2002 Kia Sportage from North America


The KIA Sportage is an un-reliable vehicle and I would never consider buying another KIA ever again!


My windows had issues rolling up the first day of ownership, which included a cracked window. Still having the same issues.

My hatch back broke the first day. Still sticks today.

I lost my four wheel drive after one year. It happened again the next and the dealership informed me to tighten my wheel barrens each year to prevent it. I should not have to, they should correct the issue.

My cup holder broke with in the first year of ownership.

My muffler rusted through this year.

My brakes needed to be replaced this year.

My engine is extremely loud and has been since my first year of ownership.

The only issues that were taken care of from the dealership was the cupholder being fixed. I continue to have many issues and would never buy another KIA again and have tried to get out of the KIA, but cannot due to finances.

General Comments:

This vehicle is horrible and I would never consider buying another KIA.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2005

16th Oct 2005, 15:32

It's bearings, not barrens, and they will not have the slightest effect on whether the four wheel drive works or not.

8th May 2006, 12:16

My cup holder broke as well-- what an odd thing to break! Also, the mirrors in the visors both had the covers fall off/break. Basically anything plastic in the car will break I am assuming. The check engine light in my car does go on occasionally, but only after I kill it (I am a very inexperienced 5 Speed Driver!!) it goes off after 3 drive cycles. Over-all I am pleased with the car. It has flaws, but what car doesn't and I have taken good care of it and it has done right by me.

2002 Kia Sportage from North America


Minor issues, but plenty of them


Bought the car with a dead dome light bulb. They knew it was dead - volunteered an explanation when I brought it back! Someone who bought a Sportage the week before had this bad bulb, so they swapped it out with my working one. Rather than throw one out, they just kept swapping. Replaced for free.

Water seal between dash and car interior broken within 1 month. Driver and front seat passenger got wet feet when it rained. Fixed under warranty.

Wheel bearings began sqeaking and squealing within 9 months. This was NOT covered under warranty. I had to layout $150 to the dealer and pay for a car rental to get to work. Within 3 weeks, began squealing again. Given thehassle I went through the first time, I just gave up. Now I live with it.

A part on the cup holder (front seat) fell off one day last week. No big deal, it was just a flap to keep smaller drinks from moving. 4 days later, the under carriage of the drink holder falls off completely. Brought this to the dealer, fixed under warranty. However, in doing so, they cracked the plastic plate that fits around the cup holder and frames most of the controls. They didn't bother to bring this to my attention or replace it. In fact, the tech claimed it was there when I dropped it off. Visually, my dash was perfect when I dropped it off. Had to argue with two service managers, who implied that the fault is somehow mine, to get this fixed for free.

At the same time, the dome light went again. This light had worked fine until last summer, when it stopped. I assumed it was the bulb again, but did nothing since there's more daylight in summer and I wasn't missing it. I continued to do nothing until December, when it came back on by itself and started working normally again. Last week, it died again, looking very much like a wiring issue. Corrected the wiring and replaced the bulb for free under warranty, but while arguing with the service manager about my cracked dash plate, he mentions they don't actually cover this under warranty after the first year and I got a freebie due to a lucky mistake. As if he's done me some sort of favor. I asked how a wiring problem becomes the customer's responsibility, and volunteered that I would have paid for a replacement bulb if that had been the problem. At that point, he changed the subject. (???)

General Comments:

Getting decent customer service is like pulling teeth. Thankfully, none of the issues I've had have been major or dangerous (not yet, anyway). Kia has been really nitpicky about these small, cheap issues.

I wouldn't buy another one. I shouldn't have to fight with service to get them to fix the things they break!!

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Review Date: 7th March, 2005

8th Mar 2005, 22:58

Pardon me for saying, but you're crazy not to get rid of it while you still can. If they won't even cover a bearing, imagine what their attitude will be when something major goes (and this will happen). The problems you've mentioned are typical of a 10 year old vehicle, not a new one.

14th Sep 2005, 16:49

I have had nothing, but bad luck with the dealership. We bought the 10 year 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. When we took it in to have the muffler fixed they said bumper to bumper is just a term they use it really isn't bummer to bummer at all. There are no muffler shops that will even look at the KIA. We have to have it repaired at the dealership for 400.00. Every time we have been to the dealership we had to fight to get anywhere. Never buying a KIA again.

16th Aug 2007, 09:03

Any shop is supposed to take any car...

Or any shop should be able to change the muffler of a kia...

Its not like if you are changing the muffler of some rare exotic car!!!