivers door and intermittently won't go up.

Clutch burning smell for 18 months, dealer couldn't find a fault. Clutch went, was replaced and had ran out of warranty.

Noisy diff, bad bearings??? etc replaced 12 months ago. Same noise starting to come back... Advised may need complete diff assembly replacing, which will be expensive as diff needs to come from Korea.

Rear tailgate door lock rattles and doesn't close properly after the dealer decided to adjust, was working fine before hand.

Rear cab light blows glove as soon as replaced.

Brake transmission lines replaced as leaked fluid when vehicle was purchased in 2004. 2005 fan and fan assembly was replaced as had a crack in it.

Squeaky front drivers door, which has been adjusted oiled etc won't go away.

Radio/CD player has been replaced under warranty had very faded display and shuts off requiring reset and code to be re-entered. Replacement often shuts off, and requires reset and code to be entered also.

Front brakes recently replaced, rear ones also getting due for replacement too.

4x4 sometimes sticks when going back to 2x4, generally just reversing then going forward again disengages hubs.

General Comments:

For a small 4x4 it travels okay and has reasonable power.

For 4x4 side of things pretty average. Not much good in the sand, compared to other 4x4's I have owned.

For mechanical side, pretty poor with things that have gone wrong for a reasonably new car that has done less than 100 000 kms.

Have towed a small camper trailer approx 2000kms round trip, the vehicle handled and pulled it reasonable well, which was surprising. Was on a main highway.

I don't think I would buy another as I haven't been overly happy with this one. Really think the dealer should have repaired faults whilst the vehicle was under warranty, now out of warranty I am left to foot the bill.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2007