16th Jan 2004, 17:13

Please can anyone tell me how much my '96 n reg discovery would have cost brand new at the time? thanks,...from female owner.

15th Feb 2004, 12:39

Maybe you must import your Range Rovers from South Africa - I have several friends owning from 1995 models up to 2001 model, all of them flawless. We all regard them as the Best 4x4x far!! (and superb for on the road as well!)

28th May 2004, 14:26

I was ready to invest/waste $26,000 in a 2000 range rover, but I have never seen so many bad reviews on a car. I can't beleive that range rover still has the nerve to charge so much for this unreliable SUV. I certainly like the styling of the car, absolutely beautiful inside and out.

But with these reviews I will not waste my money on it.

Thanks everyone, I will stick with my 93 acura legend.

26th Apr 2005, 13:42

Some years ago I bought a 1989 3.5 ltr Range Rover. I have always wanted one, the style and looks are just great. I had the car inspected and so came with an engineers report which was fine. Within the first week the battery died on me and the back door lock refused to work. The back door wouldn't shut properly and the seals didn't work either, the boot was always wet.

During the first six months the car cost me well over £2000 to put right. With a baby on the way I soon found out the true cost of running one of these truely lovely looking cars.

Unfortunately it had to go, but guess what? I'm now looking for another. The problem is I just don't know which one to buy? Could someone please give me some advice on which is possibly the one to buy given I can only afford to pay around £8000. thank you.

12th Jul 2005, 19:02

I just thought I would add one more log to the fire...

I bought a used '97 4.0 SE Range Rover because I live in Colorado and love going to the mountains to ski, bike, hike, and get off the beaten path. I thought the Range Rover seemed like the perfect car for me, with a very nice interior, all the options I could possibly want, and it looks good too. Wow, was I wrong... My previous car was a 1990 Acura Legend, and I would feel safer taking that into the mountains than my Range Rover! When I first got it early last year I took it off-roading on some really rough terrain, and it performed great... then on the ride home there was a fault with the suspension and I got to ride all the way home at 30 miles per hour virtually sitting on the ground... When I took it in to have it repaired I got a nice set back of $2,200 and was told it needed another $2,000 worth of work to be in perfect working order... I hadn't even owned it a month! Since, I have put a total of just over $5,000 of repairs into it and at this moment, it still needs the sunroof repaired ($1,200), a brake hose replaced ($400), the left rear door doesn't open from the inside (~$300 - $900 depending on labor), the air conditioning needs fixed ($?) and some of the display bulbs have burned out ($?)... And the worst part is I can't even sell it for what I still owe on it, not ethically anyway!

I personally will never own another Land Rover product,..

Please, please, learn from my mistake!

17th Oct 2005, 13:35

Hi all.

Since December 2004 I own a 1997 Range Rover 2.5DSE that appeared to be on good condition.

Now I am dealing with a EAS problem that will be solved only replacing the compressor and, maybe, an air spring.

It maybe is hiding some other surprise, but... I love it too much to say that's a mistake.

By the way, pay attention to dealers and mechanics... The official dealer took half an hour to propose a repair for 2.600,00 Euros with only 100,00 Euros of workmanship. At the moment I paid 300,00 Euros for a new compressor and another 75,00 Euros for various spares. I'll put four hours of work rebuilding the valve block and I am confident that, after this, a good Test-Book reset will fix everything.

The point is: Land Rover costs a lot when you buy it and when you service it, but if you know a good mechanic (one of those who fix problems and not only change spares parts) you can dramatically save money (huge amounts).

I have some spare time and I like doing repairs so I can (hopefully) fix it by myself, but a good mechanic is the best investment.

Bye all!



10th Jan 2006, 08:29

I am considering buying a 2.5 diesel RR. Probably around 98 or 99. But reading the comments on here I am starting to change my mind. I have some questions though, If the air system is replaced with coils, will this affect ride quality? The air suspension seems to be the biggest problem, correct? I am mechanically minded and enjoy diy motor maintenance. From reading he comments, a lot of the problems sound like minor problems, for example bulbs, brake lines, leaks etc. These are problems I would tackle myself.

So for a mechanically minded person, who is not afraid to work on it, is a Range Rover a feasible buy?

12th Jan 2006, 10:28

I am considering purchasing a new RR LR3 SE. I currently own the XC90 '05. I test drove the LR3 and completely fell in love with it. It sits higher than the XC90 (since I am short). Have any comments on the two vehicles? I love the XC90; inquiring before I make the decision. I've compared the vehicles side-by-side via Internet. Lots of similarities and some differences.

Any comments would be appreciative.

19th Jan 2006, 17:42

Buy a 2003 and up Range Rover, or for all you others living in another country 2002 and up. They are basically BMW X5's on extended platforms with better off-rad capability. I have owned 4 Range Rovers, a 1995, 1999, 2002 and now a 2004. The 2004 was expensive, but so worth it! The 2002 has the extended warranty and has not been that bad so far, but the 1995 and 1999 needed head gaskets at 65000 miles! The quality seemed to somewhat improve around 2000 for the existing design, but still was not great. The new ones are amazing. Build quality are not an issue as they once were. So far, knock on wood, it has not broken down! The new LR3 is amazing, but is really just a Ford SUV. I would buy another Range Rover again, but only the current ones.

27th Jun 2008, 16:33

Well all I can say is "Good on you!" If you are clever enough to work on this monster, in the Angolan desert, after dark, or Catford, I want you as a passenger, everywhere.

I have a DSE year 2000 and the thing is absolutely dreadful. I need reliability, my car is part of my work and if I don't turn up I lose £35 an hour! I'm not well either and only work a few hours a week. I bought this car because it's very easy to get in and out of and can carry all my kit. I part ex'ed my Volvo for it, which had twice the mileage and ran as sweet as a nut.

I bought the Range Rover in May and so far, its EAS has let me down, literally, four times.

I think that's totally unacceptable. It's going back to the garage I bought it from and I'm getting my money back!

Range Rover, Beautiful but terminally flawed. What's wrong with those people at Range Rover? £40,000 + for a car that's no good!

If I worked for them, I'd die of shame!