3rd Feb 2009, 20:46

A possible problem could be the air bag suspension and a wheel alignment. There are a few steps that if a good mechanic is up on his Land Rovers should know. Bad alignment can cause wear on the tires, and eventually cause problems with the air bag suspension. I'm not saying that this could be the problem, but is definitely food for thought.

16th Feb 2009, 15:08

Hows the maintenance cost on one of these cars?

And how often is it?

Like I know BMW is every 15k for an oil change, and inspections are every 30,000 miles.

13th Aug 2009, 09:18

I have had numerous problems with my 2005 LR3. The lights keep coming on flashing HDC fault and park brake fault. This is the 6th time since I have owned the vehicle. I do not recommend the purchase of 2005. I had a 2006 and had no problems. The entire month of June the truck was in the shop. Upon called LR North America, they basically told me that they were not going to help, and that I was stuck with a crap vehicle and they didn't care.

11th Jan 2010, 16:13

My 2006 LR3 has given me problems since the warranty expired at 50K.

The tires will only last a year due to the weight of the vehicle and the alignment is always off.

The suspension broke on it and cost me over $1,100 and after 3 months of having it fixed, the lights are flashing again that it's at fault along with the HDC transmission lights and others.

As long as I was leasing it, I didn't have any issues, but since I've bought it, major problems are occurring. The vehicle is in the shop every month and the dealership is the one working on it, which is sad. The brakes are a big issue as well, they have to be changed constantly.

Make sure to get an extended warranty if you want to buy this vehicle.

8th Nov 2010, 12:15

Own a 2005 LR. Would I buy one again? NO. It has been with the dealer on and off for almost a month. I have extended warranty and have already paid the deductible twice trying to fix the 'check engine' sign that seems to resurface every time we get it back. Taking it back again for the third time. It is just not worth the annoyance of owning an expensive piece of junk.

3rd Feb 2011, 23:24

Thanks for the input. We have had our eye on an '06, but aren't quite sure whether to get it or not. Any word on the '08 model?

5th Nov 2011, 06:32

STOP taking it to the dealer. They may be purposely messing with other stuff to make them fail, so that you will bring it back to them!

1st Nov 2012, 12:25

Sorry ah, no. I work for a Jag/LR dealer and we DO NOT do such things. Very typical for consumers to spread this type of rumor around the web, but what you all tend to conveniently overlook is the fact that we are all heavily audited by both manufacturers, who WILL slap massive fines on unethical dealers.

6th Dec 2012, 21:31

Why do most European vehicles have major problems so early on? An American or Japanese vehicle seems to be much more reliable on average

27th Mar 2013, 10:22

Not all European cars have problems early on. Only those made in the UK.

30th Oct 2016, 20:05

We've put 40K miles on our tires in the last two years and not had a problem. In 144,000 miles we have done routine maintenance, replaced the front struts at 126,000 miles, the transmission pan seat at 131,000 miles and the alternator last week at 144K. It's been a great vehicle.

25th May 2018, 11:29

What would you say to someone who is considering buying a 2007 LR3 with 78k on it? I have a neighbor who has one with 150k and he is close with a shop where the owner is a Rover nut and has been bringing his LR3 there. So I would be able to have it serviced by someone very familiar with the vehicle while not bringing it to the dealership.

The other option is a comparable Tahoe, but frankly the LR3 is so cool.

Appreciate any insight!!!