1996 Land Rover Range Rover from North America


If you can get one cheap, take the chance, she is a luxurious hidden gem!!


Window sensors.

Can be tricky to start.


General Comments:

I LOVE, love, love my Range Rover. It is easily the nicest car that I have ever owned; even nicer than some of my new cars.

I know that she is nearly 20 years old, and she definitely has her quirks, but there is something super comforting about this car. You feel like you could be hit by a semi and it would just bounce off. Good British Steel! I also love the interior, which feels luxurious even after all this time.

While mine was in an accident, previous to my purchase, and has some damage to the front (the hood is a wee bit crumpled) and to the innards (the windshield washer tank is cracked), she is still a wonderful car. I drive down a big hill to work, and going down feels like you are on safari, lots of bumping and rocking. While I know most folks wouldn't think that was a plus, it makes driving this car FUN! And I paid cash for her, so I have no car payments, which makes me like her even more! She had really low mileage at purchase.

She is just a beauty, and if I can only drive her for a year before she gives out, it will have been well worth the money for the experience. It is deeply satisfying to drive something that not every Tom, Dick and Harry drives. Love my Range Rover!

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Review Date: 10th December, 2014

1996 Land Rover Range Rover HSE 4.6 from Australia and New Zealand




Transmission, lights, air con, heaters, roof lining, bumpers fading, etc, etc.

General Comments:

This car looks good, but the power plant is not; very weak, costs are very high to fix.

I would not recommend this make to anyone, buy a Toyota VX.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2010

30th Dec 2011, 17:52

I have had 5 in my life, and all out performed any other 4x4 on the market. That is straight from the dealer with no mods.

1996 Land Rover Range Rover SE 4.0 V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Very capable off or on road, and enjoyable to drive


Air suspension failed, faulty valve.

Radiator leaked from top; replaced.

General Comments:

Car is expensive to run.

When driving it, people comment that you've got money.

It's fast and enjoyable to drive long distances. I've just come back from 3 week trip to Tasmania; averaged 16.5 l/per km.

It's a car not a truck. I owned a V8 110 before this.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2005

14th Jan 2006, 01:37

I just bought a 1996 range rover and I am completely in love with it. It rides like a dream on road and performs very well off road. It's maintenance record is flawless, and I don't see any reason to believe what anyone else says about the car.

21st Feb 2007, 09:06

The intro to this comments poster asks the poster to agree that 'Poor spelling or grammar will result in your comment being deleted'. Poor is clearly a sliding scale.

16.5 l/per km? That would mean you get just over 6Km from 1 tank of gas... have you considered that you may have a leak in the fuel line. That is poor economy, even for a Range Rover.

24th Mar 2007, 21:24

I think he means 16.5 litres per 100km.

17th Mar 2011, 15:15

A word of advice; while it's running, save some money, because this car will truly bite you where it hurts. I would never trust this car ever again, or ever buy another one.

11th Oct 2015, 08:48

I am the owner of that 1996 p38a, and yes I meant used litres per 100km. Sorry for the confusion.

As for last post - I changed to coils in 2008 and have not spent 1 cent more to repair the suspension in last 7 years; the major weakness of p38a model. And yes I still own and run it - it's just a matter of servicing it properly and you're laughing.


1996 Land Rover Range Rover DSE 2.5 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A love hate relationship


In the last 3000 miles the following has gone wrong:

Air compressor failed £260.

Air conditioning ceased to function.

Anti vibration damper failed £150.

Woodruff key in crank disintegrated causing the valves to have a party with the pistons, cost approx £600 to repair.

Camshaft snapped in two on startup £100 to replace.

Hydraulic lifters failed £120 to replace.

Universal joint on front prop-shaft exploded £30 to repair.

General Comments:

The way I see it not much else can go wrong with this car. It's not as if its been abused, having had regular oil and filter changes, but it's not the only one to have problems as the miles creep up.

When its running it is a fantastic car that is very comfortable and reasonably quick for its size.

Fuel consumption is quite good, 18mpg worst and 36mpg best.

Overall a good car, but a it can get expensive as things break if you're not a competant home mechanic

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Review Date: 15th August, 2004